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By Jennica Boardman


Many people often equate “aging” with “slowing down,” but that’s far from inevitable. Those of us who have spent our lives craving exploration and growth don’t lose that passion just because we’ve gotten older! The Residence at Gramercy, located at 6800 A Street in Lincoln, Nebraska, is a community that offers both independent and assisted living, encouraging ongoing life enrichment for every resident. They believe that advanced age should not prevent us from living life!


Catherine Horner is the executive director of The Residence at Gramercy. She oversees the management and administration of the community. She graduated from Arizona State with a degree in management, and she brings years of human resources experience to the community.  Her philosophy is to help residents live life to the fullest, and she finds great value in making people’s lives better.


The Residence at Gramercy provides varying levels of care so that residents have the option to remain as independent as possible, as long as possible. The comfortable, apartment-style housing feels like home but offers more care, as needed. The wellness department encourages residents to stay active with daily activities, transportation services, field trips, and shopping at local businesses. 


The Residence at Gramercy offers a variety of housing to best fit individuals with varying needs. “We work to accommodate everyone who joins the community,” Catherine says. “We have some furnished apartments that can be charged at a daily rate, for residents who move in briefly to focus on getting strong before going back home.” Other forms of housing are set up to support longer-term residents. For example, residents who prefer to cook their own meals can live in an apartment with a kitchenette. In fact, one of their current residents regularly treats the whole building to the amazing smell of cinnamon rolls. For residents would prefer not to cook, the kitchens provide full meals and snacks throughout the day. 


For community safety, The Residence at Gramercy has 24-hour security on site as well as video surveillance. It also has a very scenic landscape, with a sidewalk around the buildings where many residents walk their pets. Popular common areas include a library, chapel, activities room, outdoor patios, and a bird-watching area inside the lobby, starring numerous friendly, bright, and colorful birds. You can often see residents socializing and crafting in the community. 


Activities that keep everyone active include bingo, card games, book clubs, coffee hours, card players, bell choir, and many more. These events are communicated through a monthly newsletter that describes events and activities for the community. This allows residents to stay active with their own interests and at their own pace but also provides many opportunities to try something new. 


Residents are also encouraged to explore and have fun outside the community. Many local businesses are within walking distance, including restaurants, stores, and a fitness center. If residents need transportation to businesses farther away, they can take advantage of the community’s transportation services. Additional off-site fun for the community includes Wii bowling tournaments with other communities and Lunch’n’Learns hosted by UNL.


Catherine wants potential residents to know that she considers everyone’s wants and needs when they come to live at The Residence at Gramercy. She views people holistically and encourages people of all ages and abilities to live life to the fullest. This isn’t a place where your freedom is taken away. “You have rights, and you don’t lose them,” she asserts. Residents have the same opportunities they had outside of the community, but they also have access to everything the community offers! “We go over all of that when residents come in,” Catherine says. 


Catherine is always working to upgrade and grow the community. Last year, The Residence at Gramercy celebrated its 35-year anniversary as well as being recently rated the best assisted living in Lincoln by and the senior care referral service A Place for Mom ( 


Don’t let yourself believe that getting older has to mean slowing down. You can stay independent longer with just a little help from your community. Whether you seek a place for yourself or a place for your loved ones, The Residence at Gramercy is worth a look! If you are interested in learning more about a lively and active retirement community right here in Lincoln, you can reach out to The Residence at Gramercy at 844-964-2583. The community is located at 6800 A Street, in Lincoln. 

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