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Read what our advertisers are saying about Women's Edition Magazine.

BodyWise Therapy

“On a regular basis, I receive feedback from my clients about how much they enjoy Women’s Edition. They love the articles and finding businesses that they didn’t know about until they read Women’s Edition. I personally enjoy the informative, easy-to-read articles and how well the magazine is laid out. 

From a business perspective, advertising in Women’s Edition has been very beneficial in helping my business grow. I get new clients on a regular basis from Women’s Edition.”

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Debra Groesser copy.jpg
Deborah Joy Groesser Fine Art

“I began advertising with Women’s Edition starting with the November 2019 issue and I have been thrilled with the results! I’ve had numerous new clients come to the gallery because they saw my ads in Women’s Edition, even as I’ve been working by appointment in recent months due to the pandemic. Most had never been to downtown Ralston, where I’m located, so introducing them to our town and what we have to offer has been another benefit! The advertising has resulted not only in sales, but also in new followers on my social media platforms and new newsletter subscribers. Together with their outstanding customer service and sales results, advertising with Women’s Edition has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my business. Thank you, Women’s Edition!” 

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Facial Surgery Kuhn
Facial Surgery Institute

“As an advertiser in Women’s Edition since March of 1996, I’d like to take this opportunity to say how pleased we are with the results we have received from being involved with the magazine. Women’s Edition offers a very professional and effective format that allows us to get the message out to women (even men) regarding all the services we provide. We continue to see consistent potential patients flow to our practice from our marketing in Women’s Edition.”

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Simple Senior copy.jpg
Simple Senior Solutions

Women’s Edition has been a great tool for our business. With their guidance on graphics and wording, we are getting calls and emails from great fitting customers, so the message is clear in regard to the problem we solve. We have been able to reach new customers on an individual basis. We are so happy to have formed this relationship. It helps us help our customers transition into senior living with a lot less stress!

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