Find Your Blessings

2020…What a year it’s been so far!

A while back, my husband, Manny, and I were watching a biography on Garth Brooks. Garth said something in the film that I reflect on daily. He said his father taught him that “every blessing has a curse and every curse has a blessing.” 

As I reflect on things that are going on around the world, I work on taking a broad view of the situation and attempt to find both the curse and the blessing. It can be very difficult to find the blessing while in the midst of the curse. What I have learned to do is look back on my own life and think about the “curses” that I have endured. I can always discover what the blessing was…no matter how awful the curse was at the time. 

What blessings do I see in what we’ve been going through during this pandemic? I believe that this experience has taught business owners to grow, learn, and become more connected with other small businesses. We all know that we truly are all in this together. It has also forced us to realize how important all those consumers—you—are to our companies, and this has made us even more appreciative of all of you. 

Though we’re enduring the curse of social distancing between family and friends, the blessing is that people are realizing how important others are in their lives. The forced closeness is making many of us take a look at our spouses or significant others and remember how important they are to us, and how much we appreciate having them in our lives. I know that I have definitely done that!

This month, Manny and I will celebrate our one-year anniversary. How did that happen so quickly? Happy anniversary, Manny. I love you more each and every day! As we approach this milestone, Manny points out that we won’t be newlyweds anymore. Well, I looked it up, and I discovered that you can be considered a newlywed for the first four years of your marriage. That made me smile!

I hope all of you are able to squeeze at least a little bit of joy out of the summer we have left. Look for the blessing in everyone you encounter and everything you do. It makes life so much sweeter!

P.S. Happy birthday to my sweet granddaughter, McKenna. She turns nine years old on August 23!

Positive Thought of the Month


“The storm you face is your teacher. The experience you gain is your lesson. The life you make from it all is your blessing.
Always remember, the teacher teaches a lesson that becomes a blessing. Embrace the storm and watch your life change
as you utilize the lesson. Your better days lie ahead...just hold on!” -—Kemi Sogunle

Janet Van deWalle,
National Publisher

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