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A Message from the Founder/National Publisher

Over the last thirty+ years, I have spoken with thousands of business owners. Many of them have shared with me one of the biggest challenges in being successful in their business is knowing what to do with their advertising dollars. I know from personal experience how this feels.

In 1976, I was responsible for purchasing advertising for my husband, Jim’s, brand new private practice. Over the next four years, I spent thousands upon thousands of dollars purchasing advertising that didn’t work. I made all of the most common mistakes business owners make when purchasing advertising. 

After we closed the practice, I became a sales executive for a business to business sales organization. I continued to find myself discussing the frustrations with business owners regarding their advertising. 

In 1986, my husband and I founded Women’s Edition magazine. Our mission statement is to offer small to medium-sized businesses an affordable way to reach women, 30 to 65 plus, in the middle to upper income level—without going bankrupt in the process. This demographic group makes or influences 80% of all buying decisions in this country. 

The information on these pages is intended as a tool for business owners, or perspective business owners, to learn more about how to be more effective in utilizing their advertising dollars.


Whether you are currently an advertiser with Women’s Edition or are simply looking for some answers regarding how to use your advertising dollars more effectively, we are here to help.

If you have specific questions, please feel free to call me at 888-892-4076 or send me an e-mail at  

— Janet Van deWalle, Founder/National Publisher

Why Magazine Advertising Works
A Message
Why Magazine Advertising Works
Magazine advertising engages: 


Multiple studies show that consumers are more likely to find magazine advertising acceptable and enjoyable compared to advertising in other media. In addition, they find magazine advertising less interruptive.

Magazine advertising is considered valuable content: 


Consumers value magazine advertising, according to numerous studies. Starcom found that when readers were asked to pull 10 pages that best demonstrate the essence of their favorite magazines, three out of 10 pages pulled were ads. MRI data show that consumers trust and value magazine advertising. These studies’ findings reinforce those from the Northwestern University Magazine Reader Experience Study. Magazine advertising moves readers to action, including visiting and searching on the Web: More than half of the readers took action or had a more favorable opinion about the advertiser in response to magazine ads, according to a study by Affinity Research. Numerous studies prove that magazine advertising drives Web visits and searches more than other media.

Magazine advertising improves advertising ROI (return on investment): 


Multiple studies have demonstrated that allocating more money to magazines in the media mix improves marketing and advertising ROI across a broad range of product categories.

Magazine advertising sells—and it delivers results consistently: 


Several studies show that magazines are the strongest driver of purchase intent, and they boost other medias' effectiveness. What’s more, magazines deliver results more consistently throughout the purchase

funnel than TV or the Internet.


Magazine advertising is relevant and targeted: 


Consumers consider magazine advertising more relevant than advertising in other media. With a range of titles that appeal to a wide variety of demographics, lifestyles, and interests, advertisers can hone in on targets that fit their needs. 


Magazines reach the most desirable consumers: 


Across major demographic groups, the combination of the top 25 magazines delivers more rating points than the top 25 TV shows. In addition, heavy magazine readers are likely to be among the highest spenders across most product categories.


Magazine audiences accumulate faster than you think—and with lasting impact: 


The average monthly magazine accumulates approximately 60% of its audience within a month’s time, and the average weekly magazine accumulates nearly 80% of its audience in two weeks. In addition, consumers refer to magazines multiple times—even saving them—giving advertisers the opportunity for multiple exposures.


Magazines influence Influentials®: 


Magazines are the medium that “Influential Americans”—the one in nine consumers who control the levers of change—turn to the most for making purchase decisions and recommendations.

Magazines supply credibility: 


Consumers trust and believe magazine advertising more than advertising in other media. In addition, consumers turn to magazines as a source for information on new products.

Sources: Starcom; Northwestern University Magazine Reader Experience Study; Affinity Research; How Media Measure Up; Documenting the Role of Magazines in the Mix; ROI for DTC; ROI for Kraft; Measuring the Mix; What Drives Automotive Sales; American Advertising Federation (AAF) Study; Retail Advertising and Marketing Association (RAMA) Study; Measuring Media Effectiveness; Dynamic Logic; Ephron on Media; Initiative; MRI Fall 2006; Roper; Hearst Engagement Factor Study

Creating An Effective Print Ad

At Women's Edition, we follow "5 Rules for Creating an Effective Ad." Whether you advertise with Women's Edition or choose elsewhere, we encourage you to use these guidelines for optimal response with your print advertising.


1. Promise a benefit to the reader in the headline.


Make sure people know what you're selling. Studies show that 93% of those reading an ad in a magazine or newspaper will only read the headline.
Create to-the-point headlines—To find out if you have an effective headline, cover up the whole ad except for the headline…does it explain itself?
Make the offer stand out—If you are offering a special or discount, it must be in the headline to get great response!


2. Use a photograph of a person to draw the reader into the ad. 


Studies show that if there is a picture of a person in the ad, the readership of that ad increases by 25%. When a reader see's the face of the person they'll be doing business with, they will feel more comfortable hiring you for your services. People are also curious about who is the owner or manager of a business. Let them know with your friendly face!


3. The use of white space is important to make your ad stand out. 


Don’t fill up the entire ad with information. It’s hard on the reader's eyes. 
Avoid reverse-outs—Reverse-outs occur when there is white text on a dark background. They may attract attention, but the reader will go right past them because they are hard to read. Studies show that response will go down 25% if you run the ad in reverse text. 


4. Keep it simple. People are over-stimulated. 


Clean, simple ads draw people to them because they are easy on their eyes and minds. 
Avoid all capital letters—Capital letters are hard to read. Our eyes have not been trained to read things in all capital letters.


5. Have a call to action in the ad. 


Congratulations! You have succeeded to do what 93% of all advertising has failed to do—the reader has viewed the whole ad! A call to action is asking the reader to do something. For example: "Call today to make your appointment" or "Stop in and visit us today."
You have 50,000 chances to ask people to do something…why waste the chance?

Top 10 Reasons to Advertise in Women's Edition
Top 10
1. Targeted Audience

We target women ages 30 to 65+, in the middle to upper income level. Women make or influence 80% of all buying decisions in this country. We target the decision-makers.

2. Editorial


Our editorial is positive and upbeat. We do not take a negative approach in our editorial.

3. Glossy Magazine


We publish a glossy monthly publication. This means we last longer and hold up better, when compared to newsprint.

4. No Coupons 


We don’t allow coupons in the advertisements. This means that ads will not be cut out of the magazine and the magazine will not be damaged, adding to its longevity.

5. Distribution


Our distribution is very controlled and specific. We distribute to areas where women shop, work, and wait. We do not distribute to bars, grocery stores, or restaurants where a lot of waste is involved.

6. Affordability


You can advertise with Women’s Edition on a long-term basis for a very affordable price. In fact, you can advertise for a full month for what it might cost for one or two insertions in a newspaper. You won’t go bankrupt advertising in Women’s Edition.

7. Consistent Placement


We will not move you around in the magazine. Advertisers will keep the same placement in the magazine unless they request to be moved.

8. Ad Production


There is a science to creating an ad that works. We follow the rules, and we will create an ad that will get results.

9. History


Women’s Edition has had a long history of success. With over 30+ years experience in the industry, advertisers can feel confident advertising in a magazine that has made a name for itself in the community.

10. Editorial Support


We will feature any consecutive long term advertiser with a local story about that particular business and owner. 

Ready to Advertise with Women's Edition? Call us!

Women’s Edition is a monthly, glossy magazine that features a progressive, straightforward journalistic format. Created, written, and designed by people who understand the lifestyles and creative spirit of today’s woman.


 Women’s Edition is a publication featuring exciting and interesting editorial content focusing on the active woman. Our consumer-conscious readers want to be up-to-date on fashion, culture, health, beauty, finances, self-help, and management techniques. With this in mind, we have created an editorial environment that is informative, fun, and positive.

Over 80% of all buying decisions today are made by women...not only for themselves but for their children and spouses as well. By distributing through our network of over 1,700 fine retail stores, service establishments, and doctor, dental, and professional offices, Women’s Edition advertisers reach this dynamic market. An estimated monthly readership of 50,000 makes Women’s Edition a valuable marketing tool. For the same price that you may spend on a few radio or television spots, Women’s Edition offers small and large businesses alike a full month’s worth of advertising.

Women’s Edition targets middle- to upper-income women, ages 30-65 plus, who live an active lifestyle. If your business would benefit from additional exposure to this market, Women’s Edition is the publication for you! 

Please contact your local Women's Edition office and ask to speak to a sales representative.

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