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Tiffany Harvat

A Passion for Real Estate

By Janette Calabro


Tiffany Harvat’s purpose is to help clients find homes. She shares her expertise to guide people toward one of the biggest investments they might make in a lifetime. One of her self-described attributes is what she calls “filling the gap,” by which she means a keen ability to step in where needed. After extensive education, she found a home with Strong Pro Realty in Omaha, Nebraska. “My broker, Alan Strong, is a wonderful mentor,” Tiffany says. “He’s the reason I joined Strong Pro Realty. I am out there learning how to flip houses, invest, and be a realtor. I get to see so many different avenues that I would not have experienced before!” 


Tiffany has been a realtor for about 18 months, furthering her credentials to include a specialty as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES). Although she serves clients of all ages in Nebraska and Iowa, her focus on seniors meets the needs of a maturing clientele for residential investments, buying, selling, refinancing, and relocating. “When my mother passed a little over five years ago, my real estate agent really helped us,” she recalls. “The agents did everything that I couldn’t do with two children. They inspired me.” 


That experience helped Tiffany understand what it means to “fill the gap” as a real estate agent, and she strives to be there whenever and wherever her clients need it. Within her short time in the field, she has quite a few stories to tell. Once, she arrived for a final walk-through with clients waiting, only to find the door locked and no evidence of a set of keys to open them. She quickly called a locksmith—problem solved! 


“I will fill whatever shoes need to be filled,” says Tiffany. “I advise and connect people with what they need for their situation. I have some clients now who are selling their mother’s house, and it needs a lot of work. I just guide them through the process, breaking down numbers to see how much time and energy each project would take, to help them decide if it’s worth the cost.” 


One of the biggest challenges she has faced as a realtor is to strike a balance between work life and home. On one end of the spectrum, she strives to build her business. On the other, she’s devoted to her family. The flexibility of her schedule helps her reach the balance she and her family need. “That is the beauty of real estate. I never have to miss a field trip with the kids, or a birthday party, or an anniversary, because I own my own schedule. If I don’t work, I don’t get paid. That’s 100 percent accountability on my end.”


Recent client Carlene praises Tiffany’s work ethic and accountability. “Tiffany did an amazing job assisting with all the aspects of the sale on our condo, from both the buyer’s and the seller’s perspective,” Carlene shares. “We did a for sale by owner, and she assisted us with all the paperwork, which was a huge help. Tiffany was also very pleasant to work with, always on time, and brought a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend her.” 


Last year, client Teresa and her husband were out and about looking for homes in Omaha for their son Jacob, who was then teaching in Colorado. While driving by one house, they came upon Tiffany taking photos. Thinking she was the seller, they asked if they could take a look inside. Tiffany stated her title, and then happily accommodated them. 


“That girl does not quit,” says Teresa. “She doesn’t get discouraged. She a go-getter from the minute you meet her, and she walks you through everything. She will not give up. She found Jacob a house that was exactly what he wanted, with good neighbors and all the features. There was a lot of negotiating, and she did it all. She’s a gem. We were so lucky to have her.”


Tiffany thinks of her clients as friends, maintaining a philosophy that failure is never an option. She advises her friends as she would her family, making sure they understand the importance of keeping a few months of living expenses in a savings account. She never wants her clients to become house poor, by which she means that their housing expenses make up an unreasonably large part of their budget. “If you can’t afford the monthly payment, don’t stretch your budget,” she advises. “Emergency funds are so valuable, especially for first-time homebuyers.”


Tiffany Harvat would love to help you make the transition into your next home. You can reach her at 712-989-5296 or by visiting

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Tiffany Harvat, Realtor

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