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One Day, No Mess, Lifetime Warranty

By Janette Calabro


Bath Fitter’s mission is to make you smile every time you step into your bath. With over 35 years of experience, they have it down to a science. Brandon Delaney oversees all operations in Omaha—from sales to installations to service. The result is a high-gloss, easy to clean, acrylic tub or shower in one day, with no demolition and no mess to clean up. 


“We focus on what we know: tubs and showers,” says Brandon. “Being able to use the existing tub for structure eliminates a lot of demolition, so most of our installs are done in as little as a day.” Your existing tub is the base for the new tub on top. The acrylic products are manufactured by Bath Fitters in our North American plants and are customized for your space. The acrylic walls are seamless in the vertical corners. “There’s no silicone, no grout, no seam in the vertical corners, which means there’s one less place for any water to get in,” Brandon explains. 


In addition, the system comes with a lifetime warranty on both parts and labor. “We have a rock-solid lifetime warranty on all our installs,” Brandon asserts. “We cover everything we install for as long as you own your home. If the acrylic discolors or cracks, it’s 100 percent free of charge for Bath Fitters to fix it. If anything installed fails for the original homeowners, we’ll take care of it.” 


Brandon notes that handheld showers are very popular right now. They’re great for seniors or those with mobility challenges, but able-bodied people love the addition of a handheld shower because it gives more control over the water stream. “The handheld gives you more of a luxury feel,” Brandon states. “Customers who like bells and whistles will add it to their shower or tub for an extra option. In fact, I’ve got one in my shower at home.” 


Some customers opt for just a bath, while some opt for just a shower. Most customers want the option of both. During the pandemic, long and luxurious baths have become popular—and who can blame us? For easy access to bath products, Bath Fitters offers matching shelves and accessories for both bath and shower. 


If customers want a larger renovation instead of a simple installation, Bath Fitters still has them covered. “Recently, we’ve heard a little bit more from folks who would normally be candidates for a standard tub-over-tub but who are now looking for a deeper soaking tub,” Brandon notes. “We actually pull out some existing tubs where we normally wouldn’t because customers are looking for something they can really soak in!” 


Even with the recent popularity of soaking tubs, Brandon notes, removing a bathtub to put a shower in its place is still common for about a third of his customers. Whatever their choice, he wants them to be happy. “Hearing the feedback from my customers after their bathroom is finished is one of the best parts of the job,” says Brandon. “They take a shower in their old, ugly bath first thing in the morning, and we show them their beautifully finished bath at the end of the day. You wouldn’t believe the reactions we get from our customers—they just can’t believe what a transformation it is.”  


Just ask happy customer Martha B. “I was doing a remodel on a home, and it had an outdated Jacuzzi,” she recalls. She wanted the Jacuzzi replaced, but she didn’t want to tear down any walls to accommodate a replacement that wasn’t the same size. “My salesperson was able to find a 72-inch elongated soaking tub/shower that fit perfectly in the space,” Martha says. “They tore the old one out, and the new one is perfect! Thank you, Bath Fitter!” Customer Jim Q. is also happy with his Bath Fitter experience. “The installer did an outstanding job. He was very professional and polite, and he cleaned up the area—spotless! He also gave us tips for keeping the bath area clean.”  


To get started, Brandon says, check out the Design Your Own Bath tool on bathfitter.com. Once you have an idea of what you want, you can get quotes from a few different companies to compare prices and warranties. Brandon wants you to have the tub and shower that work best for you and your space, so he offers free in-home or virtual consultations with no pressure to buy. You can reach Brandon at Bath Fitter of Omaha by calling 531-600-5998 or visiting bathfitter.com. The Omaha location is at 8905 F Street. 

Brandon Delaney,
Branch Manager

Corporate Headquarters

Women's Edition, Inc.

11570 West Dodge Road, Omaha, NE 68154

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