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S​urprise, Surprise!

Happy spring, everyone! Last month, we had some of the coldest temperatures here on record for a very long time. It was so cold that Manny and I had a couple of windows break because of the frigid temperatures. The good news was that, even though they are 24 years old, they are covered by the lifetime warranty. Boy, you don’t see those very much nowadays!


Today, it was 75 degrees and sunny. It is amazing to me how people’s moods change with the weather. When I walked into offices, people were smiling…I know now how to decipher that through people’s masks! Lots of the offices had their office doors open to let in the fresh air and relish in the sun.


When I walked out to my car today, I smiled at how beautiful the day was. Then I asked myself, do I love Nebraska weather because of the seasonal changes, or do I love Nebraska simply to see if I can tough it out through the rotten winters? I’m not sure I have the answer!


Last month, I shared that Manny’s birthday was coming on March 8 and that I had never been able to keep his gift a secret. I was committed to not letting it slip this year…and I succeeded! It’s not that he didn’t try. I told my friend, Kelly, what he was getting, but I told her that if she shared, I’d have to kill her! After I told Manny this, he immediately texted Kelly to ask her what I had gotten for him. She held firm, saying she was a vault that couldn’t be broken into! Kelly and I have had lots of fun with this over the last month.


So, everyone asks, what did you give him? Well, Manny is a huge LA Dodgers fan. Has been for years. Frankly, he’s turned me into one. I gave him an official shadow box commemorating their World Series Win in 2020…baseball included and all. It’s pretty cool! Manny told me he loved it and wouldn’t have guessed in a million years what it was. 


I admit, it was hard to not give it up. Manny is quite the salesperson and is very persuasive, but I held my ground. It’s been a great month, and I know April will be even better.


See you next month!

Positive Thought of the Month


"One of the most beneficial and valuable gifts we can give to ourselves in this life is allowing ourselves to be surprised! It is okay if life surprises you. It’s a good thing!"

— C. JoyBell C.

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