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By Cynthia Jeffrey


In today’s virtual world, it can be difficult to know who to call within the service industry. It sometimes feels like everyone is trying to get everything done as quickly as possible. There’s much to be said for efficiency, but if service providers are just rushing through jobs, it’s easy for a customer’s true needs to be overlooked. When it comes to cleaning, every household’s needs are unique and are likely to change over time. For a successful clean, you need the adept attention of a detail-oriented service provider who can quickly identify the individual requirements of each customer. Luckily, that’s just what you’ll find in June Mourgis. 

Seven years ago, June realized that she needed some assistance. As a busy mom in a two-income household, something needed to be removed from her schedule. During her search for a home cleaning service that would meet her family’s needs, she discovered an opportunity to run a home cleaning franchise that would help not only her family, but also others.

Together with Shirley Tingley, June began Home Cleaning Centers of America. From the beginning, Shirley and June wanted to create a service that was a cut above their competition. They did this by setting high expectations and making sure their clients knew they could count on them to measure up. 

With Home Cleaning Centers of America, each and every clean is a deep clean. Whether you hire their staff for a single visit or you choose to put them on a schedule, your home will receive a deep clean every time they visit. No light dusting of floors here—they scrub kitchen and bathroom floors on their hands and knees. Clients are not responsible for having any supplies on hand. All professionals with Home Cleaning Centers of America use their own products and supplies, all of which are OSHA-approved. 

As a safety measure for both the homeowner and the agency, they will never have one person alone in a client’s home. Each crew has at least two people. In addition, every crew has a supervisor present during the clean. The supervisor is responsible for double-checking the services performed and can do a walk-through with the client for approval before the crew leaves.

Worried about your pets during the cleaning visit? Don’t be. The agency is pet-friendly, and employees love interacting with four-legged friends. On the other hand, if your pets are not people lovers or get nervous around people outside their own families, you should contain your pets in an area that isn’t being cleaned, for everyone’s safety. 

June’s vision is to take care of people, and Home Cleaning Centers of America is one way she does so. She and Shirley also have a sister company called Caring Senior Services of Omaha, which provides services to clients who need some assistance to safely stay in their own homes. Many of their clients book services from both companies, and many of the staff overlap between the companies, creating a strong sense of community. Clients who are isolated at home enjoy their interactions with staff members, and trusting relationships are built over the time spent together within their homes. 

These strong relationships can prove beneficial for clients in many ways. In addition to providing companionship and services, staff members can also be a great resource in keeping tabs on clients’ evolving needs. In many cases, family members purchase services for their loved ones. If a staff member notices that a client’s needs are increasing in areas like hygiene or meal preparation, they can easily alert family members to the client’s changing needs.  

The attention to detail provided by staff members at Home Cleaning Centers of America is amazing—they even vacuum the furniture, including under the cushions! This leads to many satisfied clients. As Kristy reviews, “Amazing service! Will go above to make sure you’re happy!” Jenn agrees that they are “the best. They have cleaned my house for years.” It’s helpful to know what to expect prior to hiring a specific service. If you would like a full detailed list of what they clean in your home, you can find it at homecleaningcenters.com. 

With an eye for detail and a heart for helping others, Home Cleaning Centers of America chooses their service providers carefully. As representatives for a larger company, staff members share the vision of caring for others. 

Allow yourself some extra help or give a gift to someone else. Give Home Cleaning Centers of America a call at 402-933-4959 or send a message to hccaomaha@homecleaningcenters.com.  Whether you’re looking for a special event cleaning or want to get them on a regular schedule, they’ve got your back!

l-r: Velva, June, 

Jac’e, and Shirley

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