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Heritage Capital Concepts

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By Brenda Gracely

It’s no secret that financial planning can seem intimidating—that’s why so many of us put it off for much longer than we should. The experienced and dedicated staff members at Heritage Capital Concepts are here to put you at ease and help you plan for the future. This independent, comprehensive financial planning and insurance firm is located in the heart of Colorado Springs. Their mission is to empower, encourage, and help their clients be secure in the future.

Heritage Capital Concepts was founded in 1981 as R. H. Paradis and Associates by the three integral people who influenced the company from the beginning: Rich, Jane, and Steve Paradis. The company was built on the principles of integrity, straight talk, and a handshake. Dedicated to lifelong commitment to their clients, these professionals are proud of the traditions and ethical values that their clients have come to know and rely on for nearly four decades. They remain steadfast partners with their clients, helping them reach their financial and legacy planning goals. 

The three founding principles were simple and are still enshrined in the day-to-day workings at Heritage Capital Concepts. First, they listen to understand your family’s needs and concerns. Second, they develop plans that are flexible today and sound for tomorrow. Third, they provide your family with a financial and legacy planning team that has a local point of contact. 

Jenny Paradis joined the company in 2012 as the lead investment advisor representative. “We offer 40 years of experience but with a fresh approach, finding beauty in simplifying what we do,” Jenny explains. “We strive to make financial and legacy planning a simple process for our clients.”

The all-female planning team at Heritage Capital Concepts includes Jacqueline Houston and Jenny Paradis*. They implement a 3-D plan of Discovery, Design, and Deployment. Getting to know clients and their families is imperative. “The values, stories, and legacy that you share with your family mean so much,” Jenny points out. “In a close family, what affects one generation, affects everyone. We plan for three generations.” The advisors take their time, sharing their expertise to design a plan that can change and evolve with their clients’ needs over time. Each client’s assets are carefully managed based on the client’s objectives.

Heritage Capital Concepts, now in its second generation of leadership, employs best practices within the financial industry, placing an emphasis on comprehensive financial planning, diversification, risk reduction, tax efficiency, and prudent asset management. Estate planning services are provided in conjunction with licensed legal advisors. Heritage Capital Concepts is proud of the relationships they have maintained over multiple decades. They have established strategic partnerships with professionals in various industries to create plans that help their clients feel encouraged, empowered, and secure.

It is easy to procrastinate financial planning or to feel intimidated by the process itself. Employing a professional who takes the time to understand and prioritize your concerns and needs is time and money well spent. You will feel encouraged because you will have a coach and teacher you trust to help you clarify your plans. At Heritage Capital Concepts, your team of advisors is able to provide a wealth of information. You will be empowered to make wise decisions that will affect you and your family for generations. Your financial plan will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis, taking into consideration any new priorities or significant changes in your assets or family status.

When your family’s plan is completed, you will feel secure and comfortable, knowing that you have a plan in place that gives you time to focus on the ones you love. Financial security is a wonderful gift to provide for the future generations of your family. Getting a personalized plan in place can help secure their future and yours. It is also an opportunity to set a great example for younger family members as they begin to contemplate their own financial responsibilities.   

Call today to get started with your financial and legacy planning. Heritage Capital Concepts can be reached by phone at 719-570-1420. Their office is located at 5555 Erindale Drive, Suite 100, in Colorado Springs. For more information about the services and resources they provide, or to make an appointment to start planning your financial future, please visit them online at or send a message to Financial planning doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds! Let the team at Heritage Capital Concepts show you the way.   

*Registered Representatives offer Securities through The O.N. Equity Sales Company, Member FINRA/SIPC, One Financial Way Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 (513) 794-6794.  *Investment Advisory services offered through O.N. Investment Management Company.

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5555 Erindale Drive, Suite 100, in Colorado Springs

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