Publisher's Notes

2021 Is a Great Year!​

Happy New Year, all! I am affirming that 2021 is a year filled with hope. I am affirming that 2021 is a year of great family time together. I am affirming that 2021 is a year of reconnecting with friends who we have missed. I am affirming that the entire world is healing, growing, and prospering. Will you join me?


Affirmations are a tool that I have used for most of my life. The other night, I was reading a book called “How to Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. It reminded me of something that I had forgotten. When making affirmations, it is very important to speak in the present tense. I had forgotten that! Rereading some of my favorite books jogs my memory and helps me to remember important things I have forgotten. This was a biggie! It is logical, though. If we state what we want as being in the future, it will always be just beyond our reach. No more—now, I remember.


My husband, Manny, and I have helped each other to maintain positivity in our lives—both individually and in our marriage. Affirmations are one way we help each other stay on track. Our favorite thing to do is sit and talk…about everything. We talk at night before we head to bed. We talk in the morning with our cups of coffee. Our weekends begin…and end…with talking to one another. 


All of this talking allows us to learn FROM each other and to learn ABOUT each other. We have known each other for over eight years, but we are still newlyweds. August 25th of 2021 will be our second wedding anniversary. I admit, married life is different. Both Manny and I realize that we have to work on our relationship every single day to keep it growing, changing, and healthy.


January is a big birthday month for our family. My daughter, Carissa, will celebrate her 42nd on January 29, and my granddaughter, Savannah, will turn sweet 16 on January 27. Where has the time gone? I remember when Savannah was born—my first grandchild. Savannah was very reluctant to enter the world. My daughter had a 26-hour labor that ended with an emergency C-section. Carissa had to be put under general anesthesia because the epidural didn’t work. Her husband, Ken, was the first to see Savannah. I was the second. She was beautiful then and is even more beautiful now! Savannah looks just like her mom. Happy birthday, Carissa 

and Savannah!


Hope you all are doing great. 2021 is a bang-up year!

Janet Van deWalle,
National Publisher

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"Everything in my life works now and forevermore."

— Louise Hay

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