Live In the Now

It’s the last month of summer! Ouch. I can’t believe it. Kids head back to school, reality sets in, and, before we know it, 2017 will be here. Let’s slow this life down, please!I’m beginning to feel like the “lazy days of summer” are a thing of the past. It’s as if we all try to pile so much stuff into our lives that we never have the ability to “live in the now.”

I was talking to my daughter, Carissa, the other day. She was lamenting about her weekends. On Saturdays, her 11-year-old daughter, Savannah, volunteers at the zoo. On Sunday afternoons, McKenna, who turns five this month, has soccer. What this means is that Carissa and her husband, Ken, have no down time on their weekends. They are constantly on the go, between cleaning, grocery shopping, transporting kids, and so on. Carissa told me that she doesn’t even remember life before kids!

My son, Adam, who will be 26 this month, is discovering this type of life, as well. His full-time job keeps him busy during the week, and weekends are dedicating to catching up. He’s not married and has no children (he and his girlfriend, Sam, have been together since he was 17), but he is still very busy.
One of the problems with this type of living is that it makes it challenging to really enjoy anything. Even when we are “relaxing,” most of us are thinking about our way-too-long list of things to do. Like I said, living in the now has become a challenge.

So, I ask myself…how can I change this? Well, I guess it comes down to every other situation in life. You make a decision to make it happen. When I am finished with this column, I am going to force myself to do this. To stop the “monkey brain” and enjoy my Sunday. My family is coming over, and I am going to live in the now. I will enjoy this great summer day and see if I can slow life down. Hope you can do the same. We’ll talk next month.

P.S. August is a BIG birthday month, so here we go: Happy birthday to my son, Adam, who will be 26 on the 22nd; to my granddaughter, McKenna, who will be five on the 23rd; to my great-nephew, Bo, who will be seven on the 23rd; and to my nephew, Dylan, who will be 15 on the 10th! Whew! I hope their presents to themselves will be to live in the now. I believe that McKenna and Bo can do it, but the rest might have a challenge!

Positive Thought of the Month

“Children have neither a past nor a future. Thus, they enjoy the present, which seldom happens to us.” —Jean de la Bruyère


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