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Pedodontics, PC

Welcoming Dr. Emily Strunk

By Deborah Daley


Emily Strunk, D.D.S., is thrilled about her position as the newest pediatric dentist at Pedodontics, PC. She recently finished her dental residency in Dallas, Texas, and came home to Omaha in late July. She had worked at the clinic as a dental assistant during her training and is excited to begin her career at the dental practice where her mother works. Pedodontics, PC is known in the Omaha area for being a positive place to start your child’s experience with the dentist. “This practice has the right approach to children’s dentistry,” Emily says, “and it’s a special privilege to be working with other dentists and my mother.”


A 2019 graduate of the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry, Emily brings a unique set of skills along with her dental prowess to the practice. She chose to specialize in pedodontics (that is, dentistry for children) because it marries two of her passions: dentistry and kids’ entertainment. 


Emily didn’t always imagine that she was going to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a dentist. “Growing up, I really thought I was going to be a balloon artist,” Emily recalls. While she was doing her specialized pedodontics training in Dallas, she also leaned in to her passion for children’s entertainment, doing balloons and magic on the weekends. Eventually, she became a card-carrying member of Clowning  around DFW (a Dallas entertainment agency) and the Omaha Balloon Brigade. That’s right—she’s a trained balloon artist. “I love seeing children’s faces light up,” she says. “I hope to bring those elements of joy to my work in Omaha.”


“I think it is important to create moments of fun for kids at the dentist,” Emily continues. “We want these young people to have a good relationship with their teeth so they take care of them.” 


Emily joins a female-led practice which provides both pediatric dental care and orthodontic care. In addition to Emily’s mother, Dr. Lisa Strunk, the practice includes pediatric dentists Dr. Carmen Dana and Dr. Rebecca Buss. They are supported by a large group of dental assistants and office staff.


“My mom is an inspiration,” Emily shares. “She has been in the business for more than 30 years. While she was raising a family and practicing dentistry on Saturdays at this dental clinic, she went to school in St. Louis, commuting back and forth for two and a half years to earn her masters in orthodontics.” Dr. Lisa Strunk is the only dual-trained specialist in Omaha who can provide orthodontics and pediatric dentistry services to her patients at the same time. 


Pedodontics, PC prides itself on using the most advanced treatment technology and on providing a range of treatment options, ensuring that each patient receives a personalized treatment plan. The clinic’s philosophy is that every staff member participates in creating healthy smiles that last a lifetime. To accomplish this goal, they work hard to make patients feel right at home in the office. Services offered at the practice include pediatric dentistry, early orthodontic treatment, and comprehensive orthodontics, including invisible, metal, and ceramic braces. 


One of the things Emily enjoys most about her work is changing kids’ minds about fearing the dentist. Sometimes, she notes, a youngster comes in who is anxious and maybe a little fearful of dental work. “I love to see the transformation when I can set them at ease, have some fun, accomplish our dental work, and they enjoy the experience,” Emily says. 


Families are quick to praise the work of the whole team at Pedodontics, PC. “I can hardly put into words how much I appreciate, and highly recommend, everyone at Pedodontics,” says parent Erin Casey. “One of my children has extreme anxiety about dental visits. Without exception, every dentist and dental assistant we’ve seen has been genuinely patient, kind, and compassionate, and has built trust with him over time. Dr. Lisa Strunk is a wonderful person—caring, curious, and respectful of the kids’ unique needs. Thank you!”


Shannon Board Strain also shares her appreciation of the care her family receives at Pedodontics, PC. “The office has a friendly and knowledgeable staff and great facilities. Dr. Dana is the best!”


Pedodontics, PC is located at 2521 South 119th Street, in Omaha. They’re open for appointments Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. On Tuesdays and Fridays, they open one hour earlier for patients who need before-school appointments. To learn more, find them online at To ask questions or schedule a visit, call the office at 402-330-5913. 


If you are looking for a dental clinic with a fun and family approach, look no further than Pedodontics, PC. Dr. Emily Strunk joins the team, bringing her own unique sense of fun! 

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Emily Strunk, D.D.S.

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