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The Grout Doctor

Refurbishing, Not Replacing

By Linda Sutherland

Have you noticed that people would often rather replace items than repair or refurbish them? Whether it is clothing, furniture, or an entire home, people would rather just tear them down instead of fixing them up. May I respectfully suggest that we give refurbishing more consideration, especially around the home? We have all seen photos of tired-looking bathrooms with “icky” shower tiles or floors. There is an economical way to fix these unsightly situations without tearing out your entire bathroom. In this world of rising costs and diminishing materials, I think that The Grout Doctor is on the right track.


Frank and Jennifer Allen are the local owners of The Grout Doctor in Omaha. They have been in the business for 15 years now and have no plans to leave it. This lovely couple takes great pride in the work that they do. 


Before they got interested in the grout business, they were both in the culinary and casino industry. That industry takes no holidays, which became problematic once they had a family. They realized that they needed to find another line of work. Before establishing their business, they studied the industry and consulted with experts in the field. They meticulously built their business from the ground up, choosing what they believed would be the best path to success. Something unique to The Grout Doctor is the fact that they are a one-man operation. Their customers appreciate the fact that large crews are not walking in and out of their home. 


Something I did not know before talking to Frank is that grout should be restored and resealed every 18 to 24 months to keep it looking like new. “The amount of mold and mildew that can build up in a bathroom due to dampness is something we should all be aware of,” Frank points out, “but many people wait years, until their grout is in awful condition, before they seek help. Cleaning and resealing regularly helps to minimize staining, as well.” 


When people let their tile and grout go unattended for too long, they may assume that replacement is their only option. Frank is here to tell us that we shouldn’t jump to that conclusion! In fact, one of the most enjoyable aspects of his work is the opportunity to find solutions for people who thought there was no solution. “People may think something needs to be replaced, but actually we might be able to fix it and save them thousands of dollars,” Frank shares. “I like to see every prospective job in person so I can provide an accurate and forthcoming estimate. Our mission is to restore tile and grout to their original beauty and quality.”


Another process I didn’t know much about is grout recoloring, which can be a great option for grout that is dingy but still in pretty good shape. Frank thoroughly cleans the original grout, then color seals it. This can change the entire look of a room! Be sure to ask Frank to see his before and after photos to get an idea of how grout recoloring can improve your space.


Another exciting innovation for me was what Frank can do to glass shower doors. Glass shower doors are beautiful, but they are infamous for being hard to clean and maintain. Frank can apply EnduroShield, which repels water and oil and makes the shower door more resistant to etching and staining.


One of the things that Frank is most proud of is his company’s honest approach to restoration and returning tile and grout to their original splendor. The Grout Doctor provides free estimates and promises a good outcome when they come into your home. Frank will be the first to tell you if he cannot fix an issue, and he will not accept a job if he cannot guarantee that his work will last. 


There is nothing Frank and Jennifer love more than happy customers who love the look of their restored tile and grout. They take pride in providing accurate information and breathing new life into old tile and grout. You can reach Frank at 402-393-2565. To learn more, visit

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Frank Allen, owner

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