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By Linda Sutherland


Are you looking for an HVAC service in which the owner goes above and beyond the standard? If you are, then you need look no further than Brandon Jones, the owner of Sustainable Mechanical. Brandon comes from a family of craftsmen, and he was determined to follow in their footsteps. He knew he wanted to start in a trade that offered quality over quantity, that he wanted to work for himself, and that not everything was always about the money. He considered becoming an electrician or a plumber, but he ultimately landed on HVAC systems and repair. From the very beginning of his business in 2014, he knew that he wanted to provide his customers with knowledgeable and excellent service, and it appears that Brandon has done just that!


With the help of his wife, Mary, who he describes happily as “his rock,” he jumped in with both feet. He loves nothing better than to get Mary’s input on new ideas for the business. His close friend and mentor Tom Shanahan took Brandon under his wing and taught him that the only decent way to do something is to do it well. Sadly, Tom has passed away, but Brandon will always be grateful for Tom’s influence. Brandon built his business on the strong foundation that Tom recommended and strives to remain positive in every interaction. The key to his success, Brandon says, is making sure that customer service is of the highest importance and the highest quality.


It is crucial to Brandon that his customers clearly understand what their options are and what is best for them before Brandon takes steps to alleviate their HVAC problems. The pros at Sustainable Mechanical go out of their way to make sure that you are armed with all the information you need to make the best choice for your home and family. Whether you are seeking HVAC solutions for your home or your business, Brandon is very particular about making sure that you can acquire the most energy-efficient answers. To meet that goal with every customer, Brandon makes sure his team is prepared for just about everything.


“Alignment of services to pair with a home or company’s needs is our first priority,” says Brandon. “Mapping out a plan for our customers is something that we do very well, and responding with a timely game plan sets us apart from other HVAC companies. We do not ask our customers to jump blindly into a project without them knowing the details.”


When I ask Brandon about his biggest challenges day to day, he replies without hesitation: coordinating time management with himself and his three employees. “As my business continues to expand, I am determined to grow slowly but surely and strongly,” he asserts. His commitment to client and customer satisfaction is beyond reproach, and he is rewarded every day by an ever-expanding customer base…and an ever-expanding knowledge base. “New situations happen all the time, and it is up to me to continue to grow and elevate the knowledge that I have.”


Brandon is quickly closing in on a decade of being in business for himself. To people who are considering opening their own business, Brandon recommends being prepared for hard work and finding mentors you can trust. “You need to pull in mentors who can help you with your chosen field and then absorb what they are showing you and telling you. Mentors are the most valuable resources we have, and it is up to us to learn from them in order to work on our particular dream. Having a plan and thinking it through is a requirement for success, along with your passion and a determination to do the right thing always. It will be very hard work, but the satisfaction that you get will be your reward.”


Whether you need HVAC repair, cleaning, a total system maintenance, or a completely new system, the group at Sustainable Mechanical is ready to help. They have very positive reviews online, and that is saying a lot these days! Customer Kim writes, “Brandon went out of his way twice during a holiday weekend to make sure my air was working. Thanks for saving our air when it was 92 degrees and miserable in my home!”


The team at Sustainable Mechanical has more than 20 years of combined experience working with HVAC units. Their new systems have a 10-year warranty, and their repair services come with a 30-day warranty on the repair and parts. They can service any major brand, and they do it with pride. For more information, visit them online at sustainablemechanical.com. To make an appointment for sales or service, call 402-885-4822 or email sales@sustainablemechanical.com.

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Brandon Jones, Owner