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Decide Our Fate

Happy fall! I’ve been listening to music a lot over the last several weeks. My husband, Manny, and I rarely turn on the television. If we do, it is to watch a movie—sometimes a romantic comedy, sometimes a documentary, sometimes sci-fi. Sometimes, we even watch war movies. (After all, Manny is a 20-year Navy vet!) Usually, we leave the television off. Instead, we turn on a wide variety of music and simply sit and talk.

Both of us have always been huge Jason Mraz fans. As a matter of fact, the first concert we ever attended together was when Jason Mraz performed at Red Rocks in Colorado. Now, that was an unforgettable concert!

The thing that has always drawn us to Jason Mraz as a performer is how he is so very positive. He recently came out with a new album, and it is called “Look for the Good.” This new album came out at the perfect time…not just for us, but for everyone who is looking for some relief from their day-to-day experiences. 

The first time I heard the eponymous track, I remember asking Google to “repeat last song” over and over. The line that caught my attention was: “People done gone crazy, people done gone mad. People done forgot the superpowers we all have.” Boy, did that ever hit the nail on the head! 

“We were born to love, not hate, we can decide our fate,” he continues, “and look for the good in everyone and celebrate all our mistakes.” Hearing those words brought tears to my eyes. I do know that there have been very few conversations lately about love and way too many about hate. The lyrics also remind us that we can all decide what we are going to put our attention to—every single day.

“Look for the good in everything. Look for the people who will set your soul free. It always seems impossible until it’s done. Look for the good in everyone.” This is a great song to wake up to. This is a great song to live by in these…times. If we put our attention to looking for the good in everything, it will make our days and nights so much better. 

I believe many of us—including me!—have spent lots of time and energy over the last several months judging, ridiculing, and becoming angrier. This has made us a whole lot less happy. I’ve decided I’m going to follow Jason’s lead and look for the good in everything. I already feel better!

See you next month.

Positive Thought of the Month


“Look for the good in everything.”—Jason Mraz

Janet Van deWalle,
National Publisher

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