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Goblin Time!

Happy pumpkin month! Are the little goblins ready to go? My “little goblins” are now my grandkids. Savannah is 16 and McKenna is 10. During Halloween season, Savannah heads to haunted houses with her friends…and her friends know my granddaughter well. When they head off to the houses, they help Savannah get through them. Is she scared? Not at all! Savannah has earned her black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Her friends go with her to hold her arms down and make sure she doesn’t deck someone who jumps out at her! Now, that’s what I call good friends.


Savannah has matured into a smart, beautiful young lady. My husband, Manny, and I were looking through pictures yesterday. I would hold up an image of Savannah and, inevitably, Manny would guess it was McKenna. They did look alike as babies and younger little girls. As they have matured, they each have taken on their own individual look.


McKenna hasn’t decided what she’ll be for Halloween this year. I hope it is special, as this could be one of the last trick-or-treating experiences she has. Last year, she dressed as a werewolf—a cute one, not a nasty one! It’s hard for McKenna to look nasty because she is such a smiler. It’s so great how she goes through life with a big, contagious grin on her face.


It astounds me how quickly they have grown up. I felt that way about my kids, but with the grandkids, it’s even faster. It’s kind of bittersweet. I love to see their growth—physically, emotionally, and mentally. They are such amazing people! I get a little sad when I think how fast the time has gone since I held them as babies.


Onward into fall…cold nights and the beautiful, colorful changing of the leaves. Manny and I are fortunate to live in a neighborhood that has a lot of trees. The autumn colors are so incredibly beautiful. Every day, when I’m heading home, I drive through a canopy of trees that overhang the street. This time of year, it changes on almost a daily basis. On many occasions, I have been known to pull over and take pictures.


I hope you all have a fantastic October. If you can, spend some time sitting outside with family and friends. If you have a fire pit, even better! Share stories, jokes, and memories with one another, and make sure the kids and grandkids are there, too. When they are our age, they will reflect on the good times they had with Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa. That’s a gift that keeps on giving!


We’ll talk next month.

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“A grandchild fills a space in your heart that you never knew was empty.”—Unknown

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