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By Emilee Lindley

When you enter Next Millennium Books and Gifts on 93rd and Maple, you can feel the warmth of the people inside. “We greet people with a hearty hello, ask them what we can help with, and hope that they tell us why they’ve come,” says store owner Cindy Odorizzi. “We like to get them talking, build trust that we can help, and give people a sense of community.” 

Next Millennium isn’t just a bookstore—it’s a place where people come to improve themselves in mind, body, and spirit. “We are metaphysical bartenders, giving warm hug experiences to all who enter,” Cindy notes with a smile. They hope to help you on whatever path you have chosen in this lifetime. 

The dream of Next Millennium began in 1996 as a card table with some rocks for sale. Cindy’s husband, Charlie, was a hypnotherapist. When they began to collaborate, their side jobs became an Omaha institution. They opened a storefront on 72nd Street, then doubled in size and moved to their current location, where they have been for 12 years. 

Cindy grew up with a psychic mom, she says. “She always knew what I was doing and said that a little bird told her…there was no little bird.” Growing up with incense lit in the house and séances at the table could be the reason that Cindy grew into the owner of a hub for spiritual and mindful people to gather. This store is somewhere you can go to begin small rituals that will enhance your earthly experience every day. In this space, you might learn to enjoy nature in ways you didn’t before or even unlock your full potential as a mindful and deep thinker. 

Next Millennium sells more than books. They sell tarot cards, crystals, jewelry, candles, incense, sacred plants, local art and imports, and so much more. To find the rocks that they sell in the store, Cindy and her staff head to different crystal shows around the country. “There is a big show in Denver, and we are planning to head to the show in Tucson in the future,” she says. They also work with experienced private dealers. “You have to really know someone in order to have them sell you rocks from the back of their truck,” Cindy acknowledges. “We have rock guys who have been in the business for a long time, and we’ve known them for many years.”

Those who are seeking some sort of guidance in their lives should stop by Next Millennium to meet with people who are reading tarot or providing their own version of guidance in the store. This gives customers an opportunity to learn what may be going on inside themselves. “People come to us when they are facing challenges in their lives or have just gone through major life changes,” Cindy says. “Maybe they are seeking change, or maybe their child is in need of help.” There are many reasons that a person might want a reading done—hearing an outside perspective on what’s happening within us is a powerful way to gain clarity. 

One of the guides at New Millennium is Papa Newt. He uses bones to receive messages and then transfers that knowledge to you. The way the bones land after they are thrown shows him what the universe may be trying to tell you. Another guide at Next Millennium, DreAnna, reads tarot to help people unlock their full potential on this planet. 

It feels otherworldly to receive information in this way, and it may feel strange the first time you get these kinds of messages. It always comes as a surprise when a reader knows something about you that you can’t explain! When you’re looking for guidance or what you might call “a sign,” what better way to connect with these messages than through a compassionate reader at a trusted hometown shop like Next Millennium? 

Of course, don’t forget to check out the book selection. You may find that you are missing some things in your daily life that are key to living as the best version of yourself. Wherever you are in your life and whatever guidance you seek, the people at Next Millennium would like to be your friends on this journey. They encourage you to tap into everything they have to offer at this special place in the heart of Omaha. 

Visit Next Millennium Books and Gifts at 3141 North 93rd Street or call 402-393-1121. To learn more about Next Millennium and the products they offer, visit them online at


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