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Ohana Wood Floors, Inc.

High Quality Custom Wood Floors

By Angella Arndt

Do you have wood flooring that needs to be refinished or replaced? If you want new floors, wood flooring is a beautiful and durable option. The professionals at Ohana Wood Floors specialize in installing and refinishing custom wood floors, and they are ready to serve you.


Erik Nawrocki, Curtis Berglund, and Christopher Collins founded Ohana Wood Floors in 2014. The trio worked for a large flooring company for several years before deciding to venture out on their own. With over 50 years of combined experience in the wood flooring industry, the partners wanted to create a company that had a family atmosphere. “Ohana” is the Hawaiian word for “family,” and this concept of caring for each other like family is reflected in their approach to every project.


From start to finish, Erik and his partners take a personal approach. “We treat each floor like it is our own,” Erik shares. “We are honest with homeowners and take the time to explain the process and present an action plan.”


During an initial consultation, the project scope is determined, whether they are installing a new floor or refinishing an existing one. The process is explained fully so homeowners know what to expect, and available products are discussed. After the consultation, customers receive a written estimate that details the cost and approximate timeframe. If the customer decides to move forward with the project, details are finalized and the project is scheduled.


The Ohana approach to service is simple. “We strive for perfection because we want our clients to be happy,” Erik affirms. “We treat people like family. We want customers to call back with new projects because they are happy with our previous work.”


Communication is vital for Erik and his partners. “We strive for perfection in our service. We receive regular customer comments about the quality of our communication, personal service, and timeliness. We address all questions and issues, and quality control is important to us.”


Erik shares his thoughts about what homeowners should consider when hiring a company to install or refinish wood flooring. Is the company experienced in your type of job? Keep in mind that less experienced companies may charge less to attract customers. When comparing quotes, make sure the details are comparable. Ask for references and an estimated timeframe for the job. How are unexpected issues handled? How do they handle dust and cleanup? The answers to these questions will help you choose the company best suited for your job.


At Ohana, they refinish existing floors and install both solid and engineered wood floors. “We strive to give you the best product that will last the longest,” Erik emphasizes. They use a commercial catalyzed wood floor water-based sealer. This product is so long-lasting and durable that it is used in commercial and high-wear locations like basketball courts. Three coats of finish are applied to floors for added durability. To keep a lid on the dust and mess, the company uses one of the market’s most efficient dust containment systems.


Erik and his partners are Bona-certified craftsmen, meaning they have been trained in industry best practices, possess in-depth knowledge about the products they use, and are trained in applying finishes, stains, and abrasives. Ohana Wood Floors is a member of the National Wood Flooring Association and the Better Business Bureau.


Education is also essential to the team at Ohana. Erik advises that many products marketed for maintaining wood flooring are actually not great for wood floors. Some products designed to restore shine to wood floors can actually leave a film, leading to a more involved and expensive refinishing process. “We like educating customers and want them to understand that better products lead to longer-lasting floors,” Erik says. A wood floor that is properly cared for usually requires recoating every three to 5 years and refinishing every 10 to 15 years, depending upon the extent of wear and tear it endures. The Ohana team educates customers about the proper care of floors and provides complimentary cleaning kits.


Fewer companies are refinishing wood floors these days, Erik says. With the growing popularity of luxury vinyl tile and pre-engineered wood floors, many flooring companies are only in the business of installing new flooring. “Refinishing is a dying art—many companies will not touch a sanding job,” Erik reports. “However, wood floors are going to be here forever. They are hypoallergenic, add value to a home, and, if cared for properly, will last for a lifetime.”


If your wood floors need some attention, call or text 402-880-0723 or email to schedule an appointment with Ohana Wood Floors. You can find them online at

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L-R Curtis Berglund,
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