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By Linda Sutherland


It is spring, and things are happening! In the spring, my mind always turns to how I can make the exterior of my home look spectacular and improve its value without breaking the bank. I cannot think of anything more appropriate to accomplish that than Lusterstone Pebble Paving. This company can turn your garage floor, patio, porch, pool area, or driveway from something utilitarian into something that stops people in their tracks.


This family-owned business has served the Omaha area for over 35 years…and when I say “family,” I mean family! Four brothers are second-generation owners of this business, with companies also found in St. Louis and Kansas City. They are experts in stone and epoxy, and they love improving people’s outdoor spaces. Bill Myers was the founder of the business, and he passed along much wisdom and industry know-how to his sons. Steve Myers is owner of their Omaha location. You can tell, by the way this enthusiastic man presents himself, his product, and his business, that he loves what he does.


What is Lusterstone, and what can it do for your property? It is a pebble stone and epoxy paving system that fully covers existing porches, sidewalks, patios, stairs, garages, and driveways with gorgeous finishes that give your existing outdoor areas a beautiful new life. For added dimension, decorative borders or even company logos can be installed. It’s not just for flat surfaces, either—they can even cover your front steps with this durable, salt-proof pebble paving.


The excellent workmanship that comes with installation of Lusterstone is a proven winner. Midwest weather can be rough on outdoor finishes, but Steve knows the stone/epoxy ratio that works most effectively in our area. “We use 20 percent more epoxy than industry standards, and our installations are mixed and poured to last up to 20 years with proper maintenance,” Steve says. “My installers are skilled and prepared to provide professional and long-lasting results that impress our customers with quality and efficiency.”


Many of us have concrete areas that are looking a little “ragged” and need some attention. There’s no getting around it—sometimes, old concrete needs to be replaced. In many cases, however, installing Lusterstone over your existing concrete can save you time and money while looking fantastic. This is such a beautiful way to improve your home’s curb appeal, covering unsightly cracks and stains.


The transformation that occurs with the installation of Lusterstone is just short of miraculous. What a great way to make a first impression at your home or business! Take a look at the gallery on lusterstone.com to see a wide variety of beautiful projects, including photos taken before, during, and after installation.


The time it takes to install Lusterstone depends, of course, on the size of the job, but it’s usually just one or two days. Their standard warranty is for three years. Lusterstone usually needs professional recoating after a couple of years, and they will send out reminders to make sure you stay on schedule with their regular maintenance. “It is pretty much like a car,” Steve points out. “If you take care of it with scheduled maintenance, it stays in good shape. The more regularly you keep Lusterstone cleaned and maintained, the better it will look and the longer it will last.”


When I asked Steve what his biggest challenge was, he quickly named the weather. “With a 24-48–hour dry time, it can get a little tricky, but we always make it work.” Steve takes great pride in his trained and skilled installers and feels much satisfaction in ensuring that all his customers are pleased with the exceptional results that they receive. Steve does not ask for payment on a contract until his customers are satisfied with the final look of their Lusterstone.


As well as being an outstanding businessman, Steve serves his community through volunteering and fundraising for Youth for Christ. He treasures making a difference in young people’s lives, and mentoring is something he takes very seriously. Steve’s dedication to his community, his business, and his family is inspiring. This enthusiastic gentleman is very grateful for his business success and knows that this success depends on quality products and professional workmanship. There is no substitute for quality craftmanship, and Steve delivers every time.


If your concrete spaces could use a little love, consider Lusterstone Pebble Paving. This durable and beautiful system can bring new life to old concrete on the driveway, patio, pool deck, and more. Even indoor concrete floors in the basement or garage can get a refresh from this remarkable pebble and epoxy combo. Give Steve Myers a call at 402-779-4000. Check out photos and more at lusterstone.com or on Facebook at Lusterstone paving pebbles to see 2,500 pictures of projects, before and after.

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Steve Myers, President