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Every Story Matters

By Angella A. Arndt

Do you have a story to tell or family memories you’d like to document? Does your business need enhanced visibility? Whether you’d like to create a documentary, preserve your family’s legacy, or build brand awareness, Stark Media Films can partner with you to create a unique and meaningful video. The company offers a wide array of videography services, including documentaries, testimonials, training videos, interviews, video slates, corporate videos, memory videos, and specialty projects like video testimony.


Jon Stark founded Stark Media Films in 2003, but he began his creative journey many years earlier as a musician. As a bass player, he played in several bands during his free time. A friend submitted some of Jon’s original music to a recording company in Omaha, and his band recorded an album and appeared in a VH1 video.


His interest in videography began during his career in the technology sector. He became involved in producing videos for internal promotions, presentations, and marketing. Jon received recognition and notoriety when he was selected by Steve Jobs to be the spokesperson for a new Apple operating system and appeared in six videos broadcast worldwide. All of his creative experiences fueled a desire to start his own company. “I knew my ideas were fresh,” he recalls, “and I knew I wanted to do it.”


Jon’s documentary work includes “The Program,” a 90-minute film about the history of the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s integrated double degree program in oral and maxillofacial surgery. UNMC was instrumental in developing the dual degree program designed to train oral surgery residents in both medicine and dentistry. “Elephants in the Room” is another documentary Jon created, this time for the Alzheimer’s Foundation in Columbus, Ohio. A shortened version of the documentary was presented to Congress to address the health crisis associated with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.


In an era of social media, corporate videos present an opportunity to showcase what a company offers, building awareness and improving visibility. Product videos provide clients with information about the benefits of existing and new company offerings. Testimonials are great ways to promote client satisfaction. Commercials and promotional videos communicate how a company’s offerings stand out from the crowd. Sales presentation videos are great for companies with limited sales staff or to build brand awareness. Training videos, corporate culture videos, safety videos, and trade show videos also provide avenues to share information.


While filming a “Day in the Life” memory video, Jon experienced a life-changing moment. For the video, an elderly couple was interviewed, first separately and then together. “As the story unfolded, it became very emotional, and it changed my perspective of how we tell stories. It’s a celebration of people’s lives.” Jon believes in the importance of ensuring the integrity of every story. “I want each story to have an impact or even make a change in someone’s life,” he shares.


Creating videos typically involves hours of filming, followed by editing, to arrive at a finished product. “You remove what’s not relevant and get to the message in the story.” Before production, he spends time with his clients, learning about the project. Is it for personal or business purposes? Who is the audience? Who is going to see the finished product? What is the message? He makes sure that clients understand what is involved with their projects.


Whether you are looking for a quick video or a large-scale documentary, Stark Media Films has an option to fit your budget. Variables such as location, equipment, and editing requirements impact the overall cost of a project. “My role is to make sure we meet our clients’ goals, surpass their expectations, and provide value for the cost,” Jon affirms.     


Although technology makes it easy for people to create videos, Jon points out that they don’t necessarily translate into meaningful content or quality. Clients should consider several factors when seeking videography services. Review a company’s website to see what kind of work they produce. What makes them different? What type of content do they create? Is the content engaging? Do you feel a connection? “There are so many incredible stories to capture,” he says. “Every story needs to have a purpose and a message.”


Jon approaches each project as a partnership with his clients. “I want to make sure every video is honest and relevant, so people see the story my client is trying to tell. I love it when one of our videos has an impact on someone. I take tremendous pride in each project, whether it’s complex or simple. If it brings me to tears, I know I’ve hit the mark.”


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