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Jill of All Trades

Focus on Quality

By Linda Sutherland


Are you planning to make some changes to your home this year? Do you need some guidance to get started, and some expert workers to get the job done? What you need is Jill of All Trades, owned and operated by Kim Stewart, a true Nebraska native.


Kim has enjoyed doing home projects since she was a teenager. As a young woman, she helped her mother paint their home and helped neighbors with other projects around the house. As an adult, she started a commercial janitorial service that quickly grew into new construction and a painting company. She loved designing and decorating homes, and she realized she could pull together her many skills and interests into her current remodeling business, Jill of All Trades.   


It is immediately evident when talking to Kim about her business that she wants the best for her clients. “I love turning people’s dreams into reality and seeing the big smiles on their faces when they see the finished product,” Kim shares. “That is such a rewarding experience and one that I treasure with every job.” If you want to refresh your home but aren’t sure where to start or what is possible, Kim can provide ideas and solutions that will help you make your remodeling dreams come true.


Over the years, Kim has seen lots of changes in her own business and in the construction industry at large. Women still only make up about nine percent of the construction industry, and that percentage was far lower when Kim got started. Her place at the head of a construction company has surprised clients, but Kim shows them that she can get the job done. She hopes to inspire other women to make their way into whatever industry they love, even if it is currently dominated by men.


One of the biggest changes she’s seen in the construction industry has come during the last two years. The varied challenges of the pandemic have affected many industries, and construction is certainly no exception. Shortages and delays throughout the supply chain have caused both higher prices and lower availability of materials. Kim has chosen to meet these challenges the same way she meets every other challenge, head on.


One of the things that makes Kim’s business model unique is the fact that she is “hands-on” for every day of a project to make sure no detail is overlooked. “I am normally there at a job site first thing in the morning to open it up, and I check in at the end of the workday to make sure everything is going as planned and to find out if my client has any questions or concerns.” That’s not to say that Kim does all the work herself—she works with many trusted subcontractors. She chooses to work with subcontractors she can count on to work as a team and keep integrity at the heart of what they do. She always advises them to put quality ahead of the dollar. That line of thinking has helped Kim build a successful business with loyal customers.


Kim’s client Lynn reports that Kim clearly puts quality first. “She is extremely professional, meticulous, and detail-oriented,” Lynn says. “Her goal is to make you happy and have a great experience in the remodeling process. It is evident that she absolutely loves what she does.” Kim certainly loves helping people figure out what they want when they contact her for a remodeling job. She helps her clients design and pick out materials and advises them as to what would work well in their space and what perhaps would not. No job is too big or too small for this determined professional, and she offers a one-year warranty from footings to finish.


“Kim makes sure that all the work done meets her expectations and ours,” Lynn continues, “and she is an excellent problem solver. Kim has many excellent resources and networks with exceptionally talented people in the construction business. If there is a problem with any part of the construction, she comes to us with solutions, and she always keeps our budget in mind.”


There are lots of reasons to embark upon a home project, but there’s no reason to do it by yourself. If you need help with a small home repair or want some guidance in planning a larger renovation, Kim Stewart is the Jill of All Trades who can make your dreams a reality. She’ll focus on quality, respect your budget, and make sure that you’re satisfied with the craftsmanship. To learn more and start making a plan, give Kim a call at 402-905-8144.


Kim Stewart, owner