Life Is Great!

Happy April! The past couple of months have delivered us some amazingly mild weather…70s in March!

I usually take a couple of trips to warmer weather in the winter, just to get out of the cold. In February, I took a trip to Marco Island, Florida. It’s on the Gulf side and is very relaxing and calm...and, typically, quite warm. This year was a little different. We had a few nice days and a few cold days. In fact, the last night we were in Marco Island, it was 56 degrees in Marco and 66 degrees in Omaha. Hmmmm. We still had a good time, just no pool time. Walking on the beach meant long pants and hoodies!

That made me start to think about how relative the weather is. One year, I was in Palm Springs with my kids in February. It was beautiful…about 70 degrees and sunny. My son, Adam, and his girlfriend, Sam, decided to rent bikes and ride to the main part of town. They had on shorts and t-shirts. When they returned, they were laughing about how everyone looked at them like they were crazy. The locals had on long pants, jackets, and hats. Boy, it would be interesting to see how they would handle a typical Nebraska winter!

A phrase that I find myself using a lot is: “It’s all relative…and it depends on your perspective.” These words came from Adam, who was then 18 years old. That was seven years ago. This phrase has taught me a lot. It’s a take on “walking in the other person’s shoes.” We all see our lives from our own perspective. We make judgments, pigeon-hole people, make assumptions all the time. And a lot of the time, it can get us into trouble. At the very least, it can cause communication problems. Stepping back from our own “selves” and looking at life through other people’s eyes is a great way to learn and to grow…and to improve our communication!

The more years that I have in my life, the h ungrier I am to learn, to grow, to change. This wasn’t always true. I admit that for years I had become quite complacent, not striving to change or to grow…just “going with the flow.” Maybe it has something to do with turning 60 this past July? All I know is that life is great. At least from my perspective!

We’ll talk next month!

Positive Thought of the Month

“Your perspective on life comes from the
cage you were held captive in.”
—Shannon L. Alder


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