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Sedona Soul Adventures

Transform Your Life or Your Relationship

By Angella A. Arndt

Do you wonder about your life’s purpose? Do you feel unfulfilled, even after achieving success? Are you in a relationship that needs help? Do you give too much, while ignoring your own needs? Many people experience these things and want to make a change but aren’t sure how to make it happen. It’s common to emphasize maintaining physical health through activities such as diet and exercise while overlooking the importance of emotional and spiritual health. Though physical health is indeed important, spiritual development plays an integral role in connecting with your inner voice and reaching your full potential. A spiritual retreat reconnects you with your heart and soul, allowing you to live a more connected and joyous life. 


Sedona Soul Adventures in Sedona, Arizona, was founded in 2002 and specializes in spiritual retreat experiences for individuals and couples. Founder Debra Stangl was a successful divorce attorney in Omaha who felt burned out after 20 years in the practice and wanted a deeper meaning in her life. She needed a break! She went to Sedona for “three days of peace and quiet” and instead experienced a life-changing event—she met with a healing practitioner and received the message, “You must leave your law practice now.” She returned to Omaha and, heeding the message, spent six months closing her law practice. 


She visited Sedona several times over the next three years, attending workshops and continuing her sessions with amazing practitioners. In 2001, she received another message during a session: “Move to Sedona.” She asked why, but the only response was, “Just go.” She heeded the message and moved, still unsure of her next step. Several months later, she realized that her visits to Sedona and healing sessions were preparing her to offer spiritual retreat experiences to others. She felt that the individual sessions she had had with practitioners provided her with more impactful experiences than the group workshops, so that’s how she decided to proceed with her own personalized retreats. 


“There is no one else in the world doing what we do,” Debra says. “We help people deal with the deepest things that are keeping them from living their best lives. Pretty much everyone who comes to us has a life-changing experience.” Group retreats offer one program for everyone, which may or may not meet your specific needs. Sedona Soul Adventures, on the other hand, provides a customized, individualized approach. Before you even arrive in Sedona, you will speak with an Angel Guide, who will talk to you about what’s going on in your life or your relationship and what you’d like to change or improve. Your retreat is custom-designed with sessions based on your specific needs. 


Sedona Soul Adventures works with dozens of talented practitioners from all around the world. These practitioners offer a wide array of services, including emotional healing, integrated breathing techniques, yoga, Reiki, massage, psychic and intuitive readings, vortex hikes, couples communication, and energy healing and clearing. Plan to spend three to five full days with Sedona Soul Adventures to maximize your experience. Debra says, ” The most important part of us is that people are taking this home with them, transforming their lives and their relationships. I find it interesting that I spent 20 years divorcing people and now I have spent over 17 years helping them stay together! You will generally have three to five hours of sessions each day, with time to meditate, connect with energy, and experience the outdoors. Each retreat ends with an Intuitive Integration session. This session creates your ‘at home’ plan to ensure that you are integrating what you’ve learned at your retreat into your daily life. 


Sedona Soul Adventures focuses on the healing process and spiritual work. There is no central retreat facility. Practitioners work out of their home offices and private healing spaces, which enables them to provide the most meaningful spiritual experiences. Your Angel Guide is happy to make lodging recommendations for you. 


Debra advises individuals and couples looking for a spiritual retreat to do some research on the places they are considering. “How do you feel when you’re talking to the person you’re talking to? How is the retreat structured? Ask for testimonials. Ask to speak to clients.” Her client philosophy is simple. “You can have the life or relationship you want—I know it!” she asserts. “Real, lasting change is possible, and it can bring you into lasting happiness.” 


Sedona Soul Adventures focuses on spiritual healing and expansion, but their approach is very grounded and provides practical, real-world answers to achieving a fantastic life and satisfying relationships. Debra feels so blessed to be able to make a difference in people’s lives. “Our slogan is ‘Transforming One Soul at a Time,’ and that’s what we’re doing,” she shares. 


Debra spends her days managing the business, writing, and working on weekly SoulAdventuresTV videos for YouTube. She also wrote the Amazon bestseller, “The Journey to Happy: How Embracing the Concept That ‘Nothing is Wrong’ Can Transform Your Life.” Go to to download your complimentary copy of “The Sedona Guide to Spiritual Retreats” or “The Sedona Guide to Couples Retreats.”


For more information, including testimonials, look up Sedona Soul Adventures online at, on Facebook, or on YouTube. You can reach the office by telephone at 877-204-3664.

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