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Caring for More Than Just Teeth

By Cynthia Jeffrey


Taking good care of ourselves and getting appropriate medical and dental care is just as important now as it ever has been—maybe more! Many of us are feeling a little timid about getting back into the public spaces we used to frequent, but dentist Dr. Marty Matz reminds us that “dentistry has a good handle on infection control, and we always have.” Stricter hygiene protocols don’t seem so strict when you’ve been following many of them all along! Don’t let your oral health go astray. Let Dr. Matz and his team take care of you.

Dr. Matz, also known as The Tooth Doc, strongly believes in building positive relationships with his clients, and he works directly with them to achieve their goals. “We work with patients to help them understand what they need to do for an overall healthy mouth,” says Dr. Matz. 

To achieve this, Dr. Matz starts at the beginning, by meeting patients where they are. Once he identifies a patient’s personal goals for dental health, he carefully explains what needs to be done to achieve these goals. His patients appreciate the time that Dr. Matz spends on patient education. “Dr. Matz is GREAT,” says patient Julie in a glowing review. “I appreciate that he explains what he will be doing before the procedure begins and then gives me updates during the procedure. That really helps my anxiety!”

In addition to general dentistry like cleanings, x-rays, fillings, and crowns, patients at The Tooth Doc can also take advantage of restorative procedures like dental implants as well as cosmetic procedures like tooth whitening, bonding, and porcelain veneers. Dr. Matz shares his firm belief in the importance of healthy gums and oral bone structure before cosmetic procedures are undertaken. He’ll help you achieve the smile you want, but not before he ensures a strong foundation on which to build.

Tooth straightening is also a popular service, and Dr. Matz has offered Invisalign for years. He is delighted to share that licensed orthodontist Dr. Leslie Ellingson has joined the practice, bringing a full range of options for straightening teeth. 

Dr. Matz believes that oral health is important to daily living, no matter what stage of life you are in, but a person’s most pressing oral health needs change as the body ages. He works with patients of all ages, from residents of nursing homes to young children who are just starting their dental health journey. “Happy Visits” for his youngest patients are done at the patient’s personal comfort level. Sometimes, that includes just walking into the practice and looking around. For other patients, it may include sitting in the chair and having their teeth counted. The goal is to make a child’s first experience at the dentist a positive one, setting the child up for a lifetime of good oral health. Erin recently brought her daughter in for a Happy Visit. “She was excited to go but also scared,” Erin shares. “The awesome staff there helped her feel comfortable, and she was so happy she got a toothbrush. She can’t wait to go back!”

For Erin’s daughter, The Tooth Doc is the first dentist she has known. Many patients, however, have been to other dental practices before, and their experiences may not have been uniformly pleasant. The team at The Tooth Doc works hard to establish trust and build a genuine relationship with each patient in the hopes of decreasing any fears that might exist about visiting a dentist. 

With the full scope of services, including orthodontics, available at The Tooth Doc, entire families can visit the same dental office. Having everyone come to the same place, where their names and dental histories are already known, can help the whole family feel more comfortable. Patient Wil has been bringing his wife and children to The Tooth Doc since they moved to Omaha, and they love it. “The staff is fantastic, and the facilities are top notch,” Wil says in his review. “Dr. Matz is a techie, so they have all the latest technology. Our kids love the TVs on the ceiling.”

Dr. Matz is always learning how to use new technologies and treatment options. He takes pride in his personal and professional standing in the Omaha area and will continue to provide the compassionate care that his patients appreciate. The Tooth Doc has been rated Best in Omaha for many consecutive years and is a Neighborhood Favorite on Nextdoor.

The Tooth Doc is currently accepting new patients! Take a virtual tour at or call 402-397-8050 to schedule an appointment. Let The Tooth Doc lead the way to good oral health! 

 Dr. Marty Matz and
Dr. Dan Ellingson

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