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We’re all hoping that the new year is going to bring some changes. Julie Galloway owns the Omaha franchise of SuperSlow Zone, and she hopes that one of those changes will be you deciding to do something life-changing for your health and well-being. At SuperSlow Zone, Julie and her team will guide you through personalized strength training workouts to help you increase muscle mass, bone strength, endurance, balance, and overall physical vitality. You can get a total body workout in just 20 minutes, without even having to change your clothes.


That’s right! Twenty-minute workouts, once or twice a week, and you can wear whatever you put on for the day and go right back to your daily activities when finished. The goal here is focused strength training, not working up a sweat. The weight machines are medical grade, and the instructors (Julie included) are certified by the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training. The instructor sets up the weight machines, guiding you through each exercise while teaching you proper form and tracking your progress. Weight repetitions last 20 seconds—10 seconds to raise the weight and 10 to lower it. The exercise is high-intensity but low-impact, designed to improve muscle tone and strength in a gradual, healthy way.


 “Your body didn’t get out of shape overnight, and it’s not going to fall back into shape overnight,” Julie points out. “It takes about three months to start noticing significant changes to the body in strength, energy levels, and muscle tone.” She recommends complementary exercise, such as biking, walking, swimming, yoga, Pilates, or running, but advises against additional weight training. She stresses that you want to fatigue the muscle without overworking it. In fact, overworking can actually decrease muscle mass. “You want to thoroughly exhaust the muscle, but do it safely.” Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do that, she says. “At SuperSlow Zone, you’re with the instructor every second of the workout, so it’s like having a personal trainer.”


SuperSlow Zone is for all ages and fitness levels, but it’s particularly helpful for people who have lost muscle mass or have injuries that make higher-impact exercise unsuitable. “People begin to ‘feel their age’ around 50 to 55 years,” Julie says. “We all experience it—suddenly, that strength isn’t there anymore. This age-related muscle loss is called sarcopenia. With this workout, our clients’ strength increases, their health improves, they’re doing more in life. The reward is in seeing people improve their lives. I have people in their 70s who have never worked out before, and now they’re very strong. This is a lifestyle change for people. It’s really amazing.”


Just ask Kyrsten, who was diagnosed with a degenerative disk and spinal stenosis. “I needed a safe way to strengthen my core to help stabilize my spine,” she recalls. “A friend referred me to SuperSlow Zone, and I’m addicted! The care and commitment from the staff is exceptional, always making sure my form is correct and that I’m not feeling unwarranted strain or pain during my session.” Kyrsten has been coming to SuperSlow Zone for four years, and she can feel the benefits. “I’m stronger, more stable, standing straighter, and—best of all—feeling less fatigue and far fewer aches and pains throughout my day.”


Another client, 73-year-old Joe, didn’t want to spend his day in the gym. “I went looking for efficient, effective, safe ways to work on my strength and cardiovascular system. Over the years, I have undergone joint replacements and suffered a variety of injuries. I know from experience that if I get injured in the gym, my motivation and fitness decrease as I am recovering. I was looking for something that would make sure that my bones, tendons, and joints were safe. The SuperSlow Zone weight training protocol met all of those requirements! I can see clear changes on the data sheet with regard to time and strength increases. Perhaps more importantly, I can see increases in strength, balance, and how my clothes fit.” 


“If you’re looking to get in shape but hesitate to go to the gym, call SuperSlow Zone and schedule a free consultation and sample workout in our safe, clean, and efficient semi-private studio,” says Julie. Rates are reasonable, and the flexible program is month-to-month, with no long-term membership fees. SuperSlow Zone has been open in Omaha since 2013. Because their protocol has followed strict CDC guidelines, the studio has remained open throughout this pandemic. They keep the weight machines sanitized, wear masks, and provide free disposable gloves for every client while maintaining safe distances from others. The studio also incorporates special HVAC filters to maintain a healthier environment.


“People are inside a lot right now. They’re worried, they’re anxious, and those things aren’t good for us,” Julie concludes. “I’m pleased to provide an environment for people to regain strength and vitality and confidence in themselves.” SuperSlow Zone is located in Omaha at 17785 Mason Street (178th and Pacific). For more information, please call 402-708-5679 or visit 

Julie Galloway, franchise owner (coaching client)

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