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Absolute Perfection Electrolysis

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By Maria Harding

“I like giving people back their confidence,” says Mary Brennan, owner of Absolute Perfection Electrolysis. She knows how important it is to give clients control over their own body and appearance. Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method for every color and type of hair on all skin types, and Mary is a master practitioner.


Mary has been a professional electrologist for 25 years. Her technical experience is unparalleled; in fact, her colleagues in the industry have elected her President of the Nebraska Electrology Association. Her educational background is in science and nursing, which helps inform her initial assessments. “We go over a little of their health and hormone history, to see if there may be a cause or a trigger” for the excess hair, she explains. Some chronic conditions, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome or a pituitary imbalance, can lead to excess hair growth.


Mary asks about her clients’ stress levels and (for her female clients) whether they continue to menstruate. She asks how clients are currently removing hair and with what frequency, as well as whether they’re taking any prescription, over-the-counter, or herbal medications. “We talk for at least half an hour,” she shares. “If clients are comfortable with me, then they’ll be comfortable getting their treatments done.”


Mary wants Absolute Perfection to be a sanctuary. With total confidentiality and empathy, she meets the cosmetic and emotional needs of women with hirsutism (male-pattern hair growth), men with excessively hairy backs or ears, and transgender women. “In fact, I’ve helped so many transgender women that I know how long it’s going to take and which hair is the most important to do first,” she relates. “I’ve also had people come to me who aren’t already connected with a good doctor or therapist, and I’m able to give referrals or more information.”


There are three modalities that can be used to perform electrolysis—thermolysis, galvanic, and blend. Thermolysis uses quick bursts of heat, galvanic creates a chemical reaction through an electric current, and blend uses a combination of thermolysis and galvanic. “For body hair, I usually go with straight galvanic,” Mary says, “though blend is my primary choice; I think it’s a little gentler on the skin.” With a determined smile, she adds, “If I’m not getting the ‘kill rate’ I want with one modality, I’ll switch.”


Does it hurt? “It’s warm, with a bit of a sting,” Mary says. “You could take Tylenol or ibuprofen before treatment, if you want to. If you’ve been a constant tweezer, the sensation isn’t that big a deal.” The desire to be rid of unwanted body hair often outweighs any discomfort.


“I can guarantee that I can kill every hair,” promises Mary, but it’s not a one-and-done process. Because a hair can only be permanently eliminated while it is actively growing, it will take several visits to Absolute Perfection before each follicle is caught at the optimal point in its cycle. For this reason, “I would say the minimum for any area is probably eight months,” says Mary. “When you start treatments, you may come once a week for 30 minutes. As you go along, appointments get farther apart and appointment time shortens.” She adds that the end result can be delayed by what clients do between appointments. “If you’re tweezing or waxing in between, I may have to wait for that hair to come up again,” she explains.


Electrolysis is safe; there really are no health exclusions. Some sources advise that individuals with pacemakers use caution, but Mary has worked with clients with these devices without incident. “If you have any implanted device, I need an okay from your doctor,” she clarifies. Though studies indicate it is harmless for pregnant women to undergo electrolysis, Mary opts for heat-only modalities, rather than galvanic, as an extra degree of caution with her pregnant patients.


Clients should look for an electrologist who is licensed in their state by the American Electrology Association (AEA), and they should expect a clean and sterile environment. Mary explains that all the needles she uses are disposable, and tweezers and other tools have been sterilized in an autoclave. “I also wear gloves and a mask, and I wipe down all surfaces between each person,” she says.


Individuals who go through this journey find that their outward appearance more confidently reflects their inner beauty. “They find that their skin is even better, because they’re not picking at it anymore to tweeze the hair out!” shares Mary. Contact her for a free consultation, even if you’re not sure whether electrolysis is right for you. Mary will arm you with information and put you in control.


Absolute Perfection Electrolysis is located at 7810 Dodge Street, Suite 4. Reach Mary at 402-398-3300 or

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Mary Brennan,

BSN,CPE, LE, Owner