Hello March! Here we go…the beginning of my favorite time of year—springtime. Watching the world wake up after its long sleep is invigorating, energy giving, and simply a pleasure to enjoy each year. Springtime simply makes EVERYTHING come alive. People’s attitudes change. There are more smiles on everyone’s’ faces, and let’s not forget our cars typically stay cleaner a whole lot longer. One of my favorite things about March is the return to Daylight Savings time. Yes, I know we will “lose” an hour of sleep, but it is so worth it. We get to drive home from work in daylight instead of darkness. I’m excited!

March is also the month for the leprechauns to make their appearance. I do not have any Irish blood in me, but my kids do. Their grandparents had quite a bit of the Irish in them and I think my son Adam got the bulk of it! (I’ve often said that Adam looks like a 6’2” leprechaun. I think it’s the twinkle in his eyes in addition to his hair and eye coloring).

A tradition at Women’s Edition each year is to bring in corned beef to the office and make reuben sandwiches. One time, years ago, we decided to go on that day to seek out our corned beef fix. It was a disaster. The lines were long, the service was less than stellar, and the food was truly a disappointment. Hence the tradition began. Often times, we have friends and family stop by for their sandwich. It’s a fun day—we even have been known to have a beer or two with our lunch!

Saint Patrick’s Day is quite the big deal here in town. A lot of the bars open at 6 a.m. I have never been one to celebrate the day in this fashion. I don’t know how people do it; I can’t imagine having a drink at 6 a.m.

My observance of the holiday is that I typically go all out and search through my closet looking for something—anything—green. Green is not one of my “colors,” so it is always a challenge. Many a time, I have to stop into Walgreens and pick up a pin so that I don’t get pinched.

I hope that this month brings each and every one of you lots of luck…whether you are Irish or not. We’ll see you next month.


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