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Unwanted Hair Disappears for Good

By Jackie Byers


The beginning of high school is an exciting time for many young women. For Mary Brennan, it was a time to hide. She had an abundance of hair, but not in a perky ponytail. Instead, hair had begun growing on her face. Electrolysis came to her rescue. After a series of treatments, the hair disappeared. She was able to enjoy a happy high school experience. In fact, the experience was so significant that it set her on the course to her career as an electrologist.


“I’ve always been interested in science,” Mary recalls. “When this scientific procedure made a wonderful change in my life, it impacted more than my high school career.” She earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing at Clarkson and went on to study with the very electrologist who had treated her. “That opportunity was a chance to help others who suffered as I had suffered.”


In all, Mary logged 600 hours of study, did clinical work, and passed written tests to meet the stringent Nebraska requirements. Not all states require licensing for electrologists, and Nebraska has only 12 licensed electrolysis practitioners. “I appreciate what the high standards mean,” Mary declares. “Electrolysis is complicated, but I know firsthand the good it can do.”


Electrolysis has been used for things like improving manufacturing processes since the 18th century. It has been a hair removal treatment for all body parts since 1875. “Every square inch of skin can contain anywhere from 50 to 1,000 hair follicles,” Mary points out. No wonder it’s so much work to remove all that hair!


The initial consultation with Mary is free. She’ll talk to you about your needs and can estimate the number of treatments it will take to remove the hair. “The number of treatments needed is determined by the amount of hair to be removed and where it is growing.” Treatment sessions last 20–60 minutes. “If a client finds it uncomfortable,” Mary says, “I can use anesthetic cream to numb the treatment area.” Some clients experience slight redness at the treatment site, which disappears quickly, she notes.


You may be familiar with other hair removal techniques, all of which have drawbacks and all of which are temporary. Shaving, of course, is the most temporary of methods. It takes a lot of time and can leave you with skin irritation and ingrown hairs. Waxing consists of applying hot wax to the skin and pulling it off, tearing the hair from the follicles. It is generally as painful as it sounds. Bleaching uses harsh chemicals that can damage the skin. Dark hair that is particularly thick or coarse may still be visible after bleaching. Electric tweezers can be painful and do not prevent hair regrowth…no matter what promise is made to the contrary. The only way to remove hair permanently is to destroy the hair follicle entirely—and for that, you need electrolysis. In fact, electrolysis is the only hair removal method that is recognized by the FDA as a permanent method of removing hair.


Mary has been providing electrolysis to clients for 25 years, but COVID-19 has changed some things in her studio. “I follow every requirement for sanitizing my small studio. I wear a mask for all appointments. All my clients are masked, too.”


“If I am treating a part of the face that the mask normally covers, I have my client remove just one side of the mask, making sure the mouth and nose are still covered. Of course, clients do not talk when I am working on them,” she says with a smile. “Electrolysis requires precision, not a moving target.” She laughs as she adds, “It’s hard to think of the masks as a blessing, but they can hide unwanted facial hair! Then again, putting them on over a lot of hair can get downright itchy and may cause a rash.”


The pandemic has also changed her studio schedule. Since she has reopened, Mary sees clients just three days a week, but she makes scheduling allowances for regular clients who do not live in Omaha. That’s just part of the great service Mary’s clients have come to expect. “Mary’s service has been a godsend for me,” says Ty. “I’ve tried all types of hair removal, and it is with her that I found the results I desired.”


Let Mary deliver those results to you! Mary’s salon is located at 7810 Dodge Street, inside Salon Suites in Beverly Plaza. For an appointment or more information, please call 402-398-3300.

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Mary Brennan, Owner