Our 29th Anniversary Issue!

Wow, where has the time gone? June 1986 was our premiere issue. In some ways, it seems like a million years ago. In other ways, I can’t believe it’s been almost three decades.

It’s been a ride! There have been ups and downs, births, and passing of loved ones and friends. The best part? The amazing readers and advertisers who we have had the pleasure of knowing over the last 29 years.

Every month, I share my thoughts in this space. It’s like sitting down and writing a letter to a dear friend. Sometimes I meet people for the first time and it’s like reconnecting with someone I haven’t seen in years. They share that they’ve been reading the magazine for years, ask about “the kids” (who are now 36 and 24!), and comment on the wonderful businesses they’ve discovered through Women’s Edition. The original goal was to help small businesses in Omaha reach you, our readers. The unforeseen benefit? All of the great people we have touched throughout the years. It’s wonderful.

The staff of Women’s Edition has made it happen. Roxy Orr, 27 years. Carissa Van deWalle Rosa, 14 years. Erin Lanza, 11 years. Our new kids on the block, Monica Davis and Liz Huett (just a few months!). Thank you, ladies—there’s no way we could be where we are without all of your hard work and dedication.

I feel as if anniversaries are something to celebrate. It’s a mark in time, a great time to reflect on accomplishments and pat ourselves on the back…just a little. It’s a time to realize what we have learned. It’s also a great time to look toward the future and see what the next goal is going to be.

The small business world can be a real challenge…just ask any of us. Then ask: “Would you have it any other way?” My best guess is most of the time you will get a resounding NO!

Enjoy your summer! See you next month.

P.S. The second best thing that has come from Women’s Edition? The amazing stories of how and why people decided to start their own businesses!


Janet Van deWalle,
National Publisher

11570 West Dodge Road
Omaha, NE 68154

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