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By Toni Arndt


Spring brings warmer weather, green lawns, new blooms, and more time spent outdoors. Are you happy with your outdoor space or do you feel like something is lacking? Do you need more space to entertain and relax? If so, The Rock Place can help you create an outdoor living space you can enjoy with your friends and family.


The Rock Place has been helping homeowners and contractors with their natural stone and hardscape products for over 30 years. Co-owners Andrew Gangestad and Alex Dye purchased the business from the original owner, who retired earlier this year. Andrew and Alex had previously owned and operated the lawn care business CLC Landscapes. When they bought The Rock Place, they closed CLC to focus exclusively on their new venture. They look forward to continuing the tradition of offering a wide selection of natural stone and hardscape products along with excellent customer service.


In their previous work as landscapers, Alex and Andrew had been customers of The Rock Place for 15 years. “I believe there is value in the fact that our business was a longtime customer,” Andrew asserts. “Being in the business, we understand how the process works.” Many staff members have remained under the new ownership, including sales assistants and the general manager, who has been with The Rock Place for 30 years.


What can you find at The Rock Place? It’s more than just rocks. Landscaping includes two components, known as softscape and hardscape. Softscape pertains to botanical items like grass, shrubs, flowers, and trees. Hardscape refers to manufactured features like paths, retaining walls, and patios. Combining both components creates a yard that is functional and beautiful. The Rock Place specializes in hardscape elements.


The company carries a wide selection of natural stone products to enhance gardens and yards and expand outdoor living space. River rocks and ground cover come in various sizes and are used for planting beds, pathways, and other projects. Flagstones can be used for walkways, patios, garden steppers, and water features. Natural wall and edging stones can be used as lawn edgings, low walls, and planter boxes. Boulders are available in various colors, sizes, and shapes to accent landscaping and build walls. Boulders can also be drilled and used to accessorize ponds and waterfalls.


For those who want a softer ground cover, the company carries shredded hardwood mulch that comes in its natural color or a dyed chocolate brown. Topsoil for planting and gardening needs is also available.


Hardscape concrete products help create inviting outdoor entertaining and relaxation areas. The company carries Rochester Concrete Products, including pavers and tiles, walls, edgers, accessories, and fire pit kits. Pavers and tiles come in many colors and styles, such as American brick, slate, flagstone, and cobblestone. Wall bricks, edgers, and accessories also come in several colors and styles. Firepit kits with inserts and optional cooking grates can add warmth to an outdoor space.


When installing hardscaping, thoughtful planning will help you achieve your goals. Review the entire area and think about how everything will fit together. Think about whether you want a relaxed or more formal atmosphere. Maintain a balance of hardscaping and softscaping for an inviting environment. Select elements appropriate for the type, size, and scope of the project. Use various textures judiciously to maintain a cohesive look. These are just a few tips to consider for a successful project.


Andrew and Alex believe that flexibility and accessibility are essential in their business. Their wide inventory, convenient location, and ability to help everyone—from individual homeowners to very large companies—allow them to serve a vast population.


Customer service and satisfaction are important priorities. They regularly speak with customers to make sure they’re meeting product needs, and they strive to stay on top of emerging product trends. “Our goals are to carry products that customers want, secure quick turnaround times when ordering items, and provide quick delivery,” Alex shares. Andrew agrees, adding, “We provide a welcoming, helpful environment with a personal touch. We are here to assist customers and can provide suggestions if they are not sure about what they want.”


Andrew and Alex enjoy interacting with homeowners and contractors. They appreciate receiving photos from customers showing finished projects using products they purchased at The Rock Place. “Products can be used in many ways, and it’s fun to see different applications of the same product. It’s rewarding to be a part of enhancing the beauty of a home or business.”


The Rock Place is located at 3405 South 204th Street, in Elkhorn. Business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Call 402-289-2862 for more information or find them online at

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L-R: Alex Dye and Andrew Gangestad, Co-owners