Need to Get Organized?

Closet Factory Offers Customized Solutions

By Marge Shoemaker

If you’re like me, you dread organizing the storage areas in your home. Separating everything into those “Keep, Toss, or Donate” piles is the easy part. The difficulty, at least for me, is organizing what remains…putting everything away so I can find what I have when I need it. If this is your dilemma, I have an answer: Closet Factory.

Brian and Jessica Jones, born and raised in Nebraska, are the owners and designers at Closet Factory, providing custom-made organizational units to fit you, your space, and your stuff. More than two years ago, they were both ready for a career change. They looked around for a business or franchise that matched their skills. They found Closet Factory. The previous owner was ready to retire, and his franchise was for sale.

Jessica and Brian were confident that they had the skills necessary to run the business, but they still needed training. Before they took over, the franchising corporation provided two weeks of training in the methods, materials, and merchandise associated with Closet Factory. After their training was complete, they assembled a great team. Gary worked for the previous owner and has been an installer for 14 years. Gabriel (the “shop guy”) has been with Closet Factory for nine years. Amy, the third staff member, was hired as a designer. “It takes all of them to help us make it go,” says Jessica.

At Closet Factory, Jessica explains, 100 percent of their work is custom. “That means we start from scratch. Communication is key…we talk with you about what you want and need, what you like and dislike. We provide a 3-D computer design of what we suggest. After we all agree on the details of wood, stain, and design, then we start construction.”   

Gabriel prepares the basic parts of each unit in the shop, and then Gary brings the materials to your space and measures and cuts them there. Brian explains that all their units are floor-based. “We don’t just hang a cupboard or shelf unit on your wall—that can lead to disaster! We base everything on the floor. It can stand alone, but because of the weight of the things it will hold, we attach each unit to the wall, providing double security.” Painting and staining, contracted to a local professional, are also done at the site to make sure no raw edges are missed.

Jessica and Brian are willing to put in as much time as it takes to make sure each client is happy with the job. “We used to have a showroom with samples of woods and stains as well as pictures of different designs,” Jessica recalls. “Maintaining a showroom away from the factory became cumbersome. It’s much more efficient, both in time and cost, to go to our clients with pictures and ideas and see the space where they want us to work. The physical layout of the job is so important; going to the client’s home and seeing things in person just makes sense.”

Although the business name focuses on closets, the folks at Closet Factory do much more than that. They create customized organizational systems for all over the home. In addition to closets, they design organizers for the home office, the garage, the basement—whatever spaces need better organization. They’ll furnish designs for the pantry (including wine storage), entertainment centers, libraries…the list goes on. Walk-in closets can become dressing rooms with special units for shoe storage and hanging rods adjustable to different heights for different types of clothing. “Not everything is the same length!” Jessica points out. They also install Murphy beds, which fold up into the wall when they’re not in use, freeing up floor space.

Brian and Jessica emphasize that every item they design is custom-made for your space.  “We don’t deal in premade units,” Brian says. “Our designs are always adaptable to your needs.” They believe that happy clients make for a thriving business. “If a client isn’t pleased with the way something came out, we’ll go back and do our best to rectify the problem,” Jessica says. Their aim, Brian concludes, is to make their clients happy. “We do what it takes to make that happen. Nothing is more rewarding than a client joyfully extolling our work as better than expected!”

Closet Factory works primarily in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa. The factory and office are located at 14639 Grover Street, in Omaha. View examples of their work at and You can reach them by phone at 402-697-3600.

Owners Brian and Jessica Jones

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