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Personalized Healthcare

By Angella A. Arndt


Do you often have to wait days or weeks to see your primary care physician? Do you feel rushed during appointments? Does your physician seem like a stranger? If you would like personalized care, convenient access, and next-day or even same-day appointments, concierge medicine might be for you. Take a look at Members.MD—a membership-based private healthcare provider. For an annual fee, Members.MD patients receive personalized health and wellness care, immediate care when they need it, access to their physician seven days a week, and coordinated healthcare management.


Members.MD was founded in February 2010 by Dr. Joel Bessmer and two investment partners. A few years later, Dr. Bessmer and his wife, Kathy, bought out their investors and became the sole owners. The medical practice has four concierge physicians and a team of other medical professionals. Dr. Bessmer, who also serves as the medical director, is proud of the Members.MD staff. “We have a fabulous team,” he says. “Our staff members have significant expertise, and our team approach to health care allows us to provide excellent coordinated care for our patients.”


The youngest of six children, Dr. Bessmer grew up in Plainview, Nebraska. He loved science as a kid, and his mother’s nursing career piqued his interest in medicine. “I had a number of health issues growing up and had an ulnar resection during college,” he relates. His personal experiences and observations of physicians caring for patients influenced his decision to enter the medical profession.


After earning an undergraduate degree from Kearney State College, Dr. Bessmer took a year off before medical school to work at Good Samaritan Hospital in Kearney. “I learned a lot and received great medical experience working in the ICU,” he says. He completed his internship and internal medicine residency at UNMC and joined the internal medicine faculty in 1997. Dr. Bessmer directed a UNMC pilot program in concierge medicine known as the Personal Service Medical Practice (PSMP) from 2007 to 2010, before the decision was made to move the program off campus.


The complexities of the healthcare system, Dr. Bessmer notes, often leave patients and their families in the difficult position of trying to coordinate their healthcare needs among several different providers. That’s what makes Members.MD different. “Concierge medicine is like having a doctor in the family,” he explains. “People want a great relationship with their primary care doctor, and we deliver that. We practice relationship-based medicine, which includes education and great health care.”


While many services provided are covered by insurance, not all specialized testing is covered. Despite this, Dr. Bessmer shares, his patients love access to specialized testing because prevention matters. “If we can identify problems early, it is of great benefit to a patient’s well-being.” Members.MD will be the first practice in Omaha to offer GRAIL’s Galleri, a multi-cancer early detection test. This test, which requires a simple blood draw, detects more than 50 types of cancer. Members.MD also offers specialized testing for a variety of other healthcare concerns. Education and prevention are critical components of proactive health care, Dr. Bessmer asserts. “We should emphasize the medicine that makes patients healthier.”


If you’ve never heard of concierge medicine, you’re not alone—many people aren’t aware that this type of medical practice is an option. “People often don’t realize that they can be more empowered in their health care,” Dr. Bessmer says. “We educate our patients about their health and teach them what they can control and how they can improve their health.” He thinks of the annual fee as an investment that patients can make in their own health.


Patients are referred to specialists as needed, but their Members.MD physician remains involved throughout the process. This lets patients focus on their health instead of worrying about lack of communication between providers.


When selecting a concierge physician, there are a few things to consider. Does the doctor practice the type of medicine that meets your needs? Is the doctor board-certified? What is the practice’s commitment to providing excellent patient care? What amenities are offered in addition to direct medical care services? Do you feel you can develop a trusting relationship with the staff? Asking questions will help you choose the doctor who’s right for you.


Dr. Bessmer emphasizes that the physician-patient relationship is critical. “Many of us are busy and don’t find time to take care of ourselves. Our name, Members.MD, speaks to what we do. Our members come first, and we are committed to providing a great healthcare experience.”


Members.MD is located at 11810 Nicholas Street, Suite 101, in Omaha. The office is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Call 402-779-8400 to schedule an appointment or find them online at


Members.MD Concierge Medicine Team
Tara Classen, RN;
Jyoti Mahapatra, MD;
Dave Bart, RN;
Betsy Flood, RN;
Suzan Crabb, MD;
Joel Bessmer, MD;
Matthew Bott, MD;
Michelle Delgado, PA-C