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A Unique Approach to Wellness

By Linda Sutherland


Whole-body wellness is something we all want and need. Where do we begin? How about with a visit to Danielle Stalp, DC, at Unity Chiropractic? Dr. Danielle practices a specific form of chiropractic treatment called NUCCA. She is one of only about 350 practitioners in the world who are specifically trained in this field, and we are lucky enough to have her in the Omaha area!


NUCCA is named for the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association where it was developed. It is a safe, non-invasive, painless technique that focuses on correcting the misalignment of the upper cervical spine through a precise correction that takes the pressure off the brainstem. This allows your nervous system to function properly. These treatments are gentle and require only subtle adjustments of the upper region of the neck—no twisting or popping going on here!


The first order of business is to have a consultation with Dr. Danielle to ensure that NUCCA is the correct treatment for your needs. She will ask about your lifestyle, your medical history, and what led you to seek treatment. From there, she will likely take some measurements and then use precise x-rays of the head and neck to determine your personal misalignment pattern. It should be noted that each of us varies in our patterns of alignment (or misalignment)—a great deal can be determined by our posture, as well.


Once the x-rays are analyzed, Dr. Danielle can perform the delicate NUCCA correction. The adjustments are very subtle and only take a few minutes. The body wants to heal itself, Dr. Danielle notes, and this treatment enables that to happen. Our bodies can change in balance and function when we are in pain, and this can cause immense changes in our lifestyle. Dr. Danielle is passionate about helping people live without pain and suffering, leading her patients to a healthier and happier life.


Dr. Danielle did not start out wanting to work in the chiropractic field. She had wanted to be a dentist since she was in eighth grade, and she set her sights on that goal. While she was in school, she made a visit to a chiropractor to seek treatment for recurring migraines and some sports-related problems. The doctor told her she should become a chiropractor instead of a dentist. She had never considered going in that direction, but the doctor’s comments gave her something to think about!


Back at school, she hit some roadblocks with her dentistry dreams and decided that it might be better to go in a different direction toward her future. She took a look at the Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. She immediately felt it was the right place for her—it felt like home. Plus, it was only an eight-hour drive from her hometown in Michigan, so she could visit easily.


While she was in school in Davenport, she met many like-minded friends who were interested in NUCCA. She was intrigued by the procedures and techniques used in the practice. It did not take long until she was all in! She took the courses, added more study to the base core, and attended conferences on NUCCA.


Dr. Danielle has had her own practice since 2019, and she loves what she does. “If I can give people the opportunity to live a more pain-free and meaningful life, that is my greatest reward,” she asserts. “Sometimes, when people come to see me, they are at their wits’ end with pain and suffering. They have tried everything for relief, and nothing has worked. They come to me as a last resort, and it fills me with so much joy if I can help them.” Imagine living for years with chronic pain and fatigue, and then finding more balance and energy in your life with the help of Dr. Danielle and NUCCA!


Dr. Danielle’s philosophy is the same in her work as in her life—she treats each patient with a focus on wellness and whole-body improvement. Her dream for the future is to build her practice into a total wellness clinic with a team of practitioners who address all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Her hope is that people will seek out treatments before they have lost all expectation of a favorable outcome and will understand that living pain-free is an attainable goal.


Visit Unity Chiropractic online at unitychiropracticomaha.com to see the surprisingly long and varied list of the conditions that NUCCA has helped. If you’re living with pain, don’t wait! Reach out to Dr. Danielle Stalp and find out how she can help you improve your quality of life. To learn more, please call 402-577-0124. Unity Chiropractic is located at 1315 North 205th Street, in Elkhorn.

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Dr. Danielle Stalp, Owner