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Closing the Gap in Senior Care

By Marge Shoemaker

Caring Senior Services is closing the gap in senior care. To make that point clear, Jeff Salter, CEO and founder of Caring Senior Services, recently cruised into Omaha on an electric hybrid bicycle, towing a self-designed trailer to haul everything he needs. This 9,000-mile trek is to visit his 45 franchises and to make a statement regarding senior care. Jeff declares that the primary purpose of the trip ‘Ride to Close the Gap in Senior Care’ is to alert the nation to the increased care that our senior citizens need. “The number of seniors is increasing as the boomer generation reaches retirement age,” Jeff says.


These people need care and equipment they may not have needed earlier in their lives. “Every 11 seconds, a senior citizen receives emergency treatment from a fall,” Jeff states, explaining that he’s also using the tour as a fundraiser for safety equipment. “Part of what we raise will be used to close the gap in senior care,” he explains.


June Mourgis, the owner of the Caring Senior Services franchise in Omaha, declares, “Jeff’s electric bicycle tour serves as a metaphor, illustrating the idea that we can accomplish anything with the right assistance! Most seniors are reluctant to move to a facility and would prefer to stay in their own home if at all possible. With the proper assistance, they can do just that!”


We all need, or will eventually need, to take care of an elderly parent or friend. Everyone who is lucky enough to grow old will generally experience some decline in mental health, physical health, or both, and will end up needing some outside help. Many of us go from being cared for by our parents to caring for our parents, and it’s not an easy transition. An added challenge is recognizing that our efforts and expertise may not be enough for our loved ones—we may need professional help to fully meet their needs.


The caregivers at Caring Senior Services offer non-medical care assistance in a variety of ways. Shirley Tingley is the local agency director, and she outlines the services they offer. “Personal care, meal preparation, transportation, medical reminders and alerts, light cleaning, respite care, errands, companionship…anything the client needs from us, except skilled health care,” says Shirley. That’s an important distinction, June adds.


The Caring Senior Service caregivers maintain open communication with the families of their clients. If they feel that a client would benefit from additional services from other agencies, they don’t hesitate to share that information. “Open communication with the caregiver makes the family an important part of our work with their elderly relatives,” June emphasizes.


Despite the “Senior” in their name, Caring Senior Services also works with younger adults who may need assistance during a difficult time. “We’ve had clients in their late teens and early 20s who are recovering from severe illness or injury, who need outside assistance until they are back on their feet,” June reports. “Some of our younger clients are developmentally delayed, and their families find it difficult to find help.” After an initial assessment of a client’s needs, Shirley says, Caring Senior Services will suggest which of their services are appropriate or will direct the client to the proper agency for help.


Getting outside help is as necessary for the caregivers in the family as it is for the client. “Being a caregiver isn’t an easy job,” June points out. “Even our trained staff members find it stressful at times.” What does it take to be a Caring Senior Services caregiver? “We need people who can give the family caregiver a break in the routine…time to themselves or a day to take care of personal business,” June says. “Everyone needs a break! Remember when your children were small and you’d give anything to have an adult conversation?”   


“At any point in your life, there is a place for Caring Senior Service. Whether you become a caregiver, call for advice for caring for your loved one, or have us come into your home for assistance, there is always a place for Caring Senior Service,” says Shirley.


People of all ages can be great caregivers, as long as they’re interested in working with the elderly and improving their lives. Give her a call, she says. “We’ll train you for whatever you want to contribute.”June concludes with the Caring Senior Services motto: “Every senior should be able to remain healthy, happy, and at home!”


Caring Senior Services is bonded and insured for their clients’ safety and security. If you need help with caregiving or would like to work as a caregiver, learn more online at or by calling 402-682-7326.

Healthy Living- l-r Jeff Salter, CEO, Founder, June Mourgis, Omaha Franchise, Jeff's son A

l-r: Jeff Salter, CEO, Founder; June Mourgis, Omaha franchise owner; Jeff’s son, Adam Salter; ShirleyTingley, local agency director