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Harmonizing Your Features

By Marge Shoemaker


Do you feel that you’re putting your best face forward? Do you love what you see in the mirror, or do you wish you could adjust some imperfections that are disturbing your facial harmony? If you’d like to make some changes, talk to the team at Facial Surgery Institute, where they fix anything above the shoulders. 

Bruce Kuhn, MD, DDS, founded Facial Surgery Institute (FSI) nearly 10 years ago after practicing in Omaha for 20 years. His aim? To provide a safe place staffed with a team of experienced, knowledgeable professionals to help patients who are interested in plastic surgery procedures of the face and neck. “We know the decision to have facial plastic surgery is not an easy one,” he says. “We assist our patients through the entire procedure.”

A graduate of the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Dr. Kuhn is licensed to practice both medicine and dentistry. At one point in his education, he had the opportunity to observe a jaw reconstruction surgery (you need special permission now). He knew right away that this was his element—this was what he wanted to do. 

Dr. Kuhn currently serves as chair of the Nebraska Mission of Mercy. This coalition of dentists, over a period of two days, provides dental services to hundreds of patients at no charge. Vendors and suppliers donate materials and equipment. “We offer millions of dollars of work for free, with no questions asked,” Dr. Kuhn proudly shares. 

The 2019 event took place at Brownell Talbot Prepetatory School in March. Crews set up on Thursday, work Friday and Saturday, and tear down and clean up on Sunday. Dr. Kuhn says enthusiastically, “It’s a super busy, but totally fulfilling, weekend—a great feeling to know we helped nearly 1,400 patients improve their dental health!”  The 2020 Mission will be held June 15 and 16 at the Bellevue Lied Center.

The menu of services offered at Facial Surgery Institute is extensive. They perform ear surgery (otoplasty), nose surgery (rhinoplasty), and brow and eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). In addition, chin and jaw surgery (orthognathic) or face and neck lift surgery (rhytidectomy) may be performed. Laser skin resurfacing as well as minimally invasive wrinkle reduction treatments such as Botox, fillers, and thread lifts are also available.  

Dr. Kuhn acknowledges that “appearance is significant in how others perceive and treat us—even judge us. Judgments based on what others perceive are made without consideration for the person within. If we feel good about ourselves—have confidence in ourselves—then others will see that and treat us accordingly. The face is the first and most obvious thing about us seen by others. People are visual. My goal is to create facial harmony and allow inner beauty to shine through.”

He relates the case of a college student who had been bullied throughout his life. During the initial consultation, the boy’s father asked if the procedure under discussion was really necessary. At the time, he didn’t understand how much his son was suffering. He later thanked Dr. Kuhn for performing the procedure that changed his son’s life and outlook.

Dr. Kuhn believes that health care should be nonjudgmental and should allow patients to live with dignity. One of the biggest challenges of his job is diagnosing the problem and determining the proper treatment. “Many times, we are dealing with emotions like anxiety and fear of the unknown,” he explains. “We try to educate each patient about what to expect from the procedure, as well as anticipated costs.” To help patients learn what to expect, he shares his extensive portfolio of before and after photos, along with explanations of the problem at hand and the resulting treatment. 

When it comes to choosing a surgeon for your facial procedure, Dr. Kuhn suggests that patients learn about a potential surgeon’s experience. “The important thing,” he advises, “is not how nice the surgeon is, but how competent.” He recommends asking potential surgeons if they would perform the procedure on a family member facing the same problem. 

Former patients praise Dr. Kuhn and his staff: Marie was hesitant until the procedure was explained in detail; Lisa loves the amazing results of her laser skin resurfacing. Kay values the efficiency of the office, saying that her three dental implants were done in half the time it took a friend to get one implant done at another office. If you have questions about whether or not facial plastic surgery is right for you, these satisfied patients recommend that you visit Dr. Kuhn at Facial Surgery Institute to learn more. 

Facial Surgery Institute is located at 2727 South 144th Street, Suite 235, in Omaha. Schedule a consultation by calling 402-330-8460. For more information, visit them online at FSIOmaha.com.


Bruce Kuhn, MD, DDS

Facial Surgery Institute
2727 South 144th Street
Suite 235, in Omaha



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