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by Cynthia Jeffrey


These days, some things have changed inside Spezia, as they have in restaurants across the nation, but loyal customers can still count on the amazing food and professional service they have come to expect. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Brian Reilly, co-owner and operator of Spezia. Brian began working at the restaurant on the salad bar while attending culinary school and worked his way to a partnership as co-owner. To this day, Brian leads by example as he works in the kitchen with his crew, hand-cutting steaks and making tiramisu. To him, the restaurant is more than a business—it is an extension of who he is.


Spezia was closed for two months during the initial stages of the pandemic, but they are now re-opened and serving Omaha. Brian speaks openly about the changes and challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the industry. While some restaurants have succumbed to pandemic pressures and closed their doors, Spezia has been able to make adjustments to meet the continuing needs of their loyal patrons and the community.


Staff members have risen to the occasion, taking on new tasks. The entire crew diligently wears masks and sanitizes every surface. The dining room used to be set for each new customer at any given time. Now, the tables are bare until a patron is seated and served. Customers can expect the same excellent service they enjoyed before the pandemic, and the kitchen continues to offer the same core specialties. The dining room is spacious and offers extensive seating options. There is plenty of room to sit comfortably with your party while socially distancing from other patrons. All servers take extra precautions to ensure the safety of diners and staff.


Like everyone these days, the customers at Spezia are grateful that they can count on a little consistency, and they don’t hesitate to send their thanks for a relaxing and delicious dining experience. “I was impressed by your entire staff, from the greeters like Emma to our waitress Nicole,” notes Fred in his online review. “Every time my wife and I have been to Spezia, we have met smart, friendly servers—and last night, this was especially true.” He goes on to say how much he appreciates Spezia adhering to pandemic health guidelines. “I appreciate that your restaurant is taking care to sit people properly distanced and that the entire staff wears masks for your customers’ safety. You have a beautiful restaurant; food and wine are consistently of the highest quality and reasonably priced. Spezia was a wonderful place to celebrate my birthday with my wife. We have always loved Spezia, especially for special occasions, because we never fail to enjoy superb service and food. Thank you!”


While their core menu has stayed consistent, Brian has implemented Family Style takeout meals, which serve four to six people. These are listed on their catering menu, which you can view at Recent customer Janis highly recommends the meals. “I ordered two pasta entrees and salad for a birthday dinner, which also came with rolls, and everything was delicious! Curbside payment and pick-up. Spezia is definitely worth a try!” 


Whether you’re ordering a Family Style meal or something on the regular menu of Italian specialties, steaks, and seafood, you can take advantage of their curbside pick-up option. Simply view their menu online to make your selection and call 402-391-2950 to place your order. As a safety measure, staff members seal the outermost packaging in order to ensure the food has no contact with any other surface between their kitchen and your home.


If you are planning to dine in at Spezia, consider their beautiful and spacious patio for outdoor dining. Their happy hour menu, offered between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. daily, includes items like grilled shrimp cocktail, toasted gnocchi, fried calamari, and wood-grilled tuna. Enjoy drink specials on beer, wine, and cocktails, which are made exclusively from Brickway Distillery products. Spezia continues to open for lunch and dinner and offers a children’s menu and scrumptious desserts. 


The pandemic has put a strain on everyone, including local restaurants. If you want to support a fantastic local eatery, come to Spezia and enjoy the same amazing food and service you’ve learned to expect. Spezia is located at 3125 South 72nd Street, in Omaha. 

Brian Riley, Executive Chef and General Manager

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