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Hello, all! Turkey Day is going to be here before we know it. I hope you all have plans for that special day and have begun making your lists of all that we have to be thankful for.

I’m guessing we all agree that 2020 has certainly been a year for the record books. Because of that, I think this Thanksgiving Day is more important than any Thanksgiving Day we have had in a very long time. I don’t know about you, but I really dislike the feelings of anger, fear, depression, blame, and guilt. We all have had to face these emotions this year. It is understandable…and quite find ourselves heading down the path of negativity to the “dark side.” Let’s not beat ourselves up about that. Rather, let’s work together to gradually come back to the light. 

The best way I’ve discovered to get back to who we really are is to be thankful for and appreciative of everyone and everything that we have in our lives. Making a list that we can refer to, multiple times a day, makes it a little bit easier to stay on track when seeking our joy. Even the “little” things, if we make a point to recognize them, will make our day, our week, our month, and the end of 2020, better—because WE will be better.

Another thing that has helped me through this is having my Positive Buddy call me out when I’m getting too negative. My husband, Manny, is my Positive Buddy. He and I have agreed that we can help each other stay positive throughout all of this. Instead of commiserating about the challenges that we all face, we take a deep breath and encourage each other to focus on the positive instead of the negative. It helps! It makes us both feel better, regardless of which one of us has been negative. See if you can find a Positive Buddy to help the two of you get through this.

November is the beginning of holiday shopping. Tiffanie Gregory, my Lincoln Operations Manager at Women’s Edition, told me the other day that she and her family have made the decision to shop local for all of their Christmas gifts. I thought that was a terrific idea and told her I would share it with all of you. Local businesses are the backbone of our communities. They are our neighbors, our friends, and our family. If we all make this same commitment, it will help EVERYONE! 

Enjoy your lives, appreciate the good, and enjoy the turkey!

Janet Van deWalle,
National Publisher

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