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Tiffany Harvat

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By Charlene Pierce


For Tiffany Harvat, real estate isn’t about handing over the keys. It’s about guiding people through a significant life change that involves the largest investment they are ever likely to make. She becomes a trusted partner to her clients because she isn’t there to complete a transaction... she is there to take care of her clients.


For Tiffany Harvat, real estate isn’t about handing over the keys. It’s about guiding people through a significant life change that involves the largest investment they are ever likely to make. She becomes a trusted partner to her clients because she isn’t there to complete a transaction…she is there to take care of her clients.


Tiffany’s passion for helping people transition into other living environments as they age began when her grandparents moved from their Iowa farm to live with her parents until they passed. The farm stayed in the family estate until Tiffany’s mother passed. At that point the the real estate agent Tiffany worked with became an instrumental partner in handling the estate. The home needed repairs and updates, and Tiffany struggled to handle the process from Omaha. Tiffany’s agent taught her about the intricacies of probate and helped her manage the property until it was sold. During this time, Tiffany learned how valuable a skilled real estate agent can be and how the best ones become like business partners.


This positive experience spurred Tiffany’s interest in real estate as an investor and as an agent. When the opportunity came knocking on Tiffany’s door, she answered—literally. Someone showed up at her door, asking if she knew anyone interested in taking a real estate class. Tiffany signed up and was immediately hooked.


Her experience relocating her grandparents and selling their family home was an emotional one, and she knows that it was also a common one. The number of Americans over 65 is expected to double in the next 10 years. There will be many people helping their parents and grandparents relocate or settling their estates, and they will need an agent like Tiffany by their side.


Tiffany was very close to her grandfather. He was a social worker who always sought opportunities to help others, and Tiffany lives his values today. Her interest does not lie in making the transaction. Her heart is in helping people understand how to prepare their real estate investments to create generational wealth.


Tiffany recently earned her Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES®) license, which empowers her with probate, Medicare, and Medicaid knowledge. You may not know that Medicaid can seize assets, even after death, to recover costs of care. Tiffany, as a licensed SRES®, educates clients on how to guard against Medicaid seizures.


An SRES® can also assist families with aging in place, remodeling the home, and adjusting for accessibility. They can advise homeowners regarding real estate taxes, capital gains, and reverse mortgages. An SRES® understands how to use retirement accounts, like a 401(k), in real estate transactions.


A home is often the largest asset in a financial portfolio. People are attached to their homes both financially and emotionally, and that can make a house difficult to part with. When this time comes, it is best to have an agent with heart, one who values helping others over making a transaction—and that is Tiffany. She volunteers for Meals on Wheels because she saw the joy it brought her grandparents. She also volunteers in the community and is active in her church.


Real estate is a competitive business. There are well over 2,000 real estate agents in Omaha, but Tiffany doesn’t waste energy worrying about the competition. She chose Strong Pro Realty because of its mentorship strategy and positive work environment. Tiffany focuses on improving herself through continued education, and she seeks to build up those around her. She is a true and optimist always has a smile on her face who believes you get what you create. Tiffany’s efforts are focused on the long-term stability of her clients. In her mind, there is no competition when you focus on building yourself, your team, and your clients.


Tiffany is passionate about helping others learn how to build wealth through real estate investment. There are multiple ways to proceed, like flipping homes, acquiring rental properties, and following buy-and-hold strategies. Each has different benefits and requirements. Strong Pro Realty has a separate division, Peterson Bros Realty which is focused on investment strategies and property management; it is another reason that Tiffany wanted to be a part of their team.


Whether her clients are making a real estate investment or selling a longtime family home, Tiffany educates them on the numbers. It is easy to become emotional about real estate because of the life that has unfolded in our homes. Tiffany is skilled at calculating risk versus reward. She is a problem-solver who ensures her clients’ investments are secured.


Tiffany Harvat specializes in helping seniors with their real estate issues because she remembers how valuable it was to have someone she could trust during an emotional and difficult relocation. Her enthusiasm for investment real estate stems from helping her clients build generational wealth.


Strong Pro Realty is located at 10011 J St (near 96th and J), in Omaha. Tiffany is available by phone at 712-898-5296 and by email at More information is available at

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Tiffany Harvat, Real Estate Agent