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Anderson Structures

Superior Custom Builds

By Deborah Daley

A legacy of excellence, with strong family ties, superior workmanship, and a reputation for putting customers first—these are all characteristics of Anderson Structures, LLC, based in Oakland, Nebraska. If you are looking for residential personal storage or outbuildings, buildings for your business, or quality structures to protect your agricultural investments and equipment, look no further than Anderson Structures.


Oakland native Paul Anderson and his wife, Anna, bought the company in 2019 and continue to co-own it. “I began working for my brothers-in-law in the late 1970s, right after graduating from high school,” Paul recalls. “At the time, they worked in grain handling and storage. Eventually, they expanded into building construction and engineering, and I learned all aspects of the trade. It is hard for me to believe, but I have been in this business for 40 years.” As the head of Anderson Structures, Paul is responsible for all aspects of the business, from sales to marketing, as well as designing structures and scheduling production crews.


When Paul says that Anderson Structures handles all types of buildings, he is not exaggerating—just check out the project photos at “Our website showcases many of our projects, and the variety is amazing,” he says. “We build homes, farm and storage buildings, she-sheds, park shelters, horse barns and riding arenas, shops, pool buildings, basketball courts, RV storage, and even dog kennels. If you have a need, we can design it and build it.” They also build a structure known as a “barn-dominium,” which is a barn or workshop building with a fully finished portion that can serve as a residence.


Buildings created by Anderson Structures are engineered to the specific needs of the customer, which can lead to some interesting requests. “We built an indoor basketball court with a theater, and a hardware store,” Paul shares. “We also recently built a car wash, complete with heated floors. During the pandemic, we created a structure over a pool.”


One of Paul’s most unique projects was with customer Brett Johnson. Working together, Paul and Brett designed a customer-built farm shop/storage with an office that had mammoth storage for equipment and personal use items, a garage shop, huge entertainment rooms, living areas, and vast windows to view the spectacular scenery in the area. “I came to Paul because Anderson Structures is a local company with a great reputation for workmanship and high-quality product,” Brett says. “He and I developed the design and created the engineering plans for this unique project, and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.”


Paul says the firm’s strong reputation is what keeps customers coming back. “Our motto is that we build our customers’ structures as if we were building them for ourselves,” he attests. “We take pride in our workmanship, and we strive to exceed expectations. As a result, we work with many repeat customers and many people who have been referred to us by other customers.” He also believes strongly in using high-quality materials, which his customers appreciate. Anderson Structures is a local dealer for the popular Lester Buildings and Sentinel brand buildings and prefers to use the highest-quality products available.


The construction industry is not without its challenges. “In this day and age,” Paul notes, “people want immediate results. I communicate up front with our customers so they understand that building structures is a process and, depending on the complexities of the design, can take significant time. After the design process, we have to obtain the proper permits, work with contractors for concrete crews, electricity and plumbing, and then construct the building.”


However, the rewards of the work consistently outweigh the challenges. “I enjoy driving by a building years after we built it, seeing it in use and standing the test of time,” Paul says. In addition, many of his customers have become lifelong friends.


A vital piece of Paul’s successful business is having a crew that he can depend on. When Paul had COVID-19, he was hospitalized for more than 130 days. After he recovered, he found that he was not able to do the incredibly physical parts of the building process as well as he could before he was sick. Luckily, he says, “ I have an exceptional crew that takes pride in their work, as well as being talented in their trade. Together we have over 60 years of building experience in the building business.” We all need a team to rely on! “Owning a business is a marathon, not a sprint,” he points out. “You have to put the time in, often sacrificing your personal agendas. You learn to work smarter.”


The office for Anderson Structures is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 1151 County Road H, in Oakland, Nebraska. Reach them by phone at 402-685-6176 or online at

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Anna and Paul Anderson, Owners

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