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Enterprising Ideas

From Forks to Fork Lifts

Honeyman’s Has It All!

By Jackie Byers

Summer is the season of birds, blooms, and sunshine. It is also the season of weddings, graduations, reunions and other gatherings of family and friends. If you want your guests to have a great time at your event, and you want to have a great time right along with them, you’ve got to call Honeyman Rent-All. This local, family-owned business has everything a host or hostess needs.


Honeyman Rent-All for the past 53 years, has been the go-to place for the finest in entertaining accessories. Their tag line says it all: “How can you throw a party and not invite us?” Whether entertaining a large or small group, most likely it will require more flatware, plates, cups, and glasses than you might have on hand. Another scenario is if you want everything to match or you don’t want to use your table service Honeyman Rent-All is the perfect solution. They have an array of plates in several styles and flatware in several finishes plus a huge selection of colored napkins and matching table covers. They also have tables (rectangular, round, or cocktail types) and several styles of chairs. 


Chafing dishes in various sizes and finishes keep food hot. Other pieces can be used to keep food or beverages cold. There are many specialty items that can create a focal point on a buffet table, like the gleaming giant turtle which offers a serving option for charcuterie under the shell. Another crowd pleaser is the chocolate fountain, fun for any type of gathering. The staff suggest that choosing serving pieces is much easier if you already have your menu established. The Honeyman’s staff will help you find just the right serving pieces to highlight your culinary selections.


Honeyman’s has many beverage glasses in all shapes and sizes, including copper Moscow mule mugs. Hosts looking to dispense novelty drinks might choose a margarita or slushie machine. 


For dressing up and defining your space, fabric and sateen backdrops with stands come in two heights and many colors. You can choose sequined or even lighted drapes. Archways or canopies are available, ideal for garden weddings. 


Honeyman’s also has a large selection of entertainment items for all ages and types of events. You can choose from inflatables that include a battle axe game (no sharp edges), bounce houses, and a hula hoop ring toss game, among others. The new game room will give you great ideas, like corn hole, giant Connect Four, casino games, and more. If you’re entertaining the younger set, consider a dinosaur ring toss or a bounce house with slide. A variety of audiovisual and entertainment equipment can have your guests singing their favorite songs on a karaoke machine, dancing on a 12x12-foot dance floor, or listening to the greatest hits from any decade you choose.


With advance notice, Honeyman’s delivers to your door and then picks up items when the party is over for a fee. If you want items loaded in your vehicle when you pick up, the courteous staff will expertly fit the items inside at no extra charge.


You can explore or call 402-333-2882 for more information, but the best way to get a feel for the selection is to show up at 8202 F Street and let Mercedes and Lisa show you around. They can help you plan the party you want. 


Spring does bring one more thing: a list of chores. If you need some seasonal equipment, check out Honeyman’s separate location for equipment rentals, located at 4423 South 84th Street. To learn about what you can rent, go to again—this time, click on the Equipment Rentals heading.


There are plenty of seasonal tasks that are easier to complete when you have the right tools. Many of us don’t have the space to store bulky items that we don’t need to use very often. Need a tiller to clear space for neighborhood garden beds? How about a pole saw to take down that one hanging branch? Taking on a new backsplash but don’t want to buy and store a tile saw? The staff at Honeyman’s equipment rental location is just as knowledgeable and helpful as the staff at the party rental location. No matter what chore you’re tackling, these pros will guide you to the proper tool and give you a refresher course in its use.


The right tools make your job easier and your results better. Let the experts at Honeyman’s Rent-All equipment rental provide the expert advice you need. Call ahead to order what you need at 402-331-6013 or 1-800-260-6013.


Whether you’re planning a get-together or a home project, the experts at Honeyman’s Rent-All will help you find what you need to get the job done right. For party experts, call 402-333-2882 or visit 8202 F Street. For equipment experts, call 402-331-6013 or visit 4223 South 84 Street. Find them both at

Enterprising Ideas- Three generations- LR Mercedes, grandaughter; Lisa, daughter; Pat Hone

Three generations, from left to right: granddaughter Mercedes, daughter Lisa, and mom and owner Pat Honeyman

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