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The Vickeridge

A Hidden Treasure for Lincoln 

By Kit Boesch 

Havelock is a little hideaway full of surprises, tucked into the northeast part of Lincoln, Nebraska. It was, in fact, its own community from 1893 until 1930, when it was annexed by the city of Lincoln. Sometimes, when a small community is annexed by a larger city, the village is swallowed up and loses its identity. Instead, Havelock stores and restaurants flourished. The Vickeridge is one such store. This is not a standard department store like Dillard’s or JCPenney. Quite the contrary! This is one of the most unique women’s clothing stores you will ever have the pleasure to shop. 

On October 1, 2020, The Vickeridge will be 51 years old. Started by Bob and Vicki (hence the name Vickeridge) Rokeby, it sold women’s clothing for all ages, sizes 6 to 24. Clothing was located on two floors, with the upstairs known as the Top Shop. Today Tammie operates the store on one level for ease of customer navigation. What hasn’t changed is the wonderful customer welcome and personalized service. When she seeks new inventory, Tammie buys with her personal customers in mind—customers who come from all over the state. When you shop The Vickeridge, you won’t find a huge mall atmosphere but rather a very personalized shopping experience. Havelock is a wonderful location for many reasons. There are open sidewalks, great parking right around the store, and restaurants within walking distance. 

When you talk with Tammie, you can feel her love of the business. She has various styles from various vendors because not everyone likes the same thing. The window displays, which Tammie attributes to her mother, are designed to help you visualize yourself in the season’s clothing. The store layout makes it very easy to find the size and style that best suits your taste. Tammie encourages you to walk around the store and “feel” the merchandise. Examine the color and fabric. Try it on and see how it fits! Enjoy all the things about in-person clothes shopping that you can’t experience online. 

Elizabeth Olsen is one customer who enjoys shopping at The Vickeridge. “I love it! Everything here is so unique—racks full of great colors and every imaginable outfit you could possibly want. Sometimes it’s fun to just drive by slowly and scan the windows, too,” she says with a smile.  

There are other reasons that shopping at The Vickeridge is an experience to treasure. The store carries some well-known brands (like Foxcroft). They also have specialty lines from Claire Desjardins, a Canadian clothes artist; FDJ French Dressing; and Et’Lois, which is made in the USA. They carry sizes 6 to 24 and invite people of all sizes, ages, and genders to shop. “ The Vickeridge hosts special events throughout the year. They have gift cards, free gift wrapping, and an easy return policy of exchange for any in-store item or credit. 

When you are purchasing clothing, do you ever think about what jewelry you have or will need to make your new outfit really stand out? Tammie has large glass display cases with exceptional jewelry at affordable prices. You will find handmade designs from artists as close as Lincoln and Omaha or as far away as Eureka Springs, Arkansas. 

If all this doesn’t sound great enough, an important reason to support The Vickeridge is that this business gives back to the community. They have provided style shows at no cost for several non-profit organizations. They depend on their community, and they want the community to know it can depend on them. “Mom and pop stores are and will always be the backbone of our country,” Tammie says.

If you want unique clothing at reasonable prices, you needn’t go farther than the community of Havelock. The Vickeridge will offer you an amazing shopping experience. Parking is a breeze. You will find styles and prices that delight, and you’ll know that you are supporting a hometown business. Hats off to The Vickeridge, and congratulations on 51 years serving Lincoln and our surrounding communities. The Vickeridge is located at 6140 Havelock Avenue, Suite A, in Lincoln. You can reach them at 402-466-6763 or find them on Facebook. 

Rosemary Junker and Owner Tammie Spencer 

The Vickeridge
6140 Havelock Avenue
Suite A, in Lincoln

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