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Berger, Elliott & Pritchard CPAs, L.L.C.

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By Deborah Daley


Taxes can be complicated, and the consequences of financial mistakes can be long-lasting. With the federal and state tax filing deadlines only a couple of months away, now is a great time to seek out counsel on personal or business finance issues. If you are looking for a firm with extensive experience, a vast amount of tax knowledge, and a personalized approach to your issues, look no further than Berger, Elliott & Pritchard CPAs, L.L.C.


When it comes to successful tax preparation, education is key, says Elizabeth (Liz) Tritsch, CPA, MBA, and Partner. “We pride ourselves on knowing what the law is and helping people make informed finance and tax decisions. We do everything we can to minimize their stress and give the best advice to help them retain their assets.” Berger, Elliott & Pritchard provides assistance with business and individual tax returns, estate planning, financial planning, accounting, payroll services, and other tax services.  


Liz, an Omaha native, specializes in tax issues for individuals, small businesses, trusts and estates, and non-profit organizations. She does tax planning and prepares tax returns, and she also supervises other tax preparers. She got interested in economics when she took a course at Burke High School. “I had a natural affinity for economics,” she recalls. “It was intuitive to me.” Liz attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a double major in Economics and Finance. She then earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Nebraska. “Getting into taxes was the next logical progression,” she says. “I really enjoy it because no one’s tax file is ever the same.” She really enjoys every part of the process—doing the research, thinking about the issues, and discussing questions with her clients.


Liz has been in the finance and tax field for close to 40 years. She joined Berger, Elliott & Pritchard in 2019 after working at several accounting and finance-related companies, including the office that merged with her current company three years ago. The original enterprise was Boyle, Hess & Elliot, CPAs, P.C., which was established in 1947. 


Personalized support and attention are critical elements to the firm’s customer service approach. “Because we are a smaller firm, we really know you and your tax situation,” Liz shares. “The person you are talking to is the person who is taking care of your account.” The staff works as a team, assisting each other and sharing their expertise, to provide the best service to each client. 


When asked what makes her company stand out among the competition, Liz is quick to talk about experience. “We know what we are doing. Many times, tax and finance issues are not straightforward.  The federal tax system can be daunting, and the paperwork and rules change every year. We bring a great deal of knowledge to bear on each and every matter.” In Liz’s experience, tax problems can intimidate people and that’s where a CPA can be the answer. “I remind people all the time to not be afraid to visit an accounting professional,” she advises. “We had a recent client who had issues with the IRS they could not resolve. Although it took some time, we were able to take care of their problems. We provide a great value for the fees we charge.”


Liz is a great help to her clients, bringing expertise as well as a good attitude to the process. “Taxes can be overwhelming and confusing for some people because there is just so much information. I have been told that I bring a sense of calm to the tax discussion that clients appreciate.”


One of those appreciative clients is Lynnett Wagner. “Liz is exceptional to work with on these matters,” Lynnett shares. “I completely trust her. She gets right to the issues, and I know I’m in great hands with her. I highly recommend Liz and her company for any business and personal accounts.” 


According to Liz, tax issues continue to get more complicated because the government is trying to standardize reporting on revenue items. Increasingly, income is subject to mandatory 1099 reporting, and guidelines change annually. Liz keeps current by reading daily tax news feeds and attending continuing education courses. CPAs are required to have 80 hours of continuing education every two years.  


Liz’s best advice on tax issues is twofold. First: Keep every document you receive. Second: Don’t be afraid to call for help! To reach Liz and her colleagues, please call 402-551-1919. Berger, Elliott & Pritchard, CPAs, L.L.C. is located at 1301 South 75th Street, Suite 200, in Omaha. For more information, find them online at

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Elizabeth (Liz) Tritsch, CPA, MBA, and Partner

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