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One-Stop Urology Care 

Improving Quality of Life

By Deborah Daley


Health care is a $4.3 trillion industry, with individuals paying an average of $12,900 annually for care. Navigating health care can be complex and confusing, with site visits at multiple locations, numerous workers taking care of you, and much more. Adult Pediatric Urology and Gynecology offers a unique, one-stop health care experience for people with urology issues.


The clinic evaluates and treats urological conditions in both adults and children, including but not limited to urinary dysfunction such as urinary frequency, urgency, and leakage; sexual dysfunction; cancers in the urinary tract; stone disease; pelvic organ prolapse; and various pelvic pain conditions. They also participate in clinical research, along with their patients, to help bring new devices and techniques to the market and to the patients who need them.


One of the newest urologists at the clinic is Sida Niu, MD. Dr. Niu was born in Beijing, China, and moved to the United States with his mother when he was eight years old. Dr. Niu earned his medical degree from the University of Kansas in Kansas City, where he stayed to complete his internship and residency in urology at the University of Kansas Medical Center. His wife is from Omaha, so he looked for a position here, and he landed at Adult Pediatric Urology and Gynecology in August of 2022. “I strive to be a surgeon,” he says, “who educates my patients on their disease conditions so they are empowered to make well-informed medical decisions.” 


There are seven urologists and three urogynecologists on staff at Adult Pediatric Urology and Gynecology, along with a myriad of advanced healthcare professionals, nurses, and support staff. The practice has locations in Omaha and Fremont, Nebraska, and in Council Bluffs, Iowa. All told, they have 130 employees. About 32,000 patients visit the group annually.


The one-stop shop mentality is one of the things that Dr. Niu appreciates about Adult Pediatric Urology and Gynecology. “If you come here, you will receive a holistic and comprehensive experience,” he points out. “We have the capacity to provide many services on site, including physician visits, laboratory for blood work, in-office dispensary, an imaging center complete with ultrasound, x-ray, and CT scanner, and only outpatient surgeries can be done at our ambulatory surgery center.”


Another quality that sets the practice apart is its use of innovative advances in technology. When it comes to our health, we all want access to the latest, state-of-the art equipment and techniques. “The practice embraces the use of innovation for the most advanced care,” Dr. Niu says. He performs several of these cutting-edge procedures, including a mini-percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL). This minimally invasive procedure removes large kidney stones through a small puncture wound in the skin. The recovery time is very fast. 


A Fremont patient named Nancy had a very large stone, he recalls. “With conventional methods, she would have had to endure two or three surgeries. We did this procedure, and she was home in about 24 hours, pain-free.” Needless to say, Nancy was very pleased with these results. “Dr. Niu’s preparation was outstanding,” she says. “He explained everything to me in layman’s terms, which really helped relieve my stress. I was absolutely surprised how quick it was and that I walked out pain-free.” 


Another pleased patient is Alicia, who had a sling put in to help with urinary issues. “I had dealt with these issues for years, wearing protective garments and worried about doing any activity at all,” Alicia says. “Dr. Niu had the best bedside manner and explained everything thoroughly. He was down-to-earth and even called me to follow up. I went in on a Thursday—and by Friday, my problem was gone.”


Dr. Niu’s colleague, Dr. Rebecca J. McCrery, also pioneers new medical devices, like neuro-modulators for use on the bladder. The group encourages innovation, research, and state-of-the-art techniques.


“I always wanted to help people, and nothing is more satisfying than making people’s lives better. Often, patients with urology issues live in secrecy and are embarrassed about their conditions. I receive great fulfillment when I can make their lives better,” Dr. Niu says. Many people don’t understand the scope of the practice and all the issues the clinic deals with on a daily basis, he notes. “People don’t have to suffer in silence. If you have a problem, there is no need to be ashamed. Don’t let the problem get worse by delaying care. Come see us so we can help you improve your quality of life.”


In Omaha, Adult Pediatric Urology and Gynecology is located at 10707 Pacific Street, Suite 101. You can reach them by phone at 402-397-7989. For information about their physicians, services, and Council Bluffs and Fremont locations, visit them online at

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Dr. Sida Niu

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