An Inside Look

Beau Joyau Boutique

Bring Home the Beauty

By Maria Harding

“Surround yourself with beauty” is the message and the mission at local boutique Beau Joyau. Indeed, upon entering the showroom, you’ll find beauty at every turn. Tiny painted spoons and stoneware bunnies adorn the shelves. Explore further, and you’ll find tile bracelets, silk scarves, and handcrafted cookbook easels. Every visit yields new discoveries, as brand new items are folded in with the meticulously selected inventory.


When I first heard of Beau Joyau, I puzzled over the seemingly incongruous combination of Polish pottery, clothing, and accessories. However, once I visited the store in person, it made perfect sense. The store items have an aesthetic unity—a colorful, sparkling connection. That unifying thread emanates from the owner and curator, Pamela Huerta.


Pam was once a critical care nurse. The inclination of character that led her to be a healthcare professional now shines through her as a shop owner. She is still compelled to nurture those around her. “I love styling people,” she says. “I love to help people feel beautiful. I feel like that’s my mission—using my eye to help bring joy to other people.”  


The clothing, bags, and jewelry at Beau Joyau tend to be made of luxurious materials. Gilded rings and pins have the look and feel of highest quality, though prices are affordable. Clothing styles are contemporary while still conveying a sense of the classics. Because the store is a boutique, Pam feels every piece should be unique. Entire outfits can be assembled to flawlessly reflect your personality from head to toe!


Pam’s connection to Polish pottery began when her sister, who was living in Germany, would send Polish pottery items as gifts. Pam was enthralled by the pottery’s beauty, durability, performance, and history. “It dates back to the 1740s,” she explains. “It’s made the same way today that it was then.” Polish pottery is cadmium-free and lead-free. For something so pleasing to look at, this stoneware is surprisingly durable, resistant to chipping and safe to use in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher. “It’s meant to be handed down from one generation to the next,” Pam notes.


While we talk, Pam’s phone pings repeatedly. Apologetically, Pam explains that her distributor is sending photos of each item that is coming to Beau Joyau, to make sure they all meet her high standards. “My pottery is called ‘select’ Polish pottery,” she says. “Each piece, each pattern, is hand selected. I do that with the clothing, too.”


There are many tutorials available to educate buyers about Polish pottery. Multiple sources will advise shoppers to look for reputable factories’ stamps, the different quality ratings, and designer-artist identifiers or signatures. There are books written that recount the history of different patterns. At Beau Joyau, Pam has already done the rigorous research for her shoppers, and she only carries the highest-rated “quality 1” pieces. 


Pam doesn’t overwhelm clients with information, but if they seek more details, she is a fount of knowledge! “When you buy a piece of art, you buy what you like,” she says. “Whether it’s signed by the artist or unsigned—I always tell my clients not to get caught up in that. On the other hand, if clients want to know about the factory or the level of artistry, I’m more than happy to share.”


Beau Joyau has been in business for 18 years, although the first 12 years were from Pam’s garage. She wanted to stay accessible to her family while still bringing these exquisite items to shoppers. Elements of this community-minded business model still endure. For instance, Pam offers free local delivery to online shoppers, maintains wedding registries, and hosts “points of interest” classes and events throughout the year. Beau Joyau has been a gathering place for flower arrangement classes, lectures on personal goals and finance, and even safety presentations. Remarkably, most events are free. “I try not to charge,” she says. “I try to bring in businesses that other women own, so it’s a promotion for their business, as well. I love that women are willing to do that, to share and support each other.”


Positive online testimonials are abundant. A recent customer shares, “This is my favorite store in Omaha now. I will be visiting there every time I’m in town!” She would be well advised to visit often, as the inventory shifts seasonally.


Check the Beau Joyau website to see the latest additions to the pottery and clothing collections, and subscribe to the newsletter to keep informed about live community events happening in this charming boutique, located at 2947 South 108th Street. “There’s so much beauty in this world, and it shouldn’t be based on having a lot of money in your pocket,” Pam concludes. “Very inexpensive things can still carry a lot of joy.” 

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