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Don’t Tolerate Vein Disease—Treat It!

By Deborah Daley


You might be surprised to learn that up to 60 percent of men and 73 percent of women deal with the symptoms of vein disease, according to The Journal of Vascular Surgery. The predominance of this issue, the demand for services, and some of the misconceptions associated with the disease are a few of the reasons that Dr. Kelly Schroeder established Venus Vein Clinic in 2019. 


The Omaha native secured her medical credentials from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Emergency Medicine in 2005. “I worked for about 12 years in emergency medicine, where I encountered numerous patients coming to the emergency room with vein issues surrounding circulation, swelling, and much more,” Dr. Schroeder recalls. “There were no specialists there to help them.” She decided to put herself to work in this new field and returned to school to become a Diplomate of the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine. 


Dr. Schroeder is one of the most experienced vein specialists in Omaha. She initially worked for someone else but decided to open her own clinic. Venus Vein Clinic sees about 600 patients annually, and Dr. Schroeder performs between 80 and 100 surgeries a month. “We are a small operation, providing personalized services,” Dr. Schroeder says. She is assisted by a team that includes a nurse, a vascular technician, a surgical technician, and an office manager. “We pride ourselves on not only knowing our patients but making sure they feel good when they leave.” 


When asked about her philosophy toward patients, Dr. Schroeder shares her own personal story. “I have a son who, as a young child, had to have a transplant. I remember the feelings of anxiety and fear! The transplant experience in my life has given me great perspective.” Dr. Schroeder brings that perspective to every part of Venus Vein Clinic. “I wanted my clinic to be a doctor’s office where someone could come and have a smile on their face when they leave,” she says. “We do everything in our power to make our patients feel comfortable, including the décor, music, and everything else. We make sure we are on the same page—and on the same team—when it comes to treatment.” 


Venus Vein Clinic offers a wide range of services to help treat vein disease, including surgery, injection therapy, medication, and lifestyle modifications. These treatments can improve appearance and eradicate discomfort. “There are many misconceptions about vein disease,” Dr. Schroeder shares. “One of the biggest challenges we face on a daily basis is miseducation. There are tales that varicose veins are merely a cosmetic issue, and this is absolutely untrue.” 


Vein disease, she continues, is just that—a disease. “If the valves inside your veins become damaged, the valves may not close completely. Open, dysfunctional valves allow blood to flow in both directions. In legs, that blood has to flow against gravity to get back to the heart. If there is an issue, it can be painful…and a health risk.” Because of the pathology involved, insurance covers the procedures to correct circulation, an issue vital to everyone’s health. 


As a mother of four, Dr. Schroeder enjoys the regular clinic hours and the opportunity to eat breakfast with her children and see them off to school. Having weekends off also helps with work-life balance. “I approach our practice also with balance. We get to know our patients. We are like a family, working together to solve issues.” 


One of those patients, Nicole Linafelter, is extremely grateful for that concern and help. “I had radiofrequency ablation done on both legs,” she says. “I sought out Venus Vein Clinic after struggling for years with painful, swollen legs. The team at Venus was so informative and easy to work with. It made the decision to have the procedure a very easy one.” 


“My job is very rewarding,” Dr. Schroeder says. “I have had clients literally come in with walkers and canes, undergo a procedure, and at their next appointment, no device assistance is needed. They can now go on long walks! Other patients have had to quit jobs because they couldn’t stand without pain for long periods of time. Now, they are back at work. If you have discomfort or pain, there is no reason to tolerate it.” 


Let’s take Dr. Schroeder at her word—there is no reason to tolerate vein pain! To make an appointment for a consultation at Venus Vein Clinic, please call 402-979-8346 (VEIN). You can learn more about the various treatment options at


Venus Vein Clinic is located at 9202 West Dodge Road, Suite 303, and is open from 9:00 to 5:00, Monday through Friday. 

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Dr. Kelly Schroeder

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