2014 has been quite the year! It seems like my life is moving faster and faster all of the time. Are you having that same experience? I remember when I was a kid and I would listen to my mom and she would lament the fact that life just seemed to be flying by. I had no concept of what she was talking about. Being a kid, time seemed to drag by. I remember how all six of us kids would complain about how “bored” we were. The word bored isn’t even in my vocabulary anymore!

I look at my two granddaughters—Savannah—who turns 10 next month—and McKenna who turned three in August. They are such beautiful beings, each with own personalities, each with their own set of “things to do” each day. It appears that their lives are busier than mine was growing up. For Savannah, there are Tae Kwon Do lessons, lots of homework, and let’s not forget all of those birthday parties she has to attend. McKenna tries to keep up with her big sister, and usually does pretty well. The two of them are at that “sweet spot” in sisterhood. Savannah loves being around her little sister, is not into boys yet, and the two of them are best of friends.

Their mom, Carissa, had a similar experience with her cousin, Kristina, who is five years younger than Carissa. It was perfect until…Carissa became interested in boys. Then the “sweet spot” started to become a little less sweet. Carissa didn’t want her little cousin tagging along and Kristina couldn’t understand why Carissa wanted to hang around “those dumb boys.” The two of them laugh about it now, but it was quite the adjustment for both of them.

The great thing about being my age is that I have gained knowledge from the past—which, in a way, helps me see what’s coming down the road. I predict that Savannah and McKenna will go through a similar shift in their relationship. It’s normal. What is also normal is I know that they will eventually return to being best of friends.

I love my granddaughters. This Christmas will be so much fun with McKenna being the age she is. Savannah has matured into quite the young lady and will be so much fun to shop for.

Life is good.

Have a wonderful holiday and we will talk next month.


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National Publisher

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