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The Vickeridge 

Success With Community Support

By Mia Azizah

Nestled in Lincoln’s historic Havelock neighborhood, a lovely clothing shop tells the story of how family and community support are the keys to success. The Vickeridge is a locally owned business specializing in women’s fashions, first started by Bob and Vicki Rokeby about 50 years ago. While many things have changed over the decades, their family’s dedication to customer service and high-quality products has not. The Vickeridge continues to value customers, family, and community. 


Today, the store is operated by Tammie and Gayle. The store offers women’s clothing, and accessories for all occasions, from work to weekend outings to dinner dates. The Vickeridge carries sizes six to 24, so women of all sizes will be able to find something special. Brands at the store include Tribal, specialty lines from Canadian clothes artist FDJ French Dressing, Ali Miles and Charlie B. 


Tammie handpicks an exceptional selection of jewelry to offer at affordable prices at The Vickeridge. These jewelry items are handmade designs from artists as close by as Lincoln and Omaha or as far away as Eureka Springs, Arkansas. If you can’t find what to wear for that special day, The Vickeridge is the place you need to check out! 


Tammie works closely with many vendors so that she can provide different styles of clothing for customers with varying tastes. The clothes in the store are conveniently displayed according to the season. The layout of the store is carefully considered and very easy to navigate. Tammie encourages first-time customers to walk around the store, feel the merchandise, and try out different colors and fabrics. What makes the in-store clothes shopping experience so valuable is the interaction that customers can have with the clothing items and with Tammie herself. She loves to see the joy on her customers’ faces when they find the perfect outfit. 


One of the things Tammie values most about The Vickeridge is the opportunity it provides her to build personal relationships with her many returning customers. “I think of the people who come to my store as friends. I don’t think of them as customers, ”Tammie shares. “I have families with two and three generations who are coming back. It’s because they know we’re here to help them. ”When you enter The Vickeridge, as these loyal customers can attest, you’re sure to be greeted with a smile and you will more than likely be leaving with a great outfit at a great price.


The Vickeridge has been a favorite in Lincoln for years, and one of the reasons for that is the consistently affordable prices. In November and December, The Vickeridge has even better prices during their sales for the holiday season. They offer gift cards, complimentary gift wrapping, and an easy return policy of exchange for any in-store item or store credit. This year, The Vickeridge will also provide free delivery. Tammie encourages customers to call the store or check their Facebook page for more details and updates. 


The store’s years of success are because of the community support, Tammie says. Many of her returning customers tell their family and friends about the store’s fashionable items, affordable prices, and excellent customer service. This local word-of-mouth advertising is how Tammie makes new connections with new customers…who soon become new friends. Carrie, for example, has shopped at The Vickeridge for 20 years. “They always try to make you feel at home,” she says. This friendly experience is what keeps her coming back for more. 


During unpredictable times, Tammie and her siblings continue to make their family proud at The Vickeridge. Small businesses in Lincoln, around the nation, and around the world have been hit hard by the challenges of the pandemic. Long ago, Tammie learned from her parents that local businesses are the backbone of a community, and now she has seen firsthand how the businesses in the Havelock area have been coming together and supporting each other. She’s grateful for the support and for the opportunity to support her fellow business owners. “With the way things are right now in the world, we need all the help we can get,” she notes. “We all need to shop at local stores. There are wonderful little businesses where you can find great things that you don’t find in major stores.” 


This holiday season, and all year, support local businesses like The Vickeridge. The Vickeridge is located with convenient parking at 6140 Havelock Avenue, Suite A, in Lincoln. For more information, please call 402-466-6763 or find them on Facebook. 

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