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By Lisa Boness

“In treating someone’s oral health, we are really treating the whole person,” explains Dr. Donald Couchman of Couchman Center for Complete Dentistry. A thorough review of five areas of each patient’s dental health helps Dr. Couchman and his team put together a comprehensive treatment plan that serves the individual needs of each patient. This approach also includes a commitment to addressing the inflammation that can lead to (or be an indicator of) health issues in other parts of the body. “We are helping our patients get as physically healthy as we can, while also transforming their smiles,” says Dr. Couchman. This is a dental office that offers a variety of professional services to help accomplish these patient goals. 

The five areas of each exam include the appearance of the teeth, the structure of the teeth, bone health, the state of the joints, and teeth alignment. Each area is important, explains Dr. Couchman. “The appearance of the teeth is important to the patient’s overall well-being and emotional well-being. Something people don’t always realize is the connection between their bite system and their joint health. If that is not in a proper relationship, the joints are chronically inflamed, which breaks down the teeth and the joints. All this inflammation is also going through the body, 24 hours a day,” says Dr. Couchman. By addressing the different areas that could be causing stress to the oral systems, optimum dental health reduces systemic inflammation all over the body. 

They offer state-of-the-art treatment technologies at Couchman Center for Complete Dentistry. This benefits the patients in several ways: pain and discomfort are minimized, time spent at the dentist’s office is reduced, and the outcome for each step of the treatment plan is maximized. “Dr. Couchman goes to extremes to get to what the patient really needs,” says dental hygienist Cristina. For example, it is standard procedure at Couchman Center for Complete Dentistry to test the DNA of the bacteria to identify which of the 11 types of periodontal disease–causing bacteria a patient has and to treat that with the appropriate antibiotics and laser dentistry. “We do the entire mouth in one visit,” explains Dolly, the office manager. “It’s so much more comfortable to utilize the laser to get to the bacteria. Cristina sterilizes the pocket, and then she puts the topical antibiotic in the area.” 

Other examples of how they make the experience more comfortable are same-visit permanent crowns, the option to have oral conscious sedation during treatment, and thin veneers that do not require grinding the teeth. “Dr. Couchman is such a kind, gentle dentist,” relates patient Becky H. “His manner is soothing and calming, and he inspires confidence. From the time you walk in, the entire staff is friendly and professional. I had sedation dentistry and it was a great experience. Everything went very well. For the first time in years, I’m not trembling at the thought of making an appointment. I won’t put off taking care of my teeth anymore.” The best technology, paired with a highly skilled and personable dental team, means that each patient is cared for as a whole person at Couchman Center of Complete Dentistry. The cosmetic and functional benefits of dentistry come together for the benefit of the patient.

“We work alongside our patients to get them the necessary treatment within their means,” continues Dolly. Whether it is help with financing a patient’s treatment or finding the best procedure for the individual patient, Dr. Couchman offers many options. For example, the patient can choose a custom-made sleep device to treat obstructive sleep apnea or sedation to make an extensive procedure more comfortable. 

In addition to Dr. Couchman, Dolly, and Cristina, the team also includes Shannon (the insurance coordinator), Laura and Molly (expanded duties dental assistants), and Cathy (Dr. Couchman’s wife, who is in the office once a week). The entire team is dedicated to helping their patients achieve their best oral and overall health.

Experience, technology, and a personal approach are all hallmarks of this friendly dental practice in Colorado Springs. Dr. Couchman and his staff understand the connection between oral health and overall health, and they are driven to help patients achieve both of these goals through patient education and professional dental care. To learn more, please visit their website at You can reach them by phone at 719-593-0263 or by email at Couchman Center for Complete Dentistry is located at 5145 Centennial Boulevard, #100, in Colorado Springs.

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