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The Art of Gift Giving

Ho, ho, ho…merry Christmas and happy holidays! How is the shopping coming along? Are you one of those organized individuals who started your holiday shopping in July, scouring the local shops all year long, looking for that very special gift? Or are you one of those who waits until the last minute and then goes a little crazy? I used to be her!


Since I’ve been married to Manny, however, I am getting better. He is teaching me the art of gift giving. Until I met Manny, I wasn’t comfortable “getting out of the box” when it came to gift selections. For years, I would close the Women’s Edition’s office the day after we finished the magazine. Because of how far ahead we work, it was the January issue we were “putting to bed.” It always fell around the 10th of December. Then came the power shopping. It was exhausting, but I powered through it. Frankly, it wasn’t much fun. 


Until I met Manny, I never realized that gift giving is truly an art. Manny and I now keep our eyes open all year long as we are shopping around town. For the first time ever, we have some gifts already bought. The great news is, we also have learned to make notes on our phone when an idea comes to us for the perfect gift. It’s a whole lot more fun than the way I used to do it.


I am hoping that most of us take to heart the concept of buying local. I recently read a survey that a lot of people who have chosen to do their shopping online are now planning to go back to the days of in-person shopping. When people were asked why, a lot of the answers were about how it’s tradition and it just feels better! I agree. It’s hard to get in the holiday spirit when you’re sitting in front of a computer. I don’t care how many holiday songs you play.


Many of us will also take in a local holiday play or musical performance. That always helps to get the family in the holiday mood. Get your tickets soon, before they are sold out!


I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. Don’t work too hard. Choose the simple recipes and give yourself permission to serve some things that are “almost homemade.” Take a deep breath, smile, and relish the moment! Happy holidays from Manny and me. We’ll see you next year!


One last thing…happy birthday to my sister-in-law Ingrid!

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