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Beyond the Vine

Fill Your Life With Color

By Kate Beiting


Rose McCormack, owner of Beyond the Vine, thought all teenagers knew what they wanted to be when they grew up. Many years ago, as a 23-year-old new business owner, Rose was a speaker at a high school career day. “When I asked the group what they wanted to do after high school, most of them looked at me with empty expressions. A kid in the front row stated that no one had the answer to my question. I was amazed!” Rose herself had seen the path to her future at a very young age. That path was literally through greenhouses, flowerbeds, and plants—and it was all in technicolor.


During Rose’s childhood, her mother would take her to local pottery or art classes, museums—anything artsy. “Along the way,” says Rose, “I got a glimpse into my world…the plant store on the corner.” Rose could see her destiny, and she knew it would include flowers. At age 15, Rose began working at the local Brandeis floral shop. “I pursued my dream, earning a floriculture degree from Kansas State University and a business management degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. I worked at various flower shops along the way.”


At age 23, Rose purchased the floral shop where she first worked. By 1987, she had opened a second store at Younkers Crossroads. In 2003, she moved to 130th and Center, and in 2015 she opened the current store—a standalone building close to the Millard library. Almost four decades after that first floral shop, times have changed, but Rose’s commitment to design, attention to detail, and dedication to customer service have not.


The name of the business illustrates the second philosophy—beyond the vine. “Spirituality is very important to us,” says Rose. “Jesus is the vine, and we are merely the branches. As designers, we recognize that we create with the talents given by the creator.”


The third pillar of Beyond the Vine is Mother Nature. “We harness our creative abilities to replicate and honor the gifts that Mother Nature has provided us, including twigs, branches, stems, and silk flowers that portray the glory of color. Everything we sell here, you can find in nature. We bring the outside splendor in.”


Stroll through Beyond the Vine and you see the evidence of a woman who has been perseverant, faith-filled, optimistic, and hard-working. Rose and her staff enjoy connecting with every person who walks through the shop doors. They want you to enjoy the visit and leave with something beautiful.


“Invest in quality silk flowers,” encourages Rose. Imagine the beauty of maintenance-free greenery, crafted to withstand the whims and winds of nature. No more re-potting and trimming. These silk flowers are UV-resistant, so those vibrant colors remain bright. Beyond the Vine showcases silks that are realistic, lifelike, and botanically correct. Ann, a customer, says, “I recently purchased a beautiful spring arrangement for my dining room table. It looks so real, my guests were amazed when I told them it was silk.”


Do you have an heirloom vase that you are not sure how to fill? Bring it in, and the team will create a custom bouquet. The staff can create hanging baskets, wreaths, centerpieces, and flowers for a wedding or a memorial. They also offer a variety of furniture, wall hangings, artwork, lamps, artwork, and door décor. “I’m a color girl,” says Rose. “Color is one of the best pick-me-ups. Embrace it, experiment with it. If you are unsure about color or decorating, we would love to help!”


Customer Lisa is grateful for Rose’s help. “Rose helped me choose items for my new home and helped me bring my personality to life! Then she helped me do the same for my dad’s new house. It is all beautiful!”


A recently created area in the store is “Bargain Haven,” where you can find heavily discounted treasures that might be florals or wreaths from previous seasons or home accessories that have been replaced with new merchandise in the main showroom.


Beyond the Vine offers free on-site or in-store consultation. “We take great pride in listening closely to our clients,” Rose says. “Let us help! I promise you will have fun doing it.” Bring in photos of challenging spaces—Rose and her team will find what you need to incorporate beauty, elegance and comfort into that space. “We will select inspiring pieces that will express your style and personality. Furnishings are a clever way for us to express what sparks joy in our surroundings.”


Beyond the Vine ( is located at 13206 Grover Street, in Omaha. They can be reached at 402-991-9221. Business hours are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday, noon to 4 p.m. To see more, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Rose McCormack, owner

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