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Omaha Health Therapy Center

Helping Us Thrive, Not Just Survive

By Linda Sutherland


It’s a familiar scenario for many of us: Your knee, your shoulder, your hip, or some other body part has been aching and hurting for a long time. You go to your doctor and get a prescription. The medication helps, but it doesn’t alleviate the problem, it just masks it…while you have to deal with side effects. Then, your physician tells you that you need to undergo a surgical replacement and, with trepidation, you comply. In some cases, of course, difficult treatment and surgery are needed. But what if preventative care could promote your overall wellness rather than focusing solely on disease management? 


We all want to feel our very best in the long term, not just prevail in the short term. We are way overdue on focusing on the whole patient and the many factors that can play a role in their health. This is where Sarah Kracht, APRN, BC-FNP, and her accomplished and qualified staff come in to help you thrive and feel your very best. 


Sarah started her career path by initially earning her RN from College of St. Mary. She then went on to earn an advanced degree as a nurse practitioner from Creighton University. She worked in emergency rooms and urgent care. She saw many people who needed medical and surgical attention, but she felt strongly compelled to investigate integrative therapies. Her dedication to giving patients more choices for safe and effective therapies led her to Omaha Health Therapy Center. Now, she is the passionate and proud owner of the business. 


In order to properly connect the dots between conventional and alternative medical treatments, Sarah starts with a consultation to determine your individual health and the underlying issues that you have been dealing with. She discusses treatments that you have tried in the past and evaluates what testing and treatments she offers that could provide better health and wellness for you moving forward. 


The first thing that will strike you during your initial visit is the passion and clarity that Sarah possesses for good health and optimum wellness. The integrative therapies that she offers are reliably safe and effective. She believes that the treatments used at Omaha Health Therapy Center support the body’s inherent healing power by addressing the underlying causes of pain and inflammation. 


One popular therapy Sarah offers is prolozone therapy. This injection therapy is a safe, regenerative medical technique that is used to treat damaged cartilage, joints, and soft tissues. These injections can restore damaged tissues to a better state of health by increasing circulation and stimulating oxygen metabolism. They also activate the immune system to eliminate harmful viruses and have demonstrated a high rate of success in relieving pain. 


Common conditions treated with prolozone therapy include knee arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic neck pain, hip arthritis, and ankle pain. If you are struggling with this kind of pain, this therapy could certainly help. 


People typically spend most of their time indoors. In some cases, we’re staying out of the sun on purpose to avoid sun damage. This is important, but the human body still needs light in order to repair and keep itself healthy. Red light therapy is a very simple, non-invasive treatment that works by stimulating the mitochondria (that is, the engine) of our cells to produce more energy. When your cells have more energy to function, their healing properties can be amplified, and the body can heal faster. 


Red light therapy can be used for muscle recovery, inflammation relief, osteoporosis, joint pain, and thyroid function, among other things. Red light therapy has also produced positive results for patients who are dealing with seasonal depression, eczema, and psoriasis. 


Intravenous (IV) chelation therapy is a medical treatment used to remove toxic metals from the body. Why do I have toxic metals in my body, you may ask? It is almost impossible to live in this day and age without being exposed to heavy metals. Tooth fillings, lead (from things like soil and paint), water supplies, herbicides, pesticides, cosmetics, and cleaning products are all culprits in today’s world. 


When the buildup has become too great, symptoms can include confusion, headache, pain in joints and muscles, vision problems, chronic fatigue, vertigo, depression—the list is long and getting longer. Chelation therapy is considered a safe and effective technique for management of metal toxicity. The medicine collects metals in the bloodstream so the body can process and remove them.


Sarah and her team offer many additional IV therapies, including EBOO, methylene blue, vitamin and nutritional IVs, immune support, ultraviolet light, and supportive treatments for patients with cancer. There are so many options for good mental and physical health outcomes to significantly change your life for the better! Get in touch by phone at 402-763-9335 or by email at Omaha Health Therapy Center is located at 8031 West Center Road, Suite 300, in Omaha. 

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Sarah Kracht, APRN,BC-FNP

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