It’s finally springtime! We’ve made it through another winter. Life begins once again.

I had the pleasure of attending Kylee Deterding-Clark’s baby shower yesterday. Kylee is Roxy Orr’s daughter, who has been my operations manager at Women’s Edition for the last 26 years. I have known Kylee since she was seven years old. Kylee and my daughter, Carissa, grew up together, and I look at Kylee as my second daughter. This is Kylee’s first pregnancy and she looked fabulous. Kylee is at the beginning of her third trimester and flew in from Philadelphia, where she is now attending the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School to earn her MSN Nursing and Health Care Administration. Her sister, Melissa, flew in from Salt Lake City to attend. Carissa and many of Kylee’s close friends were all there.

It was an amazing shower for many reasons. The positivity that Kylee exuded was heartwarming. Even though she is in a strange city with very little support, she is handling the whole situation amazingly well. Her husband, Mark, quit his job in order to allow this goal of Kylee’s to be achieved.

Kylee was a nurse for several years, which for many people would have colored this pregnancy under a cloud of fear. Kylee said that she does know more then most of us about this topic. She said, “I know what can go wrong.” But Kylee is so optimistic. She is taking the wealth of information that she has gathered and looking at it rationally and reasonably. Were there tears shed? Of course, she’s pregnant! Some for joy and some for sorrow.

I think what touched me the most, however, was the optimism of all of the young women in the room. Most of them were moms themselves. They were all so positive. Some were working moms; some were stay-at-home moms. They had come together to celebrate the coming of a new being into this world. It was revitalizing.

I looked at Kylee and Missy—women who I knew when they were just little kids. Missy now has three children of her own. It seems to have been a blink of an eye when Kylee and Carissa were seven and Missy was 13. My daughter sat next to me and I reflected on her life and my two beautiful granddaughters. They have all grown up so fast!

I admit I found myself tearing up as well. Life is precious and moves so fast. I walked away from that shower appreciating everyone in my life so much. I am so blessed. I am very excited to see the being that Kylee and Mark have created. I made a decision to be grateful for it all!

Positive Thought of the Month
“Live like it’s your last day on earth, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like nobody’s watching, work like you don’t need the money…”
—Tony Robins


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