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Let There Be Peace on Earth

Happy holidays, everyone! My wish is that everyone is able to celebrate their holiday exactly as they choose. 


2020 has been a learning year for me, and I believe that is true for most of us. What I have gained from this time is the realization that it is important to offer true respect to each and every person I come into contact with. So many people have...and are...facing challenges that I am not aware of. What I feel I can do is to respect them, love them, and wish them the best. Putting out positive vibes to others, whether the vibes are spoken or simply felt, will help them and will help us.


Manny and I will celebrate our second Christmas together as a married couple. Manny is very much a “Christmas Elf,” and he is quickly converting me! I will never forget last December 17th, when I had to be out of town for the day. Manny had sent me a text message asking me to come through the front door when I got home. My normal entrance is through the garage, so I thought he was in the middle of a “project” that was blocking my entrance. 


Lo and behold, when I walked through the front door, I heard Christmas music coming over our sound system. I walked into the living room to discover that Manny had decorated the entire living room and family room. Our Christmas tree was glistening and lit, and the dining room table was set with holiday linens and two beautiful holiday centerpieces. The fireplace was on, and scattered throughout the room were lit candles. It was absolutely spectacular. I cried! I think that was when I began to really appreciate this wonderful holiday.


I think this year, more than ever, it would help every single one us to make it a point to take some extra time to relish in the peace and joy of this holiday season. Gratitude and appreciation will consistently help raise our spirits, put smiles on our faces, and make us all a lot easier to be around! We may not be able to do much about the challenges that are out there. What we can do is make a decision to seek our own peace and joy. My dear mother used to say, “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.” This is great advice that I am taking to heart.


Here’s my wish for everyone to have a great holiday. Relax, enjoy, appreciate. 

See you next year!

Janet Van deWalle,

National Publisher

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"Don't Forget a person's great emotional need is to feel appreciated."

—H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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