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By Deborah Daley

A pool can bring joy, increased quality of life, and major value to your home, but deciding who is going to build that pool is critical. One of the key factors in any construction project is the experience of the professionals you hire. The value of experience is priceless! Building a pool at your home is a major investment, and you want the right team for the job. Ron Tucker, the owner of Strawberry Springs Pool and Spa, humbly asks that you consider his company, which has been in the business since 1998. They have built hundreds of home pools in the last 25 years, and the next one could be yours! 


Ron says that his love of the outdoors and his commitment to bringing clients the joy of a pool were the impetus for founding this company. “I am an avid snow skier and had spent a great deal of time in Colorado,” Ron shares. “I had always wanted to put my college degree to good use by owning and operating my own business. After college, I got interesting in designing and building pools.” The Lincoln native graduated from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln with a degree in finance and economics. “I named my company for the natural springs in Colorado called Strawberry Springs. The name is a constant reminder for me of the beauty of the outdoors.”


Strawberry Springs designs, builds, and services in ground pools. They pride themselves on using the best methods and materials to construct a pool. According to Ron, that means Thursdaypools. “We build fiberglass pools with materials from Thursdaypools because of their durability and quality,” he explains. “Thursdaypools have interesting deck options. We also offer convenient automatic pool covers and Vynall® liner replacements.” Strawberry Springs also offers steel in-ground pools with Vynall® liner. “Both Vynall® liner pools are equally amazing,” according to Ron. “I love both styles of pools. They each offer unique things that a customer may prefer. The main reason to select one over the other is construction style.”


A typical pool construction period is six to 10 weeks, depending on the weather. Like any firm in the construction industry, weather can often be a challenge for Strawberry Springs, but Ron’s team is used to the ebb and flow of work. “We have encountered almost every issue that can come your way, and we have worked through it. Our years of experience make us stand out from other firms in the field.” 


They also rely on their customer service philosophy to set themselves apart. At Strawberry Springs, Ron says, “Our customer is king. We are committed to their satisfaction! Many customers have become lifelong friends in the process.”


As a business owner, Ron finds that it helps to love what you do. “Owning your own business is challenging and a lot of work. You need to love what you do because it is going to take all your time!” At the same time, Ron is quick to point out the rewards of owning a successful venture like Strawberry Springs. “It is an amazing feeling when you see one of your pool projects transform a piece of real estate, making it better. I also like the smiles on the faces of a family when they can enjoy swimming and time together in their pool.”


When asked about some of his favorite projects over the years, Ron shares that he loves creating the perfect pool for a specific property. “A pool should fit the space,” he explains. “Sometimes a smaller pool, like a garden pool, can be a great addition to your real estate master plan. It is very easy to manage, more affordable, and can add character and life to your home.”


Strawberry Springs relies on referrals and word-of-mouth for their marketing efforts. One such satisfied customer is Frank of Lincoln, who had a pool built several years ago. “We did our due diligence and researched and reviewed about four companies,” Frank recalls. “Ron’s firm rose to the top because of his knowledge and responsiveness. My wife and I were very concerned about how long the project would take. We met with Ron and negotiated a date. He met his commitment and worked with us along the way. The products he uses are of the highest quality and I can text him questions and he gets right back to me. He is also a straight shooter and provides great guidance. We are very satisfied! I have referred several friends to Ron’s firm.”


Strawberry Springs Pool and Spa is based in Lincoln and serves clients in Lincoln, Omaha, and the surrounding communities. If you’re interested in designing and constructing a home pool, send Ron a message at or call him at 402-770-7946. Learn more at Learn more about Thursdaypools at

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Ron Tucker, Owner

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