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An Inside Look

Jill of All Trades 

Quality You Can Trust

By Linda Sutherland


Does this sound familiar? You want to remodel your kitchen… but then you think about the havoc and mess it will create. There is the cost to consider, the time it will take to get the job done, and the anxiety that usually comes with the process. Where do you even begin to look for a contractor who is reputable and believes in the “old school” quality of work? Well, have I got the woman for you! Yes, you heard me…a woman who owns and operates her own construction company. 


Kim Stewart, the owner of Jill of All Trades, is a force to be reckoned with. As a child, she loved helping her mother paint their home and helping their neighbors with projects around their houses. In her early career, Kim started a commercial janitorial company, learning the ins and outs of the construction business, and she continued to develop her great skills for decorating and designing homes. Eventually, she turned all that talent and elbow grease into her remodeling business, Jill of All Trades. 


Kim loves to sit down with prospective clients and help them figure out what they want and what they need in a home remodel. The pride she takes in turning people’s dreams into reality really shows when you talk to her about her process. “I want only the best for my clients, and I love seeing their expressions and smiles when they see the finished product,” she says. Kim’s many years of experience enable her to provide her clients with unique solutions and ideas. 


Producing results that she can be proud of takes a team of subcontractors that Kim trusts completely. The integrity and quality of their work shines during construction and also when the project is completed. “Jill of All Trades is an amazing quality and trusted company,” say Mike T. Kim feels that no job is too big or too small, and she offers a one-year warranty from footings to finish. Speaking as someone who has tried to start several home projects only to eventually call a professional to fix what I’ve done, I love that Kim provides that one-year warranty! 


Kim always advises her team of subcontractors to put quality ahead of the dollar. Many contractors put a team in motion and then step out of the picture, only resurfacing if something goes wrong. Kim, on the other hand, believes that her job as the contractor includes supervising all aspects of the work and answering any questions her client might have during construction. She is very detail-oriented, so it’s no surprise that Kim is there every day during a project to make sure each detail is meticulously addressed. Julie, a client, says, “Kim is a contractor who pays attention to the client’s wants and needs throughout the renovation project, making it a smooth process.” 


Kim notes that it hasn’t always been easy to be a woman working in a field that primarily consists of men. She was determined to make it work, though, and she has done a great job of standing toe-to-toe with other members of this male-dominated profession. She is an inspiring example that a woman can build a successful business from the ground up, no matter what industry she wants to join. “I would like nothing better than to inspire other women to forge ahead in whatever industry they love,” Kim says. Let’s hear it for women who are business owners!


Kim has been in business since 1978, and you don’t get that far without a strong work ethic and dedication to customer service. “I like to build relationships with my clients, not just get the job,” she explains. It is no surprise that she has clients all over the Omaha area. Kim also values her family relationships. She hopes that someday her grandson will take over the business that she has built with such love and care.


What Kim loves best about her job is the opportunity to make her clients’ dreams into reality. She is also cognizant of her clients’ future needs, which may include accessibility features and aging-in-place options. She incorporates the principles of universal design while considering what her clients may need for safety in the long term. That is something that most of us are going to need at some point in our lives, and it is good to know that Kim is keeping that in mind, even if it’s not on our list of dream home features. 


Kim shows up every day, is passionate about her business, and has never been afraid to blaze her own trail. Kim is proud that she was awarded the 2024 Best of Omaha Home Remodeling distinction. She believes in providing high quality work at a fair price. If that sounds like the kind of contractor you want working on your home, reach out to Jill of All Trades! You can reach Kim Stewart at 402-905-8144 or at  

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Kim Stewart, Owner

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