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Roeder Mortuaries

Experience You Can Trust! 

By Linda Sutherland

How do you help people who are going through one of the most trying times of their lives? Brian Roeder knows just how difficult it is to comfort loved ones left behind after a death, and his compassion and consideration for families go the extra mile. Brian is the fourth-generation funeral director and president/owner of Roeder Mortuaries, and family traditions are very important to him. 


Before he decided to be part of the family business, Brian joined the military—he needed some structure in his life and he wanted to explore the world. While he was away, he realized that the Roeder family business in Omaha is where he belongs. He likes to say that it is his “servant heart” that drives him to care for people. It is imperative to Brian to meet the needs of families who come to Roeder Mortuaries in their time of need. Whether it is helping them navigate their grieving process, helping them plan the service, or just being present with a kind heart, you can count on Brian and his staff to be there.


We all know that we will need these services one day, but most of us know nothing about the process and are woefully inexperienced with funerals. That is where Brian and his staff can help. They are experts and are dedicated to seeing everyone through their time of need. They can also help with an increasingly popular type of funeral planning: pre-planning your own service.


Some people choose to put their loved ones’ minds at ease by making advance funeral arrangements for themselves. “Many people do not want to talk about this subject because they do not want to think about it,” Brian acknowledges. “It is so much better for everyone, however, to make final plans.” These plans, he says, can be as detailed as you choose, from putting in writing what you want for your funeral service to paying for everything ahead of time at today’s prices. Some pre-planning documents can include everything from music selections to readings—anything you want at your service to help your family celebrate your life.


Many times, family members gather after the death of a loved one and are completely lost as to what to do for their funeral. Speaking from experience, I think pre-planning is an excellent and very thoughtful idea. Imagine the stress that would be lifted if the plans were made in advance.


There are many aspects to a funeral, and Brian is well aware that not every option is a good fit for every family. These days, there are different options to meet the needs of different families. These include traditional funerals, memorials, and graveside services. A traditional funeral service memorializes a deceased person with the body present. A memorial service is an event that takes place without the body present, and a graveside service can happen either on its own or after a funeral service. 


You can also combine any type of service with a cremation. According to Brian, cremations are becoming much more common. You could have a traditional funeral before a cremation or a memorial service can take place after a cremation. A person can also choose to have the remains returned to them without a service. 


Whatever is chosen, services have changed a great deal over the last 20 years or so. The biggest change, Brian says, is how very personalized they have become. Roeder Mortuaries are flexible and strive to create a meaningful service that is customized for each individual. Brian never loses sight of the fact that he and his staff have been honored with the task of helping people through a very difficult time in their lives. 


What exactly makes an excellent mortuary? You want to be confident about the care and the service you receive, so it’s wise to select a mortuary with an outstanding reputation. You want to make sure that they have a compassionate and caring staff and that you are treated with the utmost kindness. With that kindness should come authentic sincerity and excellent customer service. You also need a mortuary that is committed to families and is eager to create a meaningful and unique experience for you and your family. Transparency about costs is an absolute must—there should be no hidden fees or agendas. 


Roeder Mortuaries check all of these boxes and then some. You can truly trust them to guide you through the most trying of times. Roeder Mortuaries serve our community at three locations: the Ames Ave Chapel (4932 Ames Avenue), the 108th Chapel (2727 North 108th Street), and the Gretna Chapel (11710 Standing Stone Drive). For more information, visit

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Brian Roeder, President/Owner

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