Happy Valentine’s Day! As I sat down to write this column, I was showered with memories of Valentine’s Day past; mostly as a little kid in school. Do you remember what an exciting time it was? Remember going out to the local drug store and looking at every box of Valentines to pick the “perfect one” to hand out to your classmates? The next step was to sort them all out. There were multiple copies of each one and we had to decide who got which one. There was that one year when I had two “best friends.” Wait, what do I do now? There was only one “best friend” Valentine. I remember agonizing over that one for days!

Then it got REALLY complicated. I believed it happened in fifth grade when I had my first crush on a boy. Back then, each one of us got a Valentine from our classmates, so the girls gave them to the boys and the boys gave them to the girls. I remember wanting to make the boy in my class who I had the crush on feel “special.” I wanted to give him a Valentine that “spoke from my heart!” My best guess is, at that age, he could have cared less about who the Valentine was from, he was more interested in the candy heart that was taped to the card!

Candied hearts…remember those? They had sayings written on them. As little girls, we would all giggle and share what boy gave us which heart with different sayings. I remember being more interested in what the “hidden message” on the candied hearts from the boys in my class said then the Valentine’s themselves! Boy, were those the days.

I have a dear friend who, for many years, has thrown a Valentine’s Day get-together for her “girlfriends.” She hasn’t been able to do it every year, and I haven’t been able to make it every year. It’s typically on a Sunday afternoon around “the day.” The theme is always “chocolate.” Chocolate cake, candies, and sweets of all kind. It’s a great time.

Valentine’s Day is special. It is a day to remember love; all kinds of love. Do you know what the best thing about love is? We all have an unlimited amount of it to give, unlike money, things, or time. It’s unlimited. Boy, does that feel good. Happy Valentine’s Day!

P.S. Happy birthday to my niece, Amber!


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National Publisher

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