Great Finds Boutique
Thoughtful Consignment Shopping

By Emilee Lindley


When Julie and Jerrold decided to retire from the Tupperware business, they knew that hanging out at home wasn’t going to be enough to keep them sharp and busy.  They sat down at the table at 6 p.m. one evening to discuss a plan. By 9 p.m., the idea for Great Finds Consignment was born and set into motion. Julie and Jerrold own the building at 13448 L Street—one side is their son’s photography business, and the other side is the consignment gallery. It’s a real family business, and it’s one of the sweetest you’ll ever see.  

As you take the side frontage road off of 132nd toward Great Finds, you feel like you’re entering a tree-filled neighborhood, which is part of the charm of the location. There’s ample parking close to the door, in case you’re carrying something heavy in or out. Inside, you’ll be greeted with friendly smiles and conversation, as well as treats! “There’s always chocolate on our counter because a person needs energy to shop,” Julie points out. “We love our customers, and we love what we do.” 

Consignment is an incredible way to give new life to the things in your home that you no longer need or want, while making money! Here’s how it works: Great Finds accepts quality, gently used items. They will ask you to email photos before you bring your items in. If it’s a go, you’ll schedule an appointment to consign your items. They will keep your items on the floor for 90 days, with automatic regular markdowns the first of each month. (This way, there’s always something on special!) 

The other side of consignment is great, too—being able to shop for beautiful home furnishings in a supportive and affordable environment. Whether you are looking to remake a space in your home, decorating an apartment, or finding dorm furnishings for your new college student, the interesting and one-of-a-kind pieces at Great Finds are ready to leave their old stories behind and begin a new story with you.  

“When we opened, we decided that items had to look good enough that we would put them in our own home,” says Julie. “That philosophy has held us to our high standard for the duration of our 15 years in business.” It is clear while walking through the gallery that the standard has stuck. Everything looks beautiful, and there is so much to see! A pink vase, a vintage poster, a wooden banquette, or an entire Hancock Moore leather living room set are just a few of the things that might catch your eye. I walked out with some special prizes of my own for the fairest prices I could imagine.   

Julie and Jerrold’s son, Brad, manages the store, handling what comes and goes. Theresa and Dawn are the other friendly faces you will see when you walk through the doors. Theresa has a degree in art and design, and she uses those talents to create the gallery’s ambience every day. “She has an eye that won’t quit,” Julie tells me. “She designs this store.” As I wander through the gallery, Theresa is working, moving furniture and accessories around, creating new vignettes and areas throughout the space. “This is my pretend apartment that I redecorate every day,” Theresa tells me with a laugh. “I love it here!” It’s clear that she does.  

Is it time to brighten up your walls with some beautiful art or decorative wall hangings? Do you need a new crystal bowl to house your fresh fruit in the kitchen…something that catches the sunlight on your windowsill? Are you thinking of upping your patio furniture game as spring approaches? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Great Finds is the one-stop magical shop you’ve been looking for. Find out how this family can be a part of what your home needs, or simply go have a piece of chocolate and make a friend. Everyone will benefit from your visit!

Great Finds Consignment Gallery can be found at 13448 L Street, in Omaha. Reach them by phone at 402-895-5455. You can visit them online at to see a sampling of the items they’re carrying. You’re better off, though, just stopping by and walking around the store. Their inventory changes daily, so if you see something you love, make it yours!


Jerrold and Julie (sitting)

with Theresa and Brad

Great Finds Consignment Gallery can be found at 13448 L Street, in Omaha. Reach them by phone at 402-895-5455

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