If It Glitters, It Might Be Gold

Local Jeweler Makes Dreams Come True

By Leah Johnson


Ask Eddie McNulty, the master craftsman at McNulty Jewelers, about his favorite stone, and his eyes light up. “I love color,” he explains, “and sapphires come in every color. They’re hard stones, so you can make them into rings, pendants, earrings, anything you want.” Eddie is known throughout Colorado Springs—and, more recently, Black Forest—for his creative jewelry design and expert repair services. 

“I was always drawing when I was growing up,” he says, and recalls an early interest in design. With the eye of an artist, Eddie can look at a customer’s pair of antique diamond earrings and see a sparkling custom ring waiting to be fashioned from the raw materials. “He’s very talented, and he understands that custom design is a very personal thing,” says Amber Martin, one of Eddie’s loyal customers. “He wants to know the family stories behind the pieces that are brought to him, and I appreciate that.”

Jay Pope is another satisfied customer. “I went into the store not knowing whether my vision for a custom engagement ring was even possible, but Cassandra and Eddie made it happen. My new bride loves it! I also liked the idea of supporting a local business rather than a chain store.”

Jewelry repair is the other side of Eddie’s business. Savvy customers know that working with Eddie is a smart way to save money. Since some larger jewelry stores do not have a jeweler on the premises, they send repairs off-site to an independent jeweler…such as Eddie. The customer pays a surcharge to the jewelry store on top of the independent jeweler’s cost. By working directly with Eddie instead, customers can avoid that surcharge. They also benefit from being able speak directly to the jeweler who will handle their work. Knowing that everything is done on the premises brings additional peace of mind. “With Eddie, you just know that everything will turn out beautifully,” says Amber.

Eddie is proud of the high quality he brings to his craft, and he enjoys his work. He often does a little additional repair or design work free of charge. Why? “Because my name is on the door!” he exclaims with pride, gesturing broadly to the store entrance. “Repeat customers are the backbone of my business.” 

“We have a very loyal customer base,” smiles Cassandra Carter, Eddie’s longtime and irreplaceable store manager. “We have people who don’t go anywhere else. We also have people who have moved away but make a point of coming here to do their shopping and repair work when they’re back in town to visit family.”

Cassandra is also the talented photographer behind the photos that line the store walls. These photos of Eddie’s work serve as inspiration for customers who desire custom work and as conversation pieces for others who might be choosing a special gift-ready piece from a display case.

In May 2019, Eddie opened the second location of McNulty Jewelers, in Black Forest. The store design reflects his deep commitment to community, family, friends, and quality. Reclaimed wood from the Black Forest fire of 2013 was carefully selected and worked prominently into the store design. “I really wanted this shop to reflect its unique location,” Eddie says enthusiastically. The infrastructure was built largely by Eddie himself, with assistance from talented friends. Knowledgeable family members and longtime business associate now help staff the shop.

With the holiday season right around the corner, Eddie is gearing up for the many customers who will request custom jewelry designs to delight their wives, mothers, daughters, and siblings. “I sleep up here during the holiday season,” he jokes. Cassandra, too, is ready for the many customers who will want her knowledgeable and warm assistance. “It gets pretty crazy in here,” she smiles. 

McNulty Jewelers is busy on an otherwise quiet Tuesday morning.  One customer wishes to speak to Eddie regarding design, another peruses rings in a display case, and still another requests an inspection and cleaning for her diamond ring. Eddie encourages good jewelry maintenance, and he is happy to provide selected maintenance services free of charge.

Eddie exudes passion for his craft and his customers. “This is what I do,” he says simply, “and I love it. Every day.” Don’t miss out on the 10 percent discount for military, first responders, and teachers, as well as McNulty’s great gift specials. For the full experience, drop in and meet Thunder, the wonder dog greeter who rounds out Eddie’s staff. The original McNulty Jewelers location is at 7603 North Union Boulevard (call 719-265-6400). The new location is open at 11425 Black Forest Road (call 719-495-8816).

Eddie, Cassandra,
and Thunder

McNulty Jewelers
7603 North Union Boulevard (call 719-265-6400)
11425 Black Forest Road
(call 719-495-8816)

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