Get Back to a Better You! 

Anti-Aging Treatments

By Janette Calabro


Get back to a better you—that’s what Melanie Dresden, a nurse practitioner at Regenerative Medicine and Anti-Aging Institute, wants you to do. This straightforward NP loves functional and alternative medicine, often combining multiple treatments that work together to help people live healthier. 

Melanie helps her patients address a wide variety of health problems, from hormone imbalances to COPD-related breathing difficulties. With proper treatment, she’s witnessed patients get off their pain prescriptions or reduce their oxygen treatments and actually breathe better on their own. Before she dives into any treatment plan, however, she admits that there’s a secret sauce to all anti-aging regimens, and it’s simple: nutrition. 

“I believe that nutrition is the starting foundation,” shares Melanie, who is also a certified health coach. “With any of the treatments I do, I start with nutrition because it matters! If you don’t sleep well or eat nutritious food, the benefits of any treatment are going to be less efficacious.”

Hormone pellet therapy is one thing that really changes lives for the better. Women who are enduring symptoms related to hormone imbalance, including bloating, fatigue, irritability, and mood swings, can often find relief with hormone replacement therapy. The hormone pellet is about the size of a grain of rice and no bigger than a Tic Tac and contains a customized combination of replacement hormones of estrogen and testosterone. Men can benefit from pellet therapy, too, if their lack of libido and energy is due to low testosterone levels. “Men and women have different levels of hormones and different needs,” Melanie notes. “Every pellet we use is individualized based on the patient’s lab values and symptoms.”     

Pellet insertion is a quick procedure. After a numbing agent is applied to the skin, the pellet is inserted underneath the skin. The insertion site may feel a little sore afterwards. “You may feel like you worked out a little too much,” Melanie says, stating that most of her patients have great results. “It’s an on-demand system. Whether you’re working out or you have a lot of stress, the pellet slowly delivers what your body needs. This eliminates the highs and lows that you may experience with hormone injections.” Results last about three to four months for women and five to six months for men.

Though hormone replacement therapy with pellets has helped many men and women deal with age-related hormone imbalances, the therapy is not for everyone, Melanie cautions. “Anyone who has had cancer recently is not really a candidate for hormone therapy,” she explains. However, she points out, each patient is an individual, and we shouldn’t all be treated the same. A less recent history of cancer may not exclude you from hormone replacement therapy—it depends on what the driving factor of the cancer was. As with any treatment, patients should discuss the risks and benefits with their health professionals before deciding to move forward. In some cases, hormone replacement therapy will need to be more carefully scrutinized in the face of a patient’s personal health history.  

Another service the clinic offers to male patients is treatment for ED (erectile dysfunction). There are multiple treatments that are used to help alleviate and even reverse erectile dysfunction, including ICI injections, the P-shot, and GAINSWave therapy.

Other anti-aging therapies that Melanie offers include what is known as the vampire facial. This popular skin care treatment uses blood from your own body. Melanie uses small needles on multiple heads that create micro-tears in the skin (a process called microneedling) to help stimulate the body’s own production of collagen. She combines the microneedling with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that is derived from your own blood and may include stem cells for added repair and regeneration. “Patients usually see results as an immediate glow, but the lasting benefits are months away—your skin looks youthful and refreshed.”

Melanie also offers ozone therapy to improve the body’s intake and use of oxygen. Ozone therapy activates the immune system and can disinfect the body, even treating some diseases by limiting bacteria and viruses. The colorless gas uses three molecules of oxygen instead of two, and it mixes with your own blood cells and platelets. “Ozone therapy can get into the body and help regulate the immune system, acting as an anti-inflammatory,” Melanie explains. Available as an intravenous infusion or as an injection, it reacts with the blood cells already in the body. “It’s an upgrade to the immune system and helps with the repair process!” 

No matter what anti-aging procedures you choose, Melanie recommends finding a practitioner who really listens. “I want my legacy to be that I took the time to listen to my patients,” she concludes, “and that I gave them options for an optimized life.” If you think it’s time to get back to a better you, give Melanie a call at 402-769-0235.

l-r: Jan Jackson, office manager;

Joy Cortes, clinic manager and patient care advocate;

Melanie Dresden, APRN; and Angela Stearns, 

front office manager

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