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MD Boutiques at Pine Creek

A Med Spa to Fit Your Lifestyle 

By Cheryl Lassota

MD Boutiques at Pine Creek is a concierge medical spa dedicated to providing physician-recommended services and products in a caring, private, and unisex setting. Dr. Michelle Marsala and master aesthetician Bozena Cordova design affordable skin treatments specific to their clients’ needs and lifestyles. Both women enjoy welcoming their clients and people who are simply interested in a free consultation. “We invite passersby to come in and chat with us or to relax at the end of the day with our free yoga nights,” shares Dr. Marsala. “We are 100 percent committed to client happiness, connections, and results—no matter what it takes.”

MD Boutiques offers many aesthetic and cosmetic treatments, including intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, laser skin resurfacing, radio-frequency (RF) microneedling, and HydraFacials. They believe in physician-only injections, especially for fillers. Dr. Marsala specializes in dermal injectables like Botox, Juvéderm, and Sculptra. Bozena serves as a consultant, practice manager, and safety officer. She is certified in laser safety and dermaplaning and provides training for other medical spa managers. 

Dr. Marsala is adamant that cost not be a barrier to having your skin controlled and cared for. “‘Controlled’ means you should feel like you can walk out of the house without a lot of makeup coverage,” she explains. She recommends that new clients bring their skin care products to their initial consultation. “We start with a skin health assessment based on what you are using and what you can reasonably afford,” she says. “Then, we go from there.” 

Dr. Marsala sees many teens with persistent acne, and she has trained extensively with Zein Obagi, MD, an authority on skin health and rejuvenation and creator of the ZO Skin Health treatment line. Dr. Marsala has developed a treatment specifically for her acne patients by combining a ZO stimulation peel and a HydraFacial. “While we want to remain a medical spa, we are dedicated to helping teens with acne, especially in its early stages. We can control about 90 percent of acne with prescription-grade ZO products,” Dr. Marsala states. “However, I support Dr. Obagi’s belief that if your child develops even one acne scar, please consult a dermatologist about Accutane primary care. Some insurance companies will pay for it, and there are grants to help with the expense.” 

Severe skin complications plague military personnel who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq. “We’re seeing serious skin conditions on those returning from deployments even as brief as four months—acne, dark discoloration, deep blackheads. Some look like their skin has aged 10 years,” Dr. Marsala says. “We are working with colleagues around the country to discover the causes. We’re learning that it isn’t so much the excessive sun exposure as it is the exposure to the constant burning of trash and feces. It takes months to repair it.”

“Our male clients tend to seek laser hair removal and skin treatment for sun damage,” observes Dr. Marsala. “We treated a pilot with severe sun damage from time spent in a cockpit.” Some men are more comfortable than others coming in, she says. “Sometimes, men are given a gift facial and end up loving it!”  

“Men recognize appearance-related ageism,” she continues. “The glabellar ‘11s’ wrinkle lines between their eyebrows get lower, making them appear angry. Botox is excellent for men to smooth the lines at the sides of the eyes and the vertical creases between the brows.” 

“We care deeply about overall health and wellness,” Dr. Marsala says. Bozena adds, “Our customers are always understanding and caring. We are like a family.” Sometimes, Dr. Marsala notes, treating a struggling friend or family member to a little self-care can make a big difference. “When people are ill, skin care is the last thing on their minds,” she says. “Even if they get a gift card, they might never use it.” She suggests going the extra mile by taking a little skin care cleanser and moisturizer to a loved one who may be stressed, depressed, or even hospitalized. “If possible, give them a simple, comforting skin-brightening face masque and massage their face and neck. Be there for them, even if they push others away,” she encourages. “Part of that is by literally touching them, to help them feel better about themselves.”  

Visit MD Boutiques at Pine Creek, at 8680 North Union Boulevard, in Colorado Springs, to meet the multi-faceted Dr. Marsala—graduate of Doherty High School, UCCS, and Creighton College of Medicine. She’s mom to two children and serves as a USA Youth Boxing Team physician. To learn more about products and services or to make an appointment, please call 719-282-7782 or find MD Boutiques at Pine Creek online at and

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