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A Place of Heart and Hope

By Maria Harding

Unity Chiropractic derives its name from two connecting ideas. The first is the spiritual faith of its owner and principal practitioner, Dr. Danielle Clear. Faith serves as the foundation from which Unity Chiropractic draws its energy. The second source of inspiration for the name speaks to the future plans for the practice. This includes the eventual creation of Unity Wellness, an all-encompassing health center that will house several practitioners under one unifying roof.

Dr. Danielle graduated with honors from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. She completed a four-part course of study in NUCCA, which stands for National Upper-Cervical Chiropractic Association. NUCCA is the process of gently adjusting the atlas, which is the uppermost vertebra (C1) of the neck. The adjustment is done to correct any misalignment, which facilitates healing by improving blood flow and nerve communication between the brain and the body.

Dr. Danielle explains why the acronym for an association is also the name for a technique. “The founder of NUCCA was named Ralph Gregory. Most chiropractic techniques (Thompson or Gonstead, for example) are named after people who develop them,” she says. “Ralph Gregory didn’t want the technique named after him—he wanted people to keep evolving it.” NUCCA an active, democratically organized association that includes a branch dedicated to continuing research on the efficacy of this technique in treating different ailments. Dr. Danielle is one of only a few NUCCA practitioners in the region.

The NUCCA technique is the cornerstone of Unity Chiropractic, but Dr. Danielle stresses the vital importance of an overall healthy lifestyle that includes nutrition and fitness. “I want your body to heal in a very balanced position,” she explains. “I also want your body to be functioning optimally so that it holds that balanced position. It needs the right nutrition, the right hydration, and it needs to be able to sleep. The body won’t heal as well or as quickly if we don’t touch on those things.” Dr. Danielle meets clients at their point of receptiveness. She gauges when and to what degree each individual is willing to make lifestyle changes and counsels with information that is relevant.

How alike are we in our spines, and how much should we accept natural variety? Dr. Danielle acknowledges that every body and, therefore, every spine, is unique. “In NUCCA, we take three x-rays at the beginning and two after the adjustment because we need to make sure that the adjustment has changed the structure in the way that we want,” she explains. “There is a normal standard in the way that a spine should look, but we have a lot of normal variance. Once we correct the top, the body will fall into line to where it’s supposed to be over time. We all have our own neutral.”

The gentle approach of NUCCA does not involve any forcing or cracking, though the changes it can effect are remarkable. Proponents extol the advantages of improved health without the potentially damaging effects of pharmaceuticals. Some over-the-counter remedies and traditional medical care offer significantly greater risks than chiropractic care. 

Dr. Danielle finds inspiration in her own recovery from pain. She struggled with migraines from an early age. Offering a compelling testimonial, she shares, “I remember in the fifth grade, having to be excused from class. I would eat fruit snacks from my locker because they thought it was a glucose-related thing. I had multiple CAT scans, tried multiple drugs. Nothing really worked; I just learned how to live with them and cope with them.” Finally, in graduate school, she found hope. “A friend told me about NUCCA,” she recalls. “Once I got treated, that’s when my migraines went away.” 

Many may wonder why they can’t just stretch and be mindful of posture on their own. Why rely on a chiropractor? “That’s a question that I get all of the time!” she laughs. “I do think stretching is great. However, when we adjust ourselves, we’re actually just adjusting small segments of our spine that are ‘hyper-mobile,’ or moving more than they should be. What we focus on as chiropractors is actually adjusting the segments that are stuck.” Adjustments made by a chiropractor bring the body into better balance rather than reinforcing pre-existing imbalances. 

Unity Chiropractic is not only a medical endeavor; it is also a spiritual quest that comes from Dr. Danielle Clear’s heart. She has built her dreams into the practice and is now seeing it grow. Its roots are firmly planted in substantial intentions; its core draws upon experience, dedicated study, and research; and its branches extend into a bright future. To make Unity Chiropractic a part of your future, learn more at unitychiropracticomaha.com or visit at 1315 North 205th Street, Suite #2 in Elkhorn.


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