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Happy Patients, Healthy Smiles

By Brittany Nicolle Willis


A colorful, brightly painted, state-of-the-art dentist’s office may not be what some of us remember and, perhaps, feared when we were children. Well, times have changed, and the staff at Pedodontics has taken their passion for brightening kids’ smiles to heart. The office, located at 2521 South 119th Street, has been designed specifically with children in mind, says Dr. Lisa Strunk, pediatric dentist and orthodontist. “Our passion is kids,” she explains with a grin. “We wanted this space to be warm, open, and bright. We want our kids to feel comfortable here.” With natural wood cabinets, brightly-tiled counters, and chairs that look like popsicles, the look seems to be a success. This welcoming concept represents the way Dr. Strunk and her colleagues view their jobs as pediatric dentists. “We want to set these kids up for a lifetime of good teeth,” shares Dr. Strunk. 


The professionals at Pedodontics see children as young as two and three years for all-inclusive oral care, including regular checkups and cleanings, fillings, interceptive and comprehensive orthodontics, some surgery, and oil fluoride treatments that last up to six hours for less chance of tooth decay. 


Many parents hope that early orthodontic treatment will improve or even eliminate the need for future treatment, including braces. In some cases, treatment at an early age can be beneficial, but there is no guarantee that common orthodontic problems requiring treatment during the teenage years can be prevented. However, Dr. Strunk explains, treating young patients can significantly improve an underbite or a narrow upper arch and other problems associated with a growing jaw. 


Jeannie Wright says her daughter, Morgan, was given the option to start wearing braces and a palate expander at age seven. “She needed room for more teeth,” Jeannie says. “It’s easier on children while the bone is still forming.” Jeannie says her experience with Pedodontics was wonderful from the start. “My girls have never been anxious,” she says. “As a mom, it is such a blessing not to have to fight that battle.”


Dr. Strunk explains that pediatric dentistry and orthodontics are about more than just proper oral treatment and disease prevention. “Parents bring kids in to give them confidence and opportunities,” she says. “We want to help increase their confidence and self-esteem, and that’s what we do.” Dr. Strunk shares that how you feel about yourself can influence your overall outlook on life, and she and her staff are dedicated to giving kids healthy, beautiful smiles in a happy, relaxed atmosphere. 


She recalls hearing a patient singing, “If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands!” in the waiting room. At the end of another patient’s challenging treatment, he shouted, “I did it!” Dr. Strunk says that sometimes even parents are afraid of the dentist, and it is a gift to give them comfort and peace of mind, as well. 


For these reasons and more, Dr. Strunk decided to pursue a career in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. “I really love how fun and spontaneous the kids are,” she shares. “I am so passionate about this. I love it!” Seeing the same kids every month for two years while they are in braces allows her to get to know them well, and it is a huge reward to see them change and grow up. However, she admits, the hardest part of her job is when her patients grow out of the pediatric dental practice. The entire staff at Pedodontics has a special interest in these kids and really appreciates working with them, she says. “You’re not in this business if you don’t do that,” she states. “We have the best team.” 


“It’s great to meet the families, get to know them and their kids, and make connections,” she continues. Sometimes, families expect a visit to the dentist to be terrible, but they come away with a good product and a great experience. “Kids are really brave,” she says. “We are proud of the work we do and of them.” 


Setting kids on the road to a lifetime of beautiful, healthy teeth is the mission at Pedodontics every day. They strive to treat each child as if he or she were their only patient. “It is an honor to treat these families,” Dr. Strunk concludes, “and a gift to have their trust in our care.” With dental health, like anything else in life, it’s important to keep sight of your goals—it’s easier to create healthy practices from the start than to break bad habits later. For Dr. Strunk and the whole team at Pedodontics, their greatest achievements are happy patients and healthy smiles. 


For more information about the services offered by Pedodontics, please call 402-330-5913 or visit them online at

Dr. Lisa Strunk and
her daughter, Erin

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