Love Like a Dog

Happy February! I hope the first month of 2017 has been terrific for all of you. I hope you all have your valentines ready to go out!

February has the reputation of being the month of love. As we all know, there are all different types of love out there…parental love, sibling love, love of friends, and love of spouse or significant other. And let’s not forget the love we have for our pets and the love that they have for us.

That got me thinking…what makes us FEEL loved? Who in our lives will love us unconditionally…no matter how rotten of a mood we are in? Simple answer: very young children and our pets. Why is that? I believe it is because they both come from a place of very pure love. Their love has not been “jaded” by their experiences in life.

Let’s take dogs, for example. I have had two dogs in my adult life…Princess and Jasmine. (I don’t have one now because I am away from home too much with my two businesses.) Both were the Bichon frise breed. Very sweet dogs. Very different personalities. Princess was a dog that would wait patiently for her turn for attention. Never demanding. Totally accepting of when it was her turn. Then, there was Jasmine. I often joked that she was Princess reincarnated, not because she was patient…she was the exact opposite. She DEMANDED attention! Jasmine would whine and paw until I stopped what I was doing and pet her. (I think that Princess came forth a second time and said, “Enough is enough! It is now MY turn!”)

Did I love both of those dogs? Absolutely. Did they love me? You better believe it. I could walk in the door and they would be there for me. Regardless of what type of “energy” I brought in with me. Unconditional love.

As mature adults, are we capable of giving others unconditional love? I believe so. The key is to step back and allow others to be exactly who they are, with no judgments and no expectations. Is it easy? Heck, no! Is it a goal that can be accomplished? With practice. Lots of it.

Let’s face it—it’s a pretty easy thing to do with our newborn children or our pets. But our children who are teenagers and adults can be more…challenging! Friends and family? Sometimes REALLY hard. Why? Because we have expectations of how they should be!

This month, I have decided I am going to practice unconditional love on everyone that I know. Everyone I come into contact with. It’s time to get to work!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Positive Thought of the Month

“Unconditional love—in its simplest form—means appreciating someone else for who they truly are. It means loving them when they are unlovable, and in spite of their imperfections and mistakes.” —Unknown


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