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By Jodi Fuson 

Pharmacy Solutions is Victoria Springer’s knight in shining armor when it comes to filling her prescription. Victoria has Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune disorder involving the thyroid, and her dosage requirements are constantly fluctuating. She says she can always count on Pharmacy Solutions to make the necessary changes. 

Pharmacy Solutions is more than just a place to pick up a prescription, she continues. They’re caring, kind, knowledgeable, and highly skilled. She appreciates that they ask detailed questions about her health needs and always offer her the opportunity to consult with a pharmacist. 

Owner and pharmacist Lyndell White sees her staff members as problem solvers. Certified pharmacy technician Noelle Burns has been part of the problem-solving team for seven years. Her main focus is making specialized capsules for customers with needs like Victoria’s. “I feel like whatever we’re making for them is giving them a better quality of life,” Noelle shares. 

No two days are the same for Noelle as she mixes up  “recipes” of the pharmacist created formula. The process is called compounding, and it involves using the individual ingredients prescribed by a health practitioner and mixing them together in the exact strength and dosage required by the patient. Medications can be tailored to be sustained or slow release, and she can compensate for customers who have allergies to dyes, gluten, or other inactive ingredients often found in medications. 

Pharmacist Halie Osburn is a recent addition to the Pharmacy Solutions team. She comes from a retail pharmacy background and sees a real difference at Pharmacy Solutions. They don’t stock drugs that are commercially available at other pharmacies; instead, they cater to each patient’s specific needs and dose. “I like that everything we do is individualized,” explains Halie. For example, if someone has trouble swallowing pills but needs a medication that is generally offered in pill form, Pharmacy Solutions can help by compounding the correct dose but in a different form, like a liquid. “I like to make people feel at home here,” Halie continues. That means making customers feel not just welcome but also comfortable enough to ask questions. “We’re one of the most accessible healthcare practitioners.” 

Tammie Fitzgerald started frequenting Pharmacy Solutions about five years ago, after her health practitioner referred her for a hormonal imbalance. When she hit her 40s, Tammie began to experience headaches and a lack of energy. After dropping her children off at school, she often went home and back to bed. Some testing revealed that she would benefit from starting a progesterone and estrogen regimen. She went to Pharmacy Solutions, and “they hooked me up with everything I needed,” she shares. It worked immediately, and she’s felt great ever since. 

Now, Tammie sends all of her friends to Pharmacy Solutions for their medication needs. “I just feel like they have something for everything,” she shares. She also appreciates that Pharmacy Solutions is an independent, locally owned pharmacy. 

Compounded medications and personal consultations with a pharmacist can be valuable resources for many women who, like Tammie, are experiencing symptoms related to perimenopause and menopause. Through a one-on-one consultation, Lyndell can help identify why a woman’s body might not be working optimally and come up with a recommendation. 

During consultations, one of the pharmacists Lyndell, Jeanne, or Sheri seeks to identify and explain their patients’ symptoms, discuss lifestyle management and diet, and find out what medications patients are already taking. Hormonal symptoms may include not sleeping well, depression, anxiety, and lack of energy. 

Lyndell reviews each person’s medical history and any lab test results that may be relevant. “We work very closely with prescribers so that patients get the best results they can,” Lyndell adds. “We can identify which hormones are deficient, based on blood work and a saliva test.” An assessment that patients take before they begin hormone treatment helps gauge symptom improvement. If they are not seeing results, Lyndell has them come back in for another evaluation. 

Pharmacy Solutions can also help with other health issues, such as gut health and weight loss. For those seeking to lose weight, Ideal Protein products and an Ideal Protein coach are available at Pharmacy Solutions. 

Sometimes, you’re not sure if something is wrong, but you just don’t feel like yourself. In those cases, Pharmacy Solutions is there to help patch up the holes, Lyndell states. “We thoroughly love working with our patients, being that resource for them. We give them the tools to regain control over their health journey.” The end goal is to keep each patient’s medication profile as low as possible, Lyndell concludes. To schedule a personalized consultation, contact Pharmacy Solutions at 402-486-3383. Pharmacy Solutions is located at 5750 Hidcote Drive, in Lincoln. For more information, please visit

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