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An Inside Look

Omaha’s Water Store + Wellness Center

Hydrate and Heal!

By Linda Sutherland


Approximately 70 percent of the human body is water. To attain (and maintain) good health, you need to ingest water that is safe and clean. According to a brochure from Omaha’s Water Store + Wellness Center, municipal tap water typically contains arsenic, mercury, chlorine, nitrates, fluoride, asbestos, and other harmful contaminants, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Of course, your tap water should be within the legal limits of contaminants, but is that really good enough? Omaha’s Water Store + Wellness Center definitely does not think so! They are committed to promoting health and wellness by providing the purest drinking water possible. 


What they offer is a water called Kangen Water®. This is a medical-grade water that literally means “return to origin” in Japanese. You can find Kangen Water® in environments such as glaciers, mountains, and caves—places that have been untouched by the pollutants of our species. Tap water can be converted to Kangen Water® by machine, using electrolysis to add antioxidant molecular hydrogen to the water. It also makes the water more alkaline, helping the body maintain its natural pH balance of 7.365. 


Omaha’s Water Store + Wellness Center owner Donna Retherford discovered Kangen Water® during a trip to Texas, and she was convinced there was something to it. “Most of us know the importance of staying hydrated,” says Donna. “When doctors say ‘drink more water,’ they know what they are talking about! The problem is that most of the water we drink is acidic and does not hydrate our bodies as well as it should.” Better hydration allows us to absorb vitamins and minerals more efficiently and helps the body flush out unwanted toxins. 


Once you have tried the water and seen the benefits from it, you can select from different Wellness Program memberships or purchase a system for your home. All memberships include unlimited water refills. “Once you experience the wonderful benefits of our water,” Donna says, “you will want to stay on the program or buy your own system!” 


Donna is a firm believer in the benefits of alkaline, hydrogen-rich water, and she’s proud to offer it to the Omaha community. However, she knows that there’s more to health and wellness than water! Omaha’s Water Store + Wellness Center, as you might guess from the name, also has an incredible Wellness Center that offers various detox and frequency-based services. 


Upon entering the Wellness Center, you feel an immediate sense of relaxation, and that is only the beginning. Donna offers what is called an Ultimate Body Detox, which improves blood circulation, removes toxins and waste from tissues, improves metabolism, raises your body’s metabolic rate, and provides protection from inflammation.


 One of the machines at the Wellness Center is a sound frequency machine called the VibraGenix Elite. To use this therapy, you adjust the frequency and intensity of the sound vibration and then simply stand on the machine, enjoying the muscle stimulation and strength training of traditional exercise. You’ll step off feeling rejuvenated and revitalized. 


The Wellness Center also offers an ionic foot detox frequency machine that can help relieve joint pain, poor circulation, varicose veins, neuropathy, foggy brain, and sleeplessness. Our feet serve as an excellent channel for the whole body. The combination of reflexology and ionization work together to allow the detoxification process to function at its peak. The RF-Inner Cleanse detox also raises your body temperature by one degree (through a relaxing foot bath!), boosting your immunity.


The infrared sauna at the Wellness Center is completely different from a traditional steam sauna. Infrared saunas produce a dry heat, which means they can offer the benefits of a sauna without the overwhelming heat. These benefits can include increased blood flow, soothing sore muscles, pain relief, relaxation, and a reduction in the oxidative stress that is associated with cardiovascular disease. All that, without all the sweating!


You can also find the science of BrainTap at the Wellness Center. These audio sessions lead to improved clarity, more energy, and an improved quality of sleep. As described on the manufacturer’s website (, this system trains your brain to react to certain sounds, “providing your mind and body with all the benefits of meditation without the disciplined effort.” I am fairly certain that we could all benefit from this program! A more relaxed, flexible, and resilient brain sounds good to me. 


Donna Retherford’s passion for good health and treating your body positively led her to promote wellness in her community. She found an amazing business mentor, and she asked lots of questions—that’s the strategy she recommends to anyone who wants to branch out on their own. Every day, she leads customers to the benefits of Kangen Water® and wellness therapies. What does she love most about her work? Seeing people feel better and live longer, she says. 


Give Donna a call at at 402-503-9800 or visit Omaha Water Store at 5518 North 103rd Street, in Omaha.  

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Donna Retherford, Owner

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