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Publisher's Notes

Welcome to the Women’s Edition 38th Anniversary issue!


Boy, is that a long time! The years have raced past us faster than a speeding bullet. When I reflect on all that has changed over the years, I am astounded at all that has occurred…personally, professionally, nationwide, and worldwide. It has been quite the ride. 


Back in 1986, when we premiered our first issue, we were a small, black-and-white publication. The only full color was on our covers. We produced the magazine like all print was produced in 1986: run out the type, cut, paste…all manually done. Our computer was a Macintosh 128K (that’s K, for kilobytes). It was the first desktop personal computer with graphic design capabilities. Printing now? It’s all computer to plate…everything is done digitally. Our computers now? We now have gigabytes of storage. One gigabyte equals 1,048,576 kilobytes. Those numbers still astound me!


Now, here come the thank-yous!


—To Roxy: One of the constants since almost the premiere of Women’s Edition is Roxy Orr, our Operations Manager. Roxy started in 1988, when we still had our office in my home. She has been an integral part of the publication for the last 36 years. Roxy started as a part-time bookkeeper. Over the years, she took on more and more responsibilities. She is my right-hand person who makes it all flow seamlessly. I would like to thank you, Roxy, from the bottom of my heart! 


—To our advertisers: You are the ones who make Women’s Edition possible. Many of you have been with us for decades, and some of you have been with us since the very beginning! You are the ones who allow us to produce Women’s Edition every month. Thank you all…every single one of you.


—To our copy editor: In order to get the magazines out each month, Liz Huett makes sure our “i’s” are dotted and our “t’s” are crossed. She makes us look good! Thank you, Liz. 

—To our distributors: You take Women’s Edition around every month to over 560 locations. You are the face of Women’s Edition to our distribution points. A huge thank you goes out to all of you.


—To our readers: Last…but definitely not least…I want to thank all of you. You have supported us by picking us up each month and supporting our advertisers. You tell them how you discovered their businesses through our magazine. We are proud to bring you the cream of the crop of local businesses. Thank you so very much…and keep it up!


With an abundance of gratitude…thank you all! See you next month.

Omaha Women's Edition Janet, Omaha Magazine, Omaha Advertising

Janet Van deWalle,

National Publisher

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11550 West Dodge Road, Omaha, NE  68154


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Positive Thought of the Month

“When eating fruit, remember the one who planted the tree.” —Vietnamese proverb

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