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Heafey Hoffman Dworak Cutler

Honoring Our Loved Ones

By Angella Arndt


Losing a loved one is one of life’s most difficult challenges. During a time of grief and sorrow, the prospect of planning a funeral service and burial can be overwhelming. Where will you hold the service? What kind of service do you want? Where will you lay your loved one to rest? Fortunately, you do not have to handle all of the arrangements alone. Heafey Hoffman Dworak Cutler Mortuaries and Crematory has been providing funeral and burial services for over 135 years and would welcome the opportunity to help you honor your loved one. 


Locally owned and operated, Heafey offers personalized service in a supportive environment to help families create a ceremony that honors and respects their loved one. Their support carries on after loved ones are laid to rest, as well, which is when many family members can only then really begin to deal with their grief and loss. Heafey believes that care after the service is essential for family members and is honored to offer support during this time.


Nancy Nilsson, Aftercare Director, provides grief and loss support to loved ones of the deceased. With over 30 years of grief counseling experience, Nancy understands that family members need special care during this time. “The loss of a loved one is the most profound kind of loss. We help them find their way through the mourning and grief process.” 


In addition to reaching out to families after the service, Heafey facilitates grief support groups. These support groups provide grief education and the chance for group discussion. “Those who attend may choose to contribute or not speak at all; simply listening to others share a similar experience can be very helpful. Everyone grieves differently and in their time, and here you are among people who understand,” Nancy shares. Heafey also connects families to local resources for long-term grief counseling. 


Heafey performs various funeral services, including visitation; funeral and memorial services; graveside, chapel, or committal services; and immediate burial. Visitation allows family and friends to say good-bye and to offer support and condolences. Funeral and memorial services to honor and celebrate the life of the deceased may be held at the funeral home, church, or another location. Graveside, chapel, or committal services often happen at the cemetery, where family and friends are present as their loved one is laid to rest. Immediate burials are available for families who prefer a loved one’s remains buried or entombed without a gathering. Options such as videos, memory tables, photos, personal displays, and music selections allow families to memorialize their loved ones in a personalized manner.


Sometimes, family and friends may not be able to attend a funeral service because of obstacles such as distance, cost, time, or health, all conditions that have been greatly increased during the pandemic. To meet clients’ needs, Heafey implemented Live Cast. This live-streaming option means family and friends can watch a service and participate emotionally and spiritually from afar.  


Heafey also offers preplanning funeral services for those who want to ensure a service that reflects their wishes and/or reduce stress for family members. Preplanning means your family will not have to make decisions that may be emotionally or financially challenging when death occurs. A Personal Funeral Profile documents essential personal information and funeral arrangements to help your family navigate a difficult period. Preplanning does not require a financial commitment. However, prefunding for a future funeral guarantees today’s prices, ensuring that you can control costs. Nancy emphasizes that Heafey’s funeral directors work thoughtfully with clients to provide services within their financial constraints. 


Heafey’s service philosophy is straightforward. “Heafey provides personalized care from start to finish,” Nancy states. “realizing that each person is unique and that everyone deserves to be honored in a meaningful manner. Our staff is kind, compassionate, respectful, and committed to their work. Clients realize immediately they are meeting with someone who has experience, who listens, and who cares.” She stresses the importance of being a family-owned funeral home. “Family means continuity, stability, and trust. At Heafey, you are family—everyone is family here.” Staff members are available to help those in need 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


“The thing about death is that we all, of course, know it is inevitable,” Nancy concludes. “It is understandable we might prefer not to think about it.” She notes, though, that her work constantly reminds her what is and is not important. “At the end of the day, all of us here at Heafey know we are doing something worthwhile. It is important and sacred work and a privilege to honor those who have died.” 


Heafey Hoffman Dworak Cutler is located at 7805 West Center Road in Omaha, with additional locations at 5108 F Street in Omaha, and 2202 Hancock Street, in Bellevue. Call them at 402-391-3900 or find them online at  

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Nancy Nilsson

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