Curt Hofer & Associates

Turning Dreams into Reality

By Angella A. Arndt


If you have always dreamed of building a custom home but have been overwhelmed at the thought of getting started, your moment is now. Curt Hofer & Associates have been making custom home dreams come true in the Omaha area for decades, and your dream could be the next one they turn into reality. 

Curt Hofer founded the company almost 30 years ago and is recognized as a highly respected builder of high-end, one-of-a-kind homes. Partner Steve Huber is the President of Curt Hofer & Associates. He grew up in Norfolk and earned a degree in construction management at Kearney State College. He moved to Omaha in 1985 and worked for a local lumber company. Steve joined Curt Hofer in 1995 as a superintendent and became a partner in 1998. He enjoys the construction process and building long-term relationships with clients. “Building a custom home is a commitment,” he points out. “We strive to create an enjoyable building process with our team approach.”

Curt Hofer & Associates is a design-build custom home builder. This means they will coordinate the entire process, from concept to design through construction. Your experience begins with Steve, who meets with you to explain how everything works. He will ask you about your vision. “It’s important that we understand how clients live,” Steve explains. “Their style, how they entertain, whether they have children. Function always has to be number one.” Of course, the budget is also vital information. “Managing expectations is a big part of what we do. It’s important that we align a client’s vision with the budget.” After you’ve identified your wants and needs, you’re ready for design.

The design team puts your concept together. It’s important to note that the lot on which your home is to be built will drive some of the design decisions. Lot size and shape, terrain, zoning, and covenants will impact the type of home you may build. An architectural designer puts your vision on paper and creates plans that are easy to read. Once plans are finalized, the process moves to the construction phase.

Partner Craig Linnenbrink, Vice President of Construction, oversees the construction process. He keeps projects on time and on budget. His team manages the project and works with subcontractors. You will also have an assigned superintendent throughout the construction process.   

Steve emphasizes the importance of the company’s team approach. “We have a great team of people—the right team. Everyone understands the importance of doing their part.” The company’s customer service philosophy is simple. “We have open and honest relationships with our clients. Issues will arise during the building process; it’s how you manage them that matters. We find solutions and keep projects moving forward.” 

Steve appreciates the clients who have been with them for over 20 years. “After projects are completed, we still service and maintain homes,” he says. “Who’s in a better position to maintain a home than the people who built it? We take our clients through a good process and are able to maintain friendships after projects are completed.” These clients often turn to Curt Hofer & Associates many years after the initial build, when it’s time to remodel. “Past clients come to us when they want to update their homes or are living differently than they were 20 years ago,” Steve shares.

Steve offers advice for those interested in hiring a custom home builder. Building a custom home is a big commitment, and you need to understand both the process and your role in it. Being prepared and maintaining an open mind will lead to a more enjoyable experience.

Establishing a budget is critical to managing expectations. It’s essential to understand the financial implications of selections to avoid unwelcome surprises at the end. “Always know the cost of what’s going in your home,” Steve advises. 

Find out what each builder offers—do they build only, or do they design and build? Ask about their subcontractor partners. Subcontracting is an important part of the building process and can impact a project’s cost and timeline. 

Steve has recently seen increased demand for four-season rooms and outdoor entertaining spaces. Kitchens tend to be gathering places for entertaining, and layout is important. Larger kitchens with dining spaces are replacing formal dining rooms. Garage “man caves” with full bars are popular. 

Steve loves the rewarding feeling of seeing homeowners move in to a completed custom home. “Our clients are part of the whole process, and they see their ideas and personal impact throughout the house,” he concludes. “Our clients put a lot of trust in us to create not just a house but a home.” Curt Hofer & Associates is located at 16820 Frances Street, Suite 102, in Omaha. For more information, call 402-758-0440 or visit

Steve Huber,
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