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He’ll Fix What Ails Your Rug

By Jackie Byers


Cam Mayville’s career began with a carpet. It was not a magical flying carpet (though some of his clients may think he’s working magic on their rugs). It was a dirty area rug that needed cleaning. He took the job, cleaned the area rug, and went on to learn almost everything there is to know about the care and treatment of floor coverings. The name of his family business, Omaha’s Rug Cleaning & Restoration, says it all—they specialize in the cleaning and restoration of rugs. Cam’s daughter works with him and is learning carpet weaving. 

Cam shares, “Early this spring, I had to go to a water-damaged site to pick up 42 rugs for a rug dealer and save them. We were able to save most of them.” Cam enjoys facing challenges like that! Solving rug challenges has earned him an international reputation. “I’ve recently taken calls about rug problems from as far away as Australia and Mexico,” he relates. He loves swapping rug stories, particularly with his friend and mentor, Wade, who is in the same business. “Wade took me under his wing early and taught me a lot about rugs,” he shares.

Cam also enjoys sharing the expertise he has gained over the decades. He teaches classes frequently. Recently, he traveled to Jacksonville, Florida, to teach a two-day seminar. He also keeps his eye on sites like Instagram and Facebook. Whenever he sees a question posted about rug care, he responds. He asks for a picture, gives his best insight on treatment, and offers his contact information. When asked why he is willing to give away his expertise, he shrugs. “I don’t want to think about a beautiful rug being damaged or destroyed by improper treatment,” he says. “My aim is to save them.”

Cam’s interest is in caring for rugs, not buying or selling them, but he gets calls from all over the world from people offering him rugs. “I got a call not too long ago from the Archdiocese,” he says. “A priest had passed away, and they were disposing of his belongings. They offered me his 20-by-30–foot rug.” He told them he didn’t buy rugs, but they said they just wanted him to have it. “I was able to restore it to make it like new.”

When you love rugs as much as Cam does, you don’t stop thinking about them, even when you’re on vacation. “My travels are busman’s holidays,” he says. “I have picked up exotic woven pieces from all over. The designs are truly beautiful. I have rugs as my decor here in the office. When people come in and see them, they know they are in the right place.”

In addition to teaching classes to other industry professionals, Cam also teaches consumers how to buy a rug, how to care for it, and—most importantly—what to do when something damages it. “Buying a good rug can be a major investment,” he points out. “Cleaning it yourself may damage it badly.” 

What is a good rug, then? Cam explains that the best rugs are made of natural fibers like wool or cotton. “Natural fibers wear like iron,” he explains. “They can be cleaned, repaired, and restored like new. Man-made fabrics cannot. They are made of viscose cotton by-products and wood pulp.” Because designer man-made rugs feel soft and look beautiful, Cam continues, they appeal to many carpet buyers. “They are often marketed as art or some kind of silk, but they just won’t hold up. They may show wear after just a few months and stain badly, even from water spills. Your pet’s accident may spell doom.” 

Clients love the personal attention and honest feedback they get from Cam and his team. On the website,, you can find testimonials like: “They took such good care of my pricey Persian rug,” “They are so professional and polite,” and “They brought new life to a rug that I was sure was beyond help.” 

In addition to troubleshooting for his clients, Cam works with his employees to build their skills when problems arise. “I want them to be able to do whatever it takes to keep wonderful rugs wonderful,” he concludes.

To get in touch with Cam about a problem with your rug, you can visit the office at 10345 Chandler Circle in La Vista, 68128, call 402-212-1275, or send a message through the contact page at If you’ve posted a rug question on social media lately, go back and look—Cam may have answered your question already! 

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