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By Maria Harding


Shelter Insurance® Agent Annette Schneider has been looking out for her clients’ best interests for a quarter of a century.  Shelter Insurance® offers all types of coverage, but Annette wants to share with us the importance of life insurance and policies for business owners.


Life insurance policies are not just for end-of-life needs. “One of the best policies Shelter has is called the ‘Junior Special,’” Annette says. It’s available to children ages birth through 17 years old. By opening a life insurance policy while your children are still young, you are protecting their future. For example, if your child were to be involved in a debilitating accident or develop a chronic illness during youth, it may be very difficult to get coverage for them later.


Your employer may offer life insurance, but it might not cover much, and it may not travel with you if you leave the company. There’s also no guarantee that your employer will continue offering life insurance as a benefit. Understanding the fine print and planning for your family’s security after your death is important. Annette is honored to act as a facilitator, opening potentially uncomfortable discussions. “It is an uncomfortable topic to talk about, but if I don’t bring it up, then who will?” she asks. “It’s really the last love letter you can leave your family.”


Life insurance options vary and are also available for business owners. Annette recommends “Key Man” life insurance coverage, which allows the business to purchase the deceased owner’s portion of the business. Key Man life insurance can be term or permanent life insurance products. If you are a CEO, top salesperson, or other position that holds ownership in a business, it is extremely important to ensure you protect the organization and your heirs’ interest in your estate. Annette goes on to state, “I’ve seen many businesses close down because a surviving spouse wants to be paid their interest in the business in full and the business doesn’t have the funds to do that.”


An agent can help assist their clients in determining the proper coverages when they recognize that they have a responsibility to communicate clearly with their agent. “Annual reviews are important,” Annette emphasizes. “I really want to understand what it is my clients do.


Sometimes entrepreneurs are in several different businesses. Is each one covered the way it should be?”


It is also important to be frank with your insurance agent about your net worth. “People don’t want to disclose that,” Annette notes, “but it’s important. Agents are protecting them.” An insurance agent can help you to determine what your coverages lack, and net worth is one factor in determining this. Individuals with high net worth may also need higher liability limits.


If part of your business is run from home, mention this to your agent. Regular homeowner’s insurance might not cover expensive specialized equipment or cover injuries if a customer were to slip and fall. Is your car used for business purposes?


Umbrella policies are essential if you are responsible for an accident that causes devastating injury and loss beyond what is covered by your other policies. “Many people who are good with their money think that they can have state minimums on their care, even though they live in a $500,000 home and make $100,000 a year,” marvels Annette.  “They’re not protected! They’re allowing their income to be open to the courts, who could take a portion of their income if there is a judgment against them.”


Annette Schneider wants to make sure her clients are protected. To ensure this, she says, “I’ll ask questions that others won’t.” She believes in empowering people by educating them. “As agents, we represent our clients. We’re looking out for them. I truly care about the people in my community.”


To reach Annette, call 402-293-7750 or email her at Shelter Life Insurance Company, Columbia, Missouri

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Annette Schneider, Shelter Agent