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Happy August, all! I hope you have been able to do some “chillin’” these last few months. It’s been a hot one! I love this kind of weather. I know it’s hot, but the great news is that as the sun goes down, more often than not, a slight breeze comes our way.


Many nights, my husband and I have found ourselves sitting on our deck. We share a glass of wine and catch up on our day. Manny and I do more talking with each other than anyone I know. We have our conversations in the morning and then catch up at day’s end. I so love this.


This month, on August 25th, Manny and I will celebrate our two-year wedding anniversary. We got married on the beach, at sunset, at Hanalei Bay in Kauai, Hawaii, seven years after we met. My brother Tom, and his wife, Kristi, stood up for us.


The four of us got together for dinner last week and found ourselves reminiscing about the fabulous experiences we had in Hawaii. I realized during that conversation that I don’t even think of it as a “vacation.” It was so much more! It started with the first day we were there. Manny woke me up to watch the sunrise. Unbelievably fantastic. Then we got married! It was like something out of a fairy tale. We went on a helicopter ride and landed where the waterfall in Jurassic Park was filmed. We went to a luau that was so much fun. We took a sunset cruise on the Na Pali Coast and saw the most beautiful sunset ever. I can’t wait until we go back! I have stopped calling it a vacation and now refer to it as the adventure of a lifetime!


Being married to Manny has continued that adventure. Our goal is to have a healthy relationship, which requires some serious work on a daily basis. We constantly work on our communication, our mutual respect, and…let’s not forget…having fun and romance in our lives with one another! Happy anniversary, Manny. I love you!


August is also a big birthday month in our family. My son Adam will be 31 on August 22nd. My grand-daughter McKenna turns 10 on August 23rd. Happy birthday to both of you!


I hope that you have had the opportunity to reconnect with family and friends over the last few months. I don’t know about you, but we are grabbing every opportunity to join up with family and friends and make up for lost time. I hope you are, too.


We will talk next month…go out and enjoy…and chill!

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